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  1. The world as we know it has ended, a virus ravaged the populace and killed more than half the people on earth. Woman were highly susceptible to this virus and it wasn't long until it was rare to see more than three woman in one community. Everything dissolved into chaos and only a few communities still thrive and have some sort of government. However with the rarity of woman came a depletion in the growth of any population, which is when it became acceptable to treat woman as property. In some of the more ravaged areas they are raped and bred like animals, then in other area's they are treated well but passed around to keep the population growing, then there are communities where the people in power were the ones who were allowed to breed with the woman. Dominic Abdul is the leader of one of these controlled societies, he is a young former general in the marines and when chaos struck everyone turned to him to lead. at the age of only 21 he was forced to make decisions no young man should ever have to make, he sent people away, allowed people salvation and through three years of hard work managed to build the only functioning city in this dystopia. out of a population of 300 there is only two women, one was given to the head officer in the scavengers unit and one to the general of the small army that was created to protect the walls of the city.
    One day while the scavengers were checking out a nearby abandoned town they came across a young girl being cornered by some rogues. They immediately rescued her from her assailants only to take her as their own prisoner, forcing her to return to the city with them. She was escorted to the infirmary without many problems but the question was immediately raised: who was she going to be given too? This was one of the things that Dominic dreaded dealing with because he once had a little sister and mother who he could never imagine doing this too, but it was one of the things he had to do as a leader. When he went to visit the girl in the infirmary, he tried to think of who would best benefit from having a predecessor. At first he considered the doctor but it was then pointed out to him that they would need someone to lead when he passed away, preferably someone who he has raised and trained on his own. So he reluctantly takes her as his own, knowing what has to be done.

    • Clearly i am looking for someone to play the girl they find.
    • I post 2 to 6 paragraphs, and i either post every day, several times a day, or once a week. This, of course, depends on my schedule.
    • I don't like using anime photo's but i will make an exception if you are uncomfortable with real photos but want to do this RP with me.
    • We can discuss how their relationship goes down, it could be that Dom has to force himself on her or that she willingly gives herself to him but still hates him for it.
    • I love discussing plot twists and ideas with my partners so don't be afraid to message me.
    • hey we can even add some supernatural elements, like aliens are the cause of the virus or the animals have mutated into creatures they have to fight. or it could just be full on human against human violence
    • anyways post here or send me a message if you are interested!
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  2. I'm very interested :) love the plot!
  3. I'm sorry, the role has been filled! D: and i'm not looking to do double of the same RP due to this being out of my comfort zone with it being MxF instead of my normal MxM.
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