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Hi! Good morning! It's 1:56 where I live, and I'm still up, even though I'm supposed to be going to a theme park tomorrow to get the crap scared out of me on a Halloween walk. Poor lifestyle decisions GO!

My name is Mura (or Moora :cow:) or Frei, and I'm a female college student, aged 22. This is my first post on the site and I am so nervous I cannot even tell you how nervous I am. It's been a really long time since I signed up on a forum to RP. I'll probably start with some One on One RPs. Group RPs still sound mildly terrifying.

Favorite genres?: I'm hoping to expand my horizons here, since most of what I do is Modern setting stuff, sometimes with a magic or otherwise supernatural element. I'm actually interested in all kinds of stuff, and have lots of ideas - I'm hoping to get a better feel for things as I poke around the site.

Characters?: I usually play dudes, but I'm starting to get more comfortable writing girls. Personality-wise, I can do both outgoing or shy sort of characters.

Zombie Fox Plushes/Bread Priests/Space Marines/Wolf Packs?: Space Marines are jerks. They're big and bulky and they get in the way. Plus they like to shoot people a lot.

Favorite song?: Right now it's a threeway tie between Florence + the Machine: Rabbit Heart, MGMT: Electric Eel, and Anthony Hamilton: Woo.

That's my piece! Thanks for your time!


[*screaming into the void intensifies*]
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This person is mine. I saw her first. (Really, I did.)

That guy named Ed

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good moring to you to!
and i love those horror theme parks :)
Newbie powers! GO!

Blind Hemingway

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Welcome to the forum! We're are so glad that you have chosen to RP with us. I'm Rory one of the admins of the site. I hope that you enjoy your time with us.


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Yo, Mura! I really like your avatar. o:

I'm Fluffy, or Andi if you prefer. In spirit of Halloween, I'm dressed up as... Um... Well, it's a long story. So I'll save you the time.

So, we've got a lot of fun waiting for ya. Have a look through our OOCs for something you like. I suggested filling out our Roleplayer's Resume to get you started! That way, people can kidnap you for games or you can kidnap people yourself. :3

One of my usual hangouts is the Writing/Art section of the forum. Have a look at our challenges for vocabulary, post themes and poetry! Feel free to make a showcase, too. We'd be delighted to see any drawings or writings you create, or have created. <3

If you have questions, feel free to bug me!


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I am Diana, and you can tell because my name is Diana! :D

Welcome to Iwaku new lady! <3


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Good morning! I too adore your avatar.
I'm Kitti, dressed up for Halloween as Nissa Revane, and it's nice to meet you.
Don't be nervous. <3 We're all very gentle.

Flufy gave you some marvelous links and advice, but I'd like to add another place you should take a looksie! The General section has fun threads like this one where you can make your own little avatar/doll/thing and share it with everyone!

If you have any questions, by the way, please do ask!


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I like most. However, I have found I am most comfortable with Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fandom, and Modern.
Hello! Cerulean here, to give you a cookie! :cookie:
Hope you have lots-o-fun here! :bananaman:


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Thank you for all the well-wishes and tips on how to get started! My resume is all filled out, for the time being, but I'll probably edit it constantly, as I'm the kind of person to do that. I'm off to explore the other forums now.

Also thank you for complimenting my avatar and musical tastes, and for the cookie. :D I hope to talk to you all again soon.


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Hi Frei! I saw you in the cbox already but I figured I might as well say hi here too. Hope you're willing to come back still!