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  1. What will you do when your planet is about to go under, to disappear, to die and not be of any use anymore? You go with a spaceship of course, a spaceship you've planned to build for years, to be build for the people in need, to be build to get out of the planet one day. And that is what happened.
    The people where starving, the planet was dying and all you could do was to wait for the start before you would leave and see your own planet iget smaller and smaller by the minute. Oh, how you will miss it. And at the same time, not.

    It has gone many years in the huge spaceship, desperately trying to find another planet to live on. You've kids, you grow older, everyone is having a great time though, the gray metall is soon making one crazy for the ones who still remember the green landscapes and the blue sky. But what's more sad... is that the kids wont even know what's it like to be outside a greenlandscape with warm sun, clean air and a blue sky. No, because they wont experience that feeling. Not even the grandchildren. Because it will take 5, 10 even 1000 years before they will finally find one everyone can call home. Your grandchildren will have their grandchildren and their grandchildren will have grandchildren and so on till one planet will be found.

    It has now gone 350 years and that is only the beginning. Your great great great great great great great great grandmother- or father is already dead since long ago, they where the one to be there on the day when humans would live in the dark space, you've never seen anything called "landscape", you don't even know how it feels like to be on a field and see the white clouds, no. All you know is that you live in a big, huge spaceship build on metall and what more is that the spaceship's rules have gone bersek. After all the hundreds of years, rules have changed or been taken back. You're no freedome and all you can think of is the freedome to be on the ground, on a planet and finally experience something new. You're an adventure, a fighter, one whom will not give up and that is why you've chosen to make a change. Though many will try to stop you and maybe you will fail, but you've to keep going.

    This is a story of an escape that will be known over the human world and your next generation, to your children and their children. This is an operation whom is called E-scape, a plan of taking over the ship, change the strict rules and finally make it to a planet.

    This is E-scape.


    I don't want any god-mod/powerplay - whatever you call it
    You can have more characters but do have a main character
    This rp will be a bit gore (more in the end though) so maybe it's not appropiate to have too young characters
    Write as much as you can and have fun!


    Character Sheet:

    Family genus/History: (You don't have to write this, this is more of an story of what have happened to your family from the beginning when the building of the spaceship to as far as you want to go. Almost like a background story but about your family genus. Or else you can just skip this, if you don't want to write another sort of history)


    My Character:

    Name: Daniel B.

    ge: 19

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG]Green eyes, blonde hair, slim body, 1,87 cm tall, weight 57kg

    Family: His sister Emelie and his best friend Adam whom he consider as almost an brother

    Background: His mother died at young age and no one knows about the father whom suddenly disappeared one day, Daniel doesn't remember his dad though and his little sister Emelie was too small to remember as well. He met Adam whom was his neighbor and they have been friends for a very long time, Adam is almost like a brother to Daniel. With the new rules the children haven't had it easy with work, vacation and how to dress. "Everyone is equal" they say and that "everything is going forward because of hard work." And by that, everyone have a dressing code and when 15 years old, the children have to work. Everyone has got an barcode in their neck since birth, it's a control to see who you're, your background, birth and also is good to have an eye on you, so you can't go anywhere you like.

    Family genus/History: Daniel's great great great great, etc grandmother whom was on the ship when the humans would leave their planet, she was very lucky since not many could afford to go on the ship, because of money and how healthy they were. His family genus has always had this luck in disguise or blessing in disguise. But now it seems that everything is going down, when the humans first was on the ship the rules wasn't as strict as today and they have had a lot of food to eat, but now it's getting less and less. So some soilders or guardians are killing some humans by blaming them so that no one will feel guilty and so that more can eat more food. But it has gotten worse, more and more are getting killed for ridiculous reasons and his grandmother got killed because of that and also his mother, his grandfather is dead since he was very small though Daniel's father is missing for unknown reasons. His great great gandfather was one of the guardians but got killed because his lack of courage when getting an order to kill a citizen. The one leading this ship, also called captain is a very grumpy old man, that tries to look young and is simply just a horrible human being. His son whom is bullying Daniel a lot, isnt better either.
    Other: He met a robot for about 4 month ago but hasn't told anyone about that, since the robot don't want him to tell anyone, they are getting alone just fine and he usually goes to their hiding spot after work. In the working place, you've to learn how machines works in case people need you, and also other stuff to keep the ship going and it's really hard work once you start but since Daniel has worked there since he was 15 and also forced to work there, he've accepted it even though its horrible nature. All the men has to work with the machines, some women too but they have to learn other stuff, feminism doesn't exist in this world. (Which sucks)

    Name: Lo

    Age: Unknown

    Kind: A robot

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Family: None, though she thinks Daniel as a part of her family

    Background: She was a failed AI and got thrown away, she had been in sleeping mode until one day someone woke her up, a boy with blonde hair and green shining eyes stood infront of her and it was that day that she got to know Daniel. A human boy whom seemed very lonely, like herself. Though she can't feel much.

