Early morning irritaions

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Logical Dogma, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. A short list of shit that's just annoying me this morning.

    1. My nasty bronchitis cough.

    2. The annoying ass kids that live in the apartment above me running around like bull elephants.

    3. The fact that I've had absolutely NO replies to any of my threads. Come on guys I put them up for a reason.

    4. The website I originated from. People there can be such douches.

    5. The gang of white boys thinking their gangsters. Let's be honest; you can't be a gangster in Iowa.

    6. The ever growing distaste for TV.

    7. The absolutely stupid ass shows that are on TV now.

    8. The fact that I only get five channels of crap.

    9. The lack of soda and coffee filters. I NEED CAFFINE, YO!

    10. I don't have enough Pokemon games for my Gameboy Advanced.

    11. The teenagers outside my building yelling and making my dogs bark.

    12. My barking dogs.

    13. The fact I can't decide on what I want to eat.

    14. Prednisone's horrible taste.

    15. The stupid flies that got in through the holes in my window screen.

    16. Fire safe cigarettes.

    17. Being annoyed is just annoying.