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After world cataclysm happened, earth laid in ruins. But seconds before dying, world union of scientists opened portal to opposite dimension, they choose 5 tennagers, and send them there, leaving instructions of how to reboot original earth, but something gone wrong, and instruction disappear, leaving teenagers alone, in human-less copy of earth...

Hello, and welcome to "Earth Of Super's" roleplay. This roleplay is about 5 teens, who are sent to opposite Earth, which has no humans, but looks, and has same landscape as Earth today. Each teen has power to manipulate force or group of components, heres full list of forces and groups:
Elements [Earth, water, fire, air, and much more]
Molecular forces [Deforming objects and making them disappear, or causing huge explosions]
Atomic forces [Mostly like Molecular, but you now control things bigger than molecules, you can mostly form any material, if you know what atoms form materials]
At the start they don't know about their powers, but they found out about them, and start training. Enjoy your time at Earth of Super's

1. No GodModing or other players Character Controlling.
2. Follow the laws of logic and physics
3. No custom powers
4. If you want your character to exit rp, ask me, and i will bring it out. I will not bring people characters out, if the don't ask so, but if player is inactive, i will deactivate his character, until player is back

Character Sheet:

Name: [No names or surnames that aren't readable]

Age: [13-17]

Origin: [Be creative, just no "Krypton", "Village near Hogwarts" and everything like that]

Likes/Dislikes: [No, you can't like/dislike nothing]

Personality: [At least paragraph]

What He Controls: [Choose out of forces or groups of components listed in overview]

Biography: [Be creative as well, you can make your character forget everything from his past life, but that is provided only with my acceptance.]

Looks: [In written form, or in photo]

Other: [Theme song, some extras that don't fit in other tabs]
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