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  1. Recent events in certain racism discussion threads have had me peeing on the party, but then TK told me to stop so I decided to put my Emotion day to good use. My problem, or lack of therefor(to be explained, bear with me), is anti-socialist setup.

    I'm a weird child. I read a lot, picked up an exemplary vocabulary and instinctual understanding of writing in general. As a result, I was smarter than my friends. All of my family were precocious when they were young. The Murray blessing, intelligence. However, our curse was laziness. Both my parents had hard-ass parents, and hated them. So they overcompensated on us, not instilling discipline. A bunch of spineless intellects, my brother and sister and me.

    So, when my mother offered to put me in a higher class, I declined. I've always been close to my mother, so she let me stay in my lower class, after I bullshitted my way with phony reasons for staying back. As a result, I was much more intelligent than my peers, using "semantics" and "clamber" and such. I picked up a arrogance, and they started to hate me. So, as my friends drifted away, disgusted by the snobby jackass I had become, I saw my folly. Too late.

    From there, I was simply a loner kid. A couple of the other nerds approached me, but I pushed them away. The teacher's praised me for my intelligence, but I just sat there stoically. I kept reading my books and playing my video games. I grew less and less social, until I got to Middle School. My golden age. I converted, but did not conform. I was painfully weird, a nerd who got F's because he was too lazy to do his work. All my teachers considered me a tragedy, a intellect put to waste. I had more friends though, mostly because of my sense of humour. I was court jester, I had little value in anything else.

    In the middle of 7th grade, puberty struck. At the latter part of 7th grade, so did the internet. So, not only was I in a awkward situation, and bored, I was horny too. I wasn't bad looking, or too nerdy(in my opinion. >.>), just too scared. I never got a girlfriend. Still don't have one. What's ironic, was that I was closer to most of the girls in the school than their boyfriends. I was a bit of a white knight, doffing hat, letting them cheat of my tests, then teaching them the material myself. I wasn't awkward around women, just when the subject of romance came up, I ran for the hills. So they all assumed I was gay. The faghags came flocking. It never came up directly, just alluded too. I didn't correct them, this was the closest I had gotten to a girl besides my mother. Court jester and a Confessor. >.< They can tell their gay friend, because he'd understand!

    Anyway, blah blah blah my life blah. Fast forward a bit. I'm failing school, almost flat F's. Mom gots sick of my promises and proposed homeschool. I thought, Stay home all day, write things while laying in bed to music? Fuck yeah! and consented. Now, I hate sports with a passion. The combine physical labor, AND other people. I never got into nerd club, and I my 'friends' really kept me around for a laugh, so I never went to their house. So, I disconnected from school, without any other engagements. I was home 24/7. I haven't left the house more times this month than I can count on my fingers. Grocery store five times, Barnes & Noble twice, and a dentist's appointment. Last month, was B & N three times, Grocery store twice, and my Grandma's house. The month before was B & N once, dentists appointment twice, and a movie. The list goes on.

    So, I spend a lot of my time in a book, or playing a video game. Both those things involve my room. I sit in here, most of the day. I still spend time with my family, and I'm close with all of them, but I have no friends left. My last one returned the Left 4 Dead disc he borrowed from me last month. I write a lot, read a lot, and homeschool with my mother is going well. I don't miss Parsons High at ALL, but I am going back next year. The reason I'm writing this, is because of emotion day.

    Every once in a while, all the things I've missed about being a teenager, the highlights, my lack of friends(doesn't bother me most of the time, I'm active on the internet, witty banter(I listen to, enrapt, from Asmodeus. <.<) introvert at heart), my lack of discipline and slack school record, me phoning in religious dedication, romance repression and no hormone outlet creep up on me. Every couple of weeks or so, they attack. I wake up feeling absolutely miserable. I lay in bed, bored, and sad. I put on Ministry and Alice in Chains, write mutilation stories(not poems. <.< That's just cliche), brood, be cynical. I mope out for half a Toaster Strudel, read dark books, lay about, be sad.

