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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]The year is 2045. Earth has been unified under one government the United Nations. The world though is under a great threat, over population. The streets are filled with people walking from work and back. Pollution a large problem as well, the factories send smogs of smoke and gas in the air. People have been living in these conditions from well over 30 years. Due to this genetic munitions are common and one of the most common are Neko. This is a genetic munition that happens at birth, want it does is that the newborn has cat ears and tail. These people also know as Neko are hated among society and are left to the slums. One particular Neko is about to meet someone really special.[/BCOLOR]


    Name : Aisuru
    Age : 17
    Gender : Girl
    Personalty: Thoughtful, outgoing, likes to day dream, is sexually abused by humans in Neko school due to this is vary sensitive and shy.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aisuru was walking down the crowded street of New Delhi, her hands covering her small pointed cat ears from the deafening sound of thousands of people walking. Aisuru was walking to her apartment, if it was to be call one, at the the slums of the city. She wasn’t very pleased with what cities housing department had given her. Aisuru looked up at the tall brick building stained with graffiti and vines. The door wasn’t even properly on it’s hinges, the wood was rotting also. She stepped inside and and walked up the stairs some people were sitting out in the halls with their sleeping bags and most of which were Neko. There innocent cat ears with folded down, there eyes half sleep. Aisuru was lucky enough to have been given an actual room to sleep in with just enough room from herself and a bag of thing she needed. She grabbed the greasy metal doorknob and opened the door to see her small one room living space. Aisuru yawned her tail stretched out with it. She put her hand to her mouth to cover the yawn and took off her pink jacket and put it on the hanger on the door. Now she just had to wait for the next day to go on and then she would go back to the Neko School. Aisuru dropped herself on her cot that was covered in blankets to try to make it soft and dozed off into thought.[/BCOLOR]
  2. The dark ally that was soon to be the place where all of this would take form was where another neko was to be known as "his hangout". It wasn't his home, nor was it of any importance to him.
    It was the only area where him and another human of the same age could hang out in private.
    The two slunked near the building of where Aisuru was kept. "Your SURE this is the place need to be at? In the middle of the day? We NEVER hang out here in the middle of the day because of you know who!" The Human Boy Said As He Looked Through The Faded and cracked window of the All-Girls Apartment For Neko, which was simply called "AGAFN" which was what "the neko savior name" would be, reversed.
    "Yes, this is the place. Now shut up and go in there. Act Casual for once and don't f*** it up like usual Josh." The Neko Said, Still keeping his entire face and tail hidden.
    So, Josh went in and asked the nearest neko for what people there refered to as "a lucky 24". Which in terms was just a 24hr. rental for $24.
    As The Neko Was Outside, he listened in on Josh's and the neko's conversation...who happened to be Aisuru.
  3. It had almost been half an hour when she heard a knock coming from the door. Who would come to her after Lucky 24, was it one of her neighbors asking for food or the pound-keeper come take her away since she didn’t pay this months rent? Aisuru hesitantly got up and pushed her pink hair to one side of her face and said “Coming” she didn’t really need to say it she was already at the door. Aisuru opened the door, to see a human about her age with curly brown hair and an average looking face, Aisuru wouldn’t really consider any human attractive, they were missing a key feature that Neko’s had ears. She rubbed her eyes to make her she was missing anything vital, most likely ears or a tail, but it was definitely a Human. The human wasn’t the pound-keeper he was to young and not as intimidating, though all humans were intimidating to her. Aisuru finally asked “Yes?” trying to smile as best she could, showing her two small cat-like fangs.
  4. "Well ma'm, your in luck today. I work for a unique group that is trying to shut down 'homes' like this. And I was wondering if you'd like to leave here?" He said this with a grin.
  5. Aisuru looked puzzled still part sleep from her little nap. She understood though, a group to try to shut down the pounds. It sounded suspicious, she wasn't really bothered by places like these, life wasn't all that exciting. All she wanted to do is lay down and dream. "Ya ya, where are you going to take me then," looking very cautious after many other times of people asking her at same question.
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