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The Quantum Entangler... affectionately known as Rapunzel.

After the success of the Hadron Collider experiments in Europe, the Higgs boson field was proven and successfully replicated, paving the way for the first micro-engineering of quantum particles.

As noted in Einstein's theory of quantum entanglment, every particle in the multiverse has an immediate "twin" that affects it at a quantum level, regardless of temporal or spatial distance. By using the Higgs boson field, a given set of particles (e.g. a human being) could be modified into the quantum counterpart of another set of particles anywhere in the multiverse. And by accelerating these particles, a force of positive attraction would allow the subject to achieve a form of trans-dimensional teleportation at the quantum level.

This development coincided with the invention of the Gemini Calculator, a super-computer capable of plotting and recording quantum events in parallel universes. Together, these two devices form the machine known as the Quantum Entangler. It is 68% accurate in locating quantum twins and accelerating the original particles through the Higgs boson field to the point of entanglement cascade.

The cascade is stable for about two hours before the particles become disentangled. At which point the machine can either recall the particles to their original state or accelerate them further into yet another dimension. To date, no agent has ever jumped into more than 4 worlds in a row, and to attempt so would be to risk permanent dematerialisation.

The Meitotus Agency, a secret government taskforce, has made several training expeditions to other worlds from its base in the Nevada Desert. They are in possession of humanity's only working Quantum Entangler.

Or so they thought....

Two months ago, the Gemini Computer began detecting anomalies - unscheduled quantum cascades in parallel universes. Someone else, it seems, is travelling to other dimensions.

In an effort to track down these criminals and find out how they stole the technology, the Agency has put together a hand-picked team of agents...

This will be their first serious mission!

1) The team start in the Agency headquarters.

2) The team jump into a random dimension. The parallel world is determined using this generator.

3) One player (decided in the OOC) gets to describe this world. He/She picks its genre, inhabitants, tech-level, what's going on, etc. They can elaborate however much they want, as long as they stick to the core plot from the random generator. They also get to change the name of the IC!

4) The characters "quantum leap" into the bodies of locals. They look like the people they've jumped into, but keep all their knowledge and training.

5) The characters interact in this world for 1 week of game time (give or take a few days if something exciting is happening).

6) Once the week is up, the characters jump to the next world. A new plot is generated and the next player gets to call the shots.

7) This happens 4 times, and at the end of the month, one player has to introduce the Super Villain who is behind the events happening in the 4 worlds. Their challenge is to connect the events so far with some diabolical scheme that the villain is hatching.

(This will require intelligence and imagination, so clearly this is not a roleplay for dumbasses.)

8) The heroes defeat the villain however they can and lock him up at the Agency. Episode 1 is finished.

9) Then Episode 2 begins, with the jump to 4 new worlds and a new Super Villain's diabolical plan...

Handpicked for this mission, why?:
Dutch Vakeman

Dutch was a soldier and guinea pig for the first test expedition. He holds the record for having the physiology most suited to the Quantum Entangler. Some say he's got "sticky" particles.

Dutch says that asshole knows asshole.
Name: Janet Drake.
Handpicked for this mission, why?: Sticky fingers is better than butterfingers; don't ya' think?

{: FreefaLL :

< 3 unique immunity to the law of gravity.
"They alllllllllll float! HEEHEE LOL"

< \ 3

We need a reason you're on the mission, Astonished.
I thought we went over this, Tegan. No reading my thoughts without permission!

'LlBe back later tonight.

Relaxed again now.

Estelle Sanders

Designated sunshine. Has 'faith of the heart'--whatever that means.
Name: Steven Cho


Handpicked for this mission, why?: His overpowering smugness and ability to talk rings around your average layman gives him the psychological upper hand.
Okay. Does anyone really want the first world? Or shall I roll a dice or some shit?
Okay then.

The Primary Plot of Palonis is......

This is a buddy story. The story is about a naive secret agent who fears people think he/she is a fraud. It takes place in a terrorist camp. The story begins with a repentance and ends with a massacre. Recovering magical artifacts and knowledge is a major part of the story.

This is a buddy story. The story is about a naive secret agent who fears people think he/she is a fraud. It takes place in a terrorist camp. The story begins with a repentance and ends with a massacre. Recovering magical artifacts and knowledge is a major part of the story.

In a fantasy world where magic is a common fact of life, Jethro Mathius is an incompetent thief who, with a random stroke of luck, manages to find his way into a secret society dedicated to the collapse of the monarchy. Unable to condone this ideal, he informs the authorities, but doesn't know how their scheme will be pulled off. Realizing that they need to figure out the organization's plans, the king's agents convince Jethro to go ahead and join the society, and so he does, pretending that nothing whatsoever is amiss.

Along with attempting to catch wind of the society's scheme, Jethro has to prove himself as a valuable member in order to gain their trust. They think that he's an idiot, which forms a major stumbling block in any scheme to acquire information from them. Fortunately, Jethro makes a friend in the society, and with his guidance and tutorship, the two of them become an unstoppable thieving duo. Eventually, the young thief gains so much respect from the higher-ups that they let him in on their plan: to raid the royal library and to steal the forbidden spells contained in its ancient tomes. With these powerful magics, the society could wreak untold havoc, and so Jethro becomes conflicted between his newfound loyalty to the organization or his old loyalty to the crown.

So I'll set up the Agency intro then we can jump (and end up in any random body we like). Since this is a buddy movie I'd suggest we leave at least one of the 'buddies' unpossessed, just so the story can flow.

Palonis, do you have a title for this Episode?
Nothing very clever comes to mind, although one generic one that immediately comes to mind is "Brothers in Crime."
Okay, I'll post the intro now, and we'll jump to the world on Sunday. Then the week-timer will start ticking.[/allsoorganisedbutinasexyway]
Sorry I didn't show up. I'm writing speeches, running errands, and trying to lock down a new job while cautiously fighting off a few well-intentioned attempts to suppress my agency. These things will keep me busy until Sunday.

May I be a last-minute addition on Sunday? Or would you rather I leave this alone, given my history?

Let me know.
*Siiiiiigh* I'm out. Justifiably so. A bit pissed right now. Not at any of you, but the people around me. My time means nothing to them. You guys don't deserve me inflicting the trickle-down upon you. I'll be lurking. See ya. :(

It's cool, Cakes. I still like you. I guess. :I

*Bangs her spoon against her skillet*

OK everyone! Let's get to Nancy Drewin'!