    History: Her history is very short, since she only remember the test that she was going to do but failed everyone of them since her "brain" thought differently, after that they put her in sleep mode and throw her away in the garbage room where she would have been thrown out to space but got stuck and was left in the ship for who knows what.

    Other: She really has taken a deep bond with Daniel and starts to understand humans more, Daniel comes often to visit her after his work and tells her what he've done, if he've learned something new and so on. She doesn't want him to tell anyone about her in case she'll be thrown outside the ship because she is a failed subject. So the only one she knows is Daniel. If people goes to her and Daniel's hiding place, she usually hides so no one will find her and if it's Daniel whom is coming, they have a secret password that Daniel have to say so Lo can get out of her hiding place. If no one says the password, it's an intruder.


    If you've questions please PM or comment!​
  2. Name: Allise Cambridge

    Age: 17

    Kind: Human

    Gender: Female

    Allise (open)
    Magenta eyes, short for her age at only 5'4", and with long black hair, Allise doesn't stand out in a crowd. She always carries a pen and a leather bound notebook, filled with her personal notes on Earth and everything about it.

    Family: Her father, a guard, and her older brother, also a guard. Her brother is 22.

    Backstory: Allise was born the second illegitimate love child to Christina Darwin, along with her brother Farren. When her mother died abruptly when she was 3, she was sent to live with her privileged father, and grew up spoiled in a house of riches. She became stingy and unpleasent, and looked down upon all those of lower class than she. This changed when Allise got her assigned job at 15, as a personal assistant to the co-pilot of the ship. While working, she heard the pilot and co-pilot discussing Earth, and was intrigued. Since that day, she has spent every free moment learning all she can about Earth and all efforts taken to return, which includes E-scape and other secret organizations like this. She also has a renewed perspective on life, adopting the moto, "Do it now, because you may never have the chance again."

    History: Allise's great great etc. parents were both on the ship when it took off. Both from wealthy and powerful families, they were able to buy tickets in order to elope, because their parents did not approve of their marriage. Later on (waaay later on), Allise's father was born. He grew up to be a stern man, always willing to follow the rules set out for him. Because of this, he became the best guard on the ship, but this meant he could not get married. He eventually did have two children, however, both love children with a woman on the ship. They loved each other, but could not marry because of the strict ship laws. As well as this, she was a poorer member of the ship. Uneducated and without a job to do, she was a burden to the ship and the food supply. So, soon the leaders of the ship realized this fact and told Allise's father to eliminate her.

    He did so without a second thought. Neither sibling ever discovered what happened to their mother.

    Allise, only 3 at the time along with her brother who was 8, were both taken in by their father. They were raised a life of privilege, never having to worry about hunger or lack of funds. As a result, the children became rather spoiled and snooty, both feeling as if they were "above" the other ship members.

    Other: Allise knows nothing about her mother or why she went missing. Her father never talks about her mother, always changing the subject whenever she or her brother bring her up. She also has always had a fondness for Earth, tracing back to the tales her mother would tell her as a child. Not only did she not remember this, but up until she heard the conversation between the pilots, she had always thought the stories were just myths, created simply for pleasure. Never actually believing in the possibility of true freedom or a world different from the one he has grown to accept.

    I hope that this is acceptable! :)​
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  3. Name: Avery
    Age: 17 years
    Gender: Male
    Avery (open)

    Mother who is 40 something, father is dead.
    Avery hasn't had it very easy. His father died before he was even born, or at least that is what he was told by his mother. His mother wasn't a nice person. Her only concern was for their survival. So, She provided what she could in exchange for a little extra food. She sold her son to strangers for a little more food. She stockpiled it.
    It was the only life Avery ever knew. He was feminine in structure, but couldn't produce more mouths to feed. This is what happened until he was only enough to work, at fifteen. He started to distance himself from his mother. He realized what she had been doing was wrong. So now he's just a boy on his own.
    Family History:
    Avery's ancestor was a very rich politician who could afford passage onto the ship. He didn't have the best genetics but he had enough money to bypass that. So His genes got passed on to Avery.
    Because of what his mother put him through, He can be quite seductive and manipulative when he wants to be,
  4. @Lilpuff ; You're accepted! ^_^

    And so are you @Venom-chan !

    I'll just wait a little bit more, in case some others wants to join, or else I'll just post the IC link here.
  5. Alright, Thank you, I can wait for more people. ^^
  6. Me as well. It would be kind of awkward for only four characters to participate, all from different backgrounds.
  7. H, I wonder how they'll all be brought together, since from so many different backgrounds.
  8. I don't know, but it will be quite the adventure finding out! :)
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