    The next day I leap out of bed, rush outside, hug my mother, say hello to my brother, compliment his guitar mastery, brofist my father, run back to my room, get on Iwaku, interact, play video games until chores time, do school for two hours, game until bedtime.

    That's the lack of problems. I don't do anything, because I don't see anyone every outside my family and their friends. I don't meet new people, don't date anyone, just play video games and write. Today was my first emotion day since re-connecting to Iwaku, and I mistakenly got on. Racism thread + "PC-trip" = butthurt Jake. So I whined, dissembled, and finally agreed to disagree. But TK thought there was something wrong, and maybe there is. I felt it today, for sure, but I'm content the rest of the time.


    EDIT: Perhaps someone is reading what I'm saying different that how I mean it.

    I had a bad day. I got rankled and had a disagreement. I was explaining the reason for the bad day.
  2. Veteran dog
    Zeta (open)
    Name: Zeta
    Human Name: Lilith Aria
    Age: 15
    Appearance: (open)
    Zeta's original breed is a retriever, she still mostly maintains that same appearance...mostly. Her fur is soft, fluffy, with plenty to pet and scratch, it is also blood red. She is not the same size as a regular dog either, she is massive. Standing on all four paws her head is eye level with most humans as she is five foot nine inches from ground to top of her head. Her eyes are also not the cute innocent brown of other dogs but rather a deep dark violet, still cute...though probably less so when shes standing in front of you snarling.
    Her tail is nearly four foot long and is by far the most fluffy part of her body, even fluffier than her chest fur. Her body is almost pure musculature, however surprisingly she is extreme fast, agile and flexible. But she is also extremely strong and can easily hold up several tons of weight without any problems.

    Now Zeta is a female dog, which is obvious with her large cone shaped vagina. One could very easily fit their entire hand inside without issues. She also sports eight nipples each full of milk for the giving. Zeta's not completely female though, she also sports a member. Her part is normally fairly well hidden...okay that's actually a lie, looking at her from the side its very obvious that the odd jutting fur near her privates is not 'normal' on a female dog. However her large sheath understandable since it hides an absolute monster. Sixteen inches long, very thick, its tapered tip will help it get into tighter holes but she puts most horses to shame. Then if someone manages to get all the way down they are then greeted by a knot bigger than a softball.

    Bio: (open)
    Zeta is a war hero...all but a war hero who's feats of heroism is given to a non-existent woman that the government created because there is no way they are letting it leak that they created a demon dog. Zeta was only a young pup when she was taken and trained, at first it was like other dogs training to find dangerous explosives. However seeing Zeta's abilities were better than the other dogs she was taken and placed in a special branch. An experimental branch.

    Her handler during this time was a woman named Bella. The woman raised her and several other dogs, they would receive training them in things like infiltration, and assassination. When they were old enough they were supposed to be injected with a serum.
    The serum would make them faster, smarter, stronger, grant them a higher stamina, and the ability to heal from most minor wounds. It would also drop their sex drive to near nonexistence to further help them focus. The dogs would also continue to grow in size eventually doubling their normal size.

    However Bella grew attached to the young pup Zeta and decided to inject the pup with a different serum. This serum made Zeta faster, smarter and stronger, an exceptional stamina, and the ability to heal just like the other serum though VASTLY improved. Unlike the other serum however while it helped her grow it didn't just double her size, it quadrupled it while also improving her overall health. This meant that her lifespan was now estimated to be in the hundreds. Unfortunately however the serum did not have the sex drive reduction that the other serum had. Instead it had the complete opposite effect. Zeta is in a near perpetual state of heat and rut, which she actively fights every day to keep from losing herself to her own lust. Uniquely it also had the interesting effect of turning her fur red.

