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    Mankind Versus Mutantkind—Mutantkind Versus Itself

    Earth 777... one of myriad and infinite Earth dimensions.

    The year is nineteen hundred and eighty four, in the common era. President Ronald Reagan faces off with hardliner Yuri Andropov in the Soviet Union. And never have relations between normals and mutants been more strained.

    In many major cities, mutants have been relegated into ghetto-like districts. With few exceptions, law enforcement is intolerant and heavy-handed, and the civilian police are armed with anti-mutant equipment and training, provided by the government.

    District X, in New York City, is one of the exceptions.

    Located in the neighborhoods of Alphabet City and Greenwich Village, the District has become something of a promised land for mutants. Headed by a progressive and sympathetic police captain, the Third Precinct is far more accepting of mutants and their issues. The portrait of District X is not, however, entirely idyllic. The rising mutant population there has become a cause for concern... eyes are watching.

    District X, the United States and the world itself—all are powderkegs. Can Earth survive?

    A Few Notes:
    Though this game is largely mutant-centric, I am perfectly happy allowing other types of characters as well. Although certain very powerful canon characters will not be open for play (example: Dr. Doom, Phoenix, Beyonder), most canons are totally allowable, as are OCs.
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  2. There are a few places one might need to be aware of, especially for things happening in District X. These are as follows:
    Nth Degree Books and Records

    Nth Degree... it's a lovely little avant-garde book and music shop, located in District X.

    As you enter the shop, the first thing you see is a huge cork bulletin-board. Bands, tarot-card readers, people looking for roommates, gaming groups, New Age weirdos... pretty much everything is represented on it. The only things Sindra—the proprietress—will take down and tear up is anything outright illegal... and anything anti-mutant.

    One has to pass through the security gate to enter; it's set up not only to scan for such pesky things as shoplifters... it will also allow Sindra to know who is and is not armed in her store. If you are someone she knows and trusts, it's all good. If not... you may have a problem.

    The Café—called, charmingly, Shut Up And Drink It—is a new addition to the shop. It's been in construction for some time, and just opened. They have a truly astonishing variety of teas and coffees, as well as fruit juices and Italian sodas. The cuisine is not the standard coffee-shop sweet rolls and so on, either; it's good breads, world cuisine, sandwich wraps and other savory fare. For dessert, there are things like baklava, ice cream, creme brulée and gelato.

    The Reading Room has several tables, and is open to the rest of the shop. There are listening stations where music can be previewed, although if you just rip something open without bringing it to the counter, Sindra may slap you around. The Reading Room is also where one can sit and enjoy treats from the cafe. There also is a glassed-in section which sports a sign that reads 'Rare and Antique Books'. This room is kept locked and one can only access it in company of one of the store managers.

    Nth Degree is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including even major holidays. It is also known as a safe haven for mutants in need, and has more than once stood duty as a Red Cross shelter during nasty winter weather.

    The Murder Factory

    At the edge of the Village is a dark, nasty, unpleasant place. A slum? Not quite, but something almost as squalid. The quote about 'wretched hive of scum and villainy' definitely would apply here.

    It's a Gothic/Hardcore/Industrial night club. The name of the place is 'Murder Factory', and rumor has it that it sometimes lives up to its name. The club itself—much like the old Limelight of the Club Kids' heyday—is set up in what used to be an old Episcopalian church. The lovely rose window in the front is still present and the rough-hewn granite blocks would make the building picturesque, if the doors had not been replaced with distressed plate steel. As it is, it looks more like some kind of medieval torture-dungeon than anything else. One expects to see the black robes of Dominican priests, and smell the burning flesh of witches put to the question.

    As one enters the Factory, there is a claustrophobically-narrow hallway, plastered with band, rave and concert posters. Though smoking in nightclubs in the city has long since been banned, there is an indelible tang of tobacco and clove, impregnated into the very walls, and it is very thick within the narrow space.

    Once past a double booth of huge, ugly, brutal-looking bouncers, one enters a long, broad room. There is a stage at the far end, the dance floor situated in front of it. To the right are two tiers of booths, staggered toward the wall, one row higher than the other. The bar is to the left, with tables in front of it.

    The decor is a thoroughly-unpleasant feast for the eyes. The same distressed steel that makes up the door appears throughout the club. The bar, dance floor and booths are plated in it, and the rafters above are solid steel I-bar, pitted and rusted to match. If one looks closely at the rafters, one may be able to see what may be another, loft-like platform there, but it is impossible to see what is up there from the floor.

    Throughout the place, there is a cross between medieval and industrial décor. Above and around the stage are cages for dancers; the club employs many girls to dance within them. The cages are made to look like the old European hanging cages or gibbets, banded in black iron; they are, however, large enough for the girls to dance and writhe within them. The seats in the booths were made from the original church pews, and the stone pulpit is still visible at the back of the stage. The cross that would have hung above it has been suspended from the rafters above the dance floor, enmeshed in barbed wire and blacklight. Above the pulpit, there is now a huge, metal sculpture of a spider. The red-lit eyes glow ferally, almost seeming to follow one.

    The bar is quite well-stocked, and drink prices are surprisingly reasonable. Murder Factory was one of the first clubs to begin to stock absinthe after the ban was lifted, and they have several varieties, from the modern-made Lucid all the way to actual pre-ban bottles from the 19th Century, which can cost hundreds of dollars. The beer list is equally-impressive; they have imports from all over the globe. If one wants to get wasted on something weird, this is the place to do it.

    Murder Factory is open every night. Weekends and Wednesdays are the busiest nights, and they are always hiring bouncers and dancers.

    Xavier School for the Gifted

    So much history surrounds this school in Salem Center, New York, some thirty miles away from the hubbub and unrest of New York City. The Xavier Mansion is a property that has been in the Xavier family for ten generations. Its purpose is the education and training of young people with paranormal abilities, and also as a base of operations for the current team of X-Men.

    There is a lot of detail about the building and its surroundings. Refer to the following link as necessary, but keep in mind that the school is in the state it was in just after the Mutant Massacre.
  3. So if you're looking for mutants, I volunteer. :)

    Lilliana Chomsky
    Looks like my avatar (minus the red eyes, her's are blue)
    Very shy and quiet, spends a lot of time in Nth Degree reading
    Trains her mutant ability in secret once a week at Xavier's School for the Gifted

    If you want any more information, tell me :)
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