    Zeta, along with the other experimental dogs, was released into the war. They tore through their foes, however Zeta by far proved to be the most useful. She assassinated key enemy leaders, tore down artillery positions, ripped through enemy armored divisions, and even rescued her allies when a base was bombarded, getting nearly a hundred soldiers out. However the biggest thing she did was when she infiltrated an enemy base and rescued a group of captives allowing her military to deal with the base without fear of the captives being killed.
    One of the captives was a leader of a country and one who, after the war ended, pressured the country to recognize the canine as a hero. The leader agreed to remain quiet and allow a fake persona to be given the credit on the request that Zeta be allowed to retire peacefully, even being given money (mostly at the other countries expense)

    A mansion was built for Zeta in the country of the leader she rescued. This mansion was a technological marvel. Completely automated, self cleaning robots, robots to make Zeta dinner, deliveries of food and anything Zeta orders is delivered straight to any room Zeta wishes by a sophisticated delivery system. Every room had a screen with a special pad to allow Zeta to access the internet. Every room had a specially designed translation software to allow Zeta to speak to any guests she has...which so far has only been the leader she rescued.
    Her mansion is three stories tall, there is a living room, kitchen, dining room, entry hall, ball room, indoor and outdoor pool room/area, a theater with practically every movie, a library with plenty of books (though none have ever been read since Zeta tends to use the computers to read) a game room with specially made controllers so Zeta can play, a bedroom and three bathrooms. Each room by itself is probably bigger than most peoples houses.

    Now in the war Zeta dealt with her increased sex drive by focusing her attentions. She was a mean blood thirsty beast who tore through her foes simply to keep her mind off her desire to fuck anything that moved. However over the past three years since shes 'retired' she has been struggling with her desires, and has noticed her mind constantly falling back to when she was a pup. Her handler would care and tend to her, and her handler also tested the serum on herself before injecting Zeta with it...so the woman must also be feeling the same things she is. Well unless the serum had different reactions to humans.
    Curious Zeta did some digging into what happened to Bella after the war. She found the woman had retired and joined up becoming a model for an agency. It was a world class prostitution agency, their models typically being extremely expensive since they are the 'main draws'. Bella's price was...well it would make a billionaire pause and probably have a heart attack. But Zeta cared little for that fact and she bought her handler. A life long contract, her goal being comfort, not sex...though Zeta has spent every night since shes found Bella looking at every picture the agency has of the woman and humping the stuffing out of a pillow. So...maybe a bit of sex...just a bit...
    Notes: Cum tastes like chocolate
    Milk tastes like strawberries
    Vaginal juices tastes like oranges
    Can last for an hour before cumming if she doesn't try, and up to four if she tries to prolong it.
    Able to very easily fill a bathtub in her cum
    Cums for fifteen minutes straight
    Only needs two to five minutes of rest and a bit to drink before she is able to go again

    4 way
    Characters (open)
    Reia (open)
    Name: Reia Livales
    Age: 15
    Appearance: (open)
    Reia is a cheerful young girl known the world over as a child actress. She has knee length long hair, the left side of which is black and the right is white, both natural though she has dyed it for movies a few times but it always goes back to her natural colors after a while. She has two extremly large fox ears with tufts of wonderfully soft fur inside, she tends not to let others touch her ears because they are the most sensitive parts of her body. She has adorable golden slitted eyes and she is almost never seen without a big grin.
    Reia has three fluffy tails with snow white fur, these tails tend to wag in unison and always give away her emotions.

    She is a lithe girl late bloomer girl who has only recently started growing breasts so she only has A cups currently. Though honestly the size of her breasts cant really be seen since her normal outfit is a tight white long sleeved shirt, the sleeves of which has various sits within. Over this she wears a white sweater vest and a yellow scarf. Then she wears a pair of tight jeans, she does not yet wear bra's, but she does wear cute panties with cats on them...not that she will let others see this.
    Due to her acting in various movies she has also been seen in more 'normal' cloths all the way to sexy dresses.

    She is a virgin, however does not have her hymen due to a combination of more physical roles and the fact that she masturbates a lot.

    Bio (open)
    Reia is a child actress, she started off with her mother Zeria Livales, another famous and sexy actress, since the woman refused to leave her baby with a sitter. However since she was such an amazing bad-ass she tended to still get roles and would leave baby Reia in a crib or carry her around if the scene wasnt an action scene. It definitely helped that Reia was a fairly quiet baby, she rarely cried and when she did it was often not even loud enough to get picked up by the mics, though her mother definitely heard.
    What about her father? Zeria has never spoken who Reia's father is. The most Reia knows is that her father is a female and that her mother used to act alongside the woman.
    As Reia grew up she went from baby roles to child roles, and branched from roles with her mother to roles on her own. She was in movies, tv shows, commercials, she even created her own internet show which mainly involved her showing her fans around the sets. In all honesty the only way you would have never seen her is if you actively avoided her.

    Reia and her mother both have elemental powers over water, with Reia having control over its more solid form as well. She isn't as active as her mother, so while her mother got action roles where she is using her water control and body to beat up bad guys Reia is more playful. She tends to enjoy using her power for fun, be it creating watersides or ice skating areas, or splashing people, even creating small snowfields for snowball fights. Granted it could be as simple as Reia is too young for action roles, after all she does know how to fight as shes been taught by her mother.

    Reia's teenage roles have been fairly similar to her childhood roles, with two exceptions. The first was her playing a princess and seeking her 'true love', which in the movie was a boy however she realized very quickly (through practice kiss scenes) that she likes the female gender far more. The second was her last movie, in which she plays a powerful mage trapped in a young girls body. This role had her dressing in rather revealing cloths and playing a more sinister character.
    It is this role that made Reia realize that she doesn't have control over her power, at least not to the level she wants. A lot of the scenes in the movie other people were actually doing the magic as she didnt have enough control or strength. So she has declined additional roles and finished recording her tv spots, and instead she has signed up for a class that her mother had done years ago. It is a highly dangerous course that could end in death, however it promises that surviving will result in practically master level control.
    How could Reia pass this opportunity up? Sure she will probably be the youngest student there as its supposed to be a senior level class, but she passed the prerequisites so they cant complain.

    Alexstrasza (open)
    Name: Alexstrasza (Alex) Uria
    Age: 32
    Appearance: (open)
    Alex is a warrior mage. She has dark pink eyes and long white hair with pink bangs. Her clothing style tends to be heavily based off samurai, with various armored plates. Each of these plates appears to be fairly normal, but truthfully they are heavily enchanted granting her various powerful protections. Aside from the armor she also wears a long white skirt held up by a belt, orange shorts, an orange top, and two detached sleeves. The left sleeve being a black skintight arm sleeve attached to a cloth that keeps her arm guard in place. The right is a long free flowing sleeve that she uses for distractions. She is rarely ever seen without her staff, the tip of which when ignighted she can turn into a purple flaming blade.
    Her bust is a large C cup, she maintains a nice toned body, and she is not a virgin.

    Bio (open)
    Alex is known far and wide as a hero. As a young girl she was always curious of the world, so when she turned thirteen she started to travel. She learned to fight, learned magics from all across the world, became a powerful master class mage by the time she turned eighteen. However it wasn't her gaining power that spread her name.

    Twelve years ago a nation was practically destroyed by an invading group of demons, other nations sent in their own soldiers and mages to try and destroy the invading demons but all failed. However Alex and Lilith managed to stop the invasion together. Both women are powerful fire elemental users, and both are rumored to have at one time been in a romantic relationship that both heavily deny (Though the truth is they were in a romantic relationship but Lilith is married so denying it was the better option) The two women fought through the demons, killing the demonic leaders and their portal. Both became well known heroes.

    Alex' elemental fire burns a purple color, however what is interesting about it is that she tends to place it on her staff, wielding it like one would wield a glaive or naginata. The fire burns and cuts, and its these cuts that make people believe (rightfully so) that she also has control over the wind element. Truthfully Alex has control over both fire and wind elements, they are her affinity with fire being her main one. However she has trained and learned about the other elements as well, she just doesn't have more control than maybe lifting a rock or making water dance.

    However thanks to her extensive knowledge in magics and elements Alex was approached to teach the most dangerous class. The previous teacher had died so they needed someone new and Alex was the top choice, plus they figured that as a hero they may have even more sign up. They did, that first year there was ten students that signed up, most probably thinking that she would keep them alive, or simply did so to see the hero. Out of those ten only two survived.
    Alex has been teaching the class now for five years, and each year the class gets smaller and smaller, which Alex prefers since it means she can focus more on the individual. This year Alex is thinking that she may mix things up. She will take the class into a recently discovered ancient ruin, dangerous yes, but a good stepping stone to teaching her new group. It has been scanned and found to be extremely deep, others even trying to explore but returning and claiming it is highly dangerous. Alex figures that it could easily take their entire time and if its as dangerous as others claim it would definitely help make sure her students learn far quicker. Three students this time, a fair number with each one having their own main element. Should be fun, especially since they are all such adorable girls.
  3. We're here for you, ok? Don't EVER forget that!
  4. Pah! Emotion!

    *Gruffly shakes Julez's hand*


    *Stands there awkwardly.*

    ...Uh, thanks..I guess.

    *scratches head, scuffs boot*
  5. I wouldn't worry my young friend. I was a similar story when I was your age. I know all too well the stupid rumors family spreads about one being homosexual because you don't flirt or really talk about girls with them. I still to this don't really, because I don't see the point of them knowing everything I do as a college aged student. A lot of what you are talking about sounds similar to having autistic tendencies. If you get the chance, talk to a doctor about having it looked into since I am not a good source for declaring things valid since we have all our own histories and outcomes.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Christian Star
    Codename: Construct
    Origin: Epic Verse
    Birthdate: 02/11/1900
    Age: 147 ( He looks about 28)
    Race: 'Human' ( Actual race is unknown)
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Education Level: College graduate
    Occupation: Writer
    Citizenship: American/French
    Level: Superhuman

    Intelligence: 4
    Strength: 2
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 4
    Energy projection: 6
    Fighting Ability: 5

    Powers: Regeneration : If he is killed, his body can regenerate to a point that is up to 20 years younger than his actual age. Full-scale regeneration can be used once a decade, but his body does minor regenerations for wounds.

    Construct : Anything within reason that Christian writes comes to life. This has its limits. He cannot create living organisms out of his writing, but he can invoke emotions, make weapons and also use it to reconstruct memories of his past.

    Abilities: He is a skilled writer and a master of hand to hand combat. He also knows how to wield a gun.

    Equipment: An old typewriter from the 1900s, a black hat, cigars ( really old one), a rifle from the French revolution

    Weaknesses: He's human at the end of the day and his regeneration isn't perfect and can kill him. He also carries the wounds from his past with him making him sentimental.

    Bio: Christian Star was born 147 years ago to a rather poor family. They could not financially support the new child and sent to the orphanage for nine years. At the orphanage at age 9, he was picked for a secret experiment to see if they could regenerate humans to make them indestructuible. It seemed like they failed and left the young child behind, not realizing that it would take years for it to fully work. He lived on his own for the next twenty or so years.

    About twenty years later, he was in Paris and fell in love with a woman who sold herself. He was of course, shot and murdered by some unforeseen force. He regenerated and couldn't find who killed him and continued to live his life.

    Notes and Trivia: He has a hard time following in love. He has an archenemy named Cerin who has hurt them throughout his life
  7. i'm gonna be honest and blunt with you, man, and i speak with my own opinion.
    it's not a pissing contest, bro. we're all here to have fun, socialize and chill with the rest of our iwaku fam. you don't always need to be right and if you see something escalating, just take a step back and chill. know where the limits are at. know where to act like a loon and where to be somewhat serious, there are areas for both. and this is kind of a personal quirk of mine: you're what 14-ish? around there? i can guarantee you there are some people on here that know circles more than you, just relax a little with the acting like you're smarter than the rest. please.
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  8. Marius said it in a nicer tone for me. Maybe if you actually go outside and read your books, perhaps you can calm down, and learn that this is just Iwaku, not some fucking "I'm better than you" contest. =)
  9. Your sterling support is appreciated.
  10. i was trying to be nice and polite, ripping you a new one wouldn't have served anything except getting me in trouble and have a lot of bad blood started between me and you krom. i didn't do good in school, if that hasn't been figured out from me talking about my past, but in 4th grade i had a 13.5 grade reading level and read the entire encyclopedia britannica for fun through elementary school and into middle before my ADD started really giving me problems (i manifest in short attention span and poor memory retention. i have since trained myself so it's not nearly as bad as it was). i'm 20, streetwise and book-smart enough to come out on top in some debates and intellectual discussions, but not smart enough to make it in college. thats where my.....lets say "frustration"......comes into play when a kid starts talking in a way that seems (to me atleast) that he thinks he's smarter than everyone else. big words are cool bro but you need to know when to use them and when to stick to plain old speak. i'm sure you're a cool guy, lean off the book-smarts you have and start picking up some "street-smarts" from the crew here. you're young and still have the capacity to learn. plus we in here can give you tips on how to assimilate more into the mundane society for when you go back to public school so you can land the hot babe and properly humiliate the jerkoffs when they call you gay. listen to the wise-people bro and think before you speak, thats all i ask.
  11. I don't recall at any point declaring I was smarter than you, Necella. I don't recall implying, alluding, or even mentioning anyone in Iwaku at all aside from TK in the post. My teachers considered me precocious, because of factors contributing to my current situation. If that is all you got out of this, I must have done something wrong.

    Marius: My mother had me type in full punctuation for a day. I decided I enjoyed it. When I was still in school, I did not use any vocabulary at all when talking with my friends(prior to homeschool, after I learned my lesson). I have since been encouraged by my mother to start using advanced vocabulary, as part of a SAT preparation thing, for the vocal section. I don't know about "street smarts", but I will attempt to avoid further inadvertent implications.
  12. dude, you're not scoring points. pretty soon you'll need a shovel to go deeper.
  13. Habit, Marius, not points.

    You don't want to fight, I don't want to fight. I agree to disagree if you will.
  14. habits which apparently you don't want to relearn. you want to be rude and condescending i can put out too, kiddo.
  15. Hey, Marius! Practice what you're trying to teach and show Khang when to stop talking in an argument that isn't getting anywhere! o_____o

    Anyways. >> Iwaku IS a social environment. So they people you're chatting with online are just as real as the ones you would talk to at school. The only difference is that you have the GREAT opportunity to step back and think a minute before you type. Don't ever let yourself think that there are not consequences and after-effects for the stuff you do and say online.

    You see the people on Iwaku everyday, and (I hope) you like interacting with us. >> So you should always keep in mind how your actions will affect the people around you. If people are getting pissy, consider whether or not your actions might be the cause of it. (IT WOULD BE NICE IF A LOT OF -OTHER- PEOPLE GETTING IN TO DUMB FIGHTS LATELY WOULD KEEP THIS IN MIND TOO. KHANG ISN'T THE ONLY ONE. >:[)

    ...just avoid pissing contests with our Big Mouth Dudes. >:[ I'm about to hit a lot of our Dudes for getting in to this dumb go-nowhere fights lately. When an argument is going nowhere, just change the subject or do something else for awhile. Going on and on and on and on drives people bonkers.
  16. Khang, you talked to me last night about how you didn't get everything out, why not write a second post? Try to get deeper.
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