Dysfunctional Dimensional Dystopia

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  1. First off Hello new here and decided first post should be one hell of a kick off.

    Second off this post is going to be a major check point for a larger story that can split off into one on ones or smaller groups that will reconnect at times.

    Thirdly the actual setting and plot of this title:

    Dimensional Code: 666 Planet registered Abirdeen
    Unified Bio-defense Federation (UBF) Threat Level: 4 (Chaotic)
    UBF Threat Levels:
    1 Allie
    2 Friendly
    3 Neutral
    4 Chaotic
    5 Hated
    6 War
    7 Unknown
    (This means either the world or the dimension has not been scouted properly by the UBF. What you don't know is the most dangerous thing out there.)

    Abirdeen consists of one large land mass surrounded
    by an ocean heavily polluted by bio and mana waste. All of the large civilizations are enclosed in magical and technological dampening fields which not only weaken the effects of both but allows each "zone" to monitor the use of said ability's for quick response. Any unregistered use of magic or tech in a city zone will be met with hostile neutralization from the ruling government. This means that enforcers shoot first before they even properly identify the culprit so most people tend to just lay flat on the ground with their hands already on their heads until picked up. However despite the extreme countermeasures against the use of said things Abirdeen's main draw is the trade and exporting of other worldly magics and technologies through shady means.

    Outside the walls of the dampening fields provided by the city's one becomes at risk under the hazy purple sky. Mana flares that
    alter a beings mental and physical structure are random and not as scarce
    as one would hope for. The real issue once you leave the city is the "Harbingers" it's a society of black market dealers trading magic, technology, slavery, drugs,and information from many different worlds and dimensions. Once a person leaves a city they are not allowed back in without heavy screening and testing which normally lasts a week and is extremely evasive. Everyone in a city has undergone this procedure as well as being registered and is subject to a re-screening at any time the enforcers deem.

    The main reason Abirdeen is under such marshal law is that most of the "visitors" on this specific dimensional code Abirdeen is that it's a wayward magnet for dimensional travels. A failed summoning, a miscalculation in your teleportation, an explosion of magical energies that sends one flying, any mishap that could or does lead to a dimensional rift opening will 7 out of 10 times result in landing on Abirdeen 666. If they live the dimensional shift one would then have to survive outside the city walls until they found one which most city's were constructed around the main drop zones.

    This is just a rough outline of this dimensional world and any character you create can be from what ever planet, dimension, or both that you can come up with. Be sure to include a dimensional code for your home world and note that not every dimension will your world still exist and even if it did their are bound to be some extreme changes. Dimensional codes are 3 to 4 numbers long and are issued by the UBF who have deemed themselves 000 and reserve the 00 numbers for their closest supporters and ruling planes.

    The Unified Bio-defence Federation (UBF) can be looked at as a large ruling government that polices dimensions and expanding their influence where ever they can. To most they look like a benevolent super power that comes and cultivates peace throughout the galaxies. Many never get to see the darker underbelly of what the UBF really does, but with any super power government there are always speculations and rumors of what might be happening.

    Character Creations

    You may choose to be with any organization you want but be sure you note that the UBF is in a chaotic relationship with Abirdeen 666 thus meaning that your authority rank or power has no sway over the ruling government and you will be gunned down like any other if you do not follow the set rules. Also note that my character will do everything in his power to make your life a living nightmare if he finds out you work for the UBF.

    If you want to be a "Harbinger" you are not going to be a high dealer if anything you would probably have minor trinkets or augmentations. When you create your character you can have a section of 4 things you have access to for sale/use that I will pass or fail. If you are a lucky Harbinger I might give you a means into a city without crossing the 1 week hold and check.

    For those interested in being Enforcers note that you will be left behind on Abirdeen 666 when all others leave. Enforcers are strict guardians of the city's of Abirdeen and are programed, chipped, and monitored. If an enforcer is pulled along to another dimension or leaves the monitoring area of the city it is assigned to the fail safe system will terminate the units core taking everything with it in a half mile radius.

    For all of you people that can't get away from being "Gods/Goddesses" where as you may have been one on your world in your dimension you are pretty much nothing but a being with exceptional magic force while on Abirdeen. Weather it's the shielding or the hazy purple mana infused sky of the planet you don't know but you are mortal aging and cut off from returning to your own plane without some ones assistance. Those that feel they are better then everyone else tend to die quickly where as humble actions prolong your aging life.

    You don't have to pick a faction in existence you can have your own but be ready to back it up, and if you have any faction that goes against the UBF it's not something you want to broadcast to anyone. Races are as versatile as you can think them humanoid isn't the only thing that Abirdeen houses.

    Make sure when creating you character you have a firm grasp on HOW you got here or WHY you want to be here. In Abirdeen people aren't normally friendly unless their is gain to be had and those that are confused, talk to much, or are otherwise begging for help are either avoided or taken advantage of. Survival is based off adaptation, knowledge, and force if one is to careless they will be marked for a quick buck.

    You can Register whatever magics and technology upon entering a city, this allows you to use some forms of it as long as it's not deemed harmful or inappropriate and with the dampening shields up they aren't as powerful as you may expect them to be. The downfall of registering is that if you do misuse anything you will then be put on the enforcer hit list and not only will the guards open hire on you other citizens will likely turn you in for a profit. Leaving the city also becomes a problem since all exits are monitored by the enforcers and dimensional traveling is near impossible within the walls.

    I will freely answer any questions here as we set this up OOC needs to be clearly marked.
    Controlling of other peoples characters without permission is not tolerated.
    I'm friendly enough but newbies are not something I'm looking for. I want depth, I want people that fight against the grain to pull their stories into this story. I want a mash-up of stories that can spark side arcs or even over take the story that is currently being told.

    I WANT because I'm Greedy!

  2. Data Retrieval.... Processing.... Processing.....Data Found.... Loading.... Displaying Content...

    Unified Bio-Defense Federation Wanted Criminal Listing

    Subjects Name: Danny Orthius

    Alias: D-O (Deo)

    Alias: Danny-O

    Alias: Sidewinder

    Alias: Helix

    Alias: Smooth Daddy D

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 240lb (Altered muscle fiber and bone structure make him more durable yet heavier)

    Eye Color: Brown

    Race: Caucasian Bio-Human


    Parents: Doctor Meredith & Lieutenant General Matthew Orthius (Both Living)

    Psychological Evaluation: Calm, very well collective of ones surroundings and situations allowing for reasonable judgement calls under stressful environments. Subject has shown signs of Biological constraints on learning having no limit, thus allowing subject to absord knowledge at an astounding rate. Subject shows signs of paranoia, schizophrenia, and irrational mood swings thus designating said person in question to be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

    Education: Bio-geneticist, Molecular Engineer, Demolition, HandxHand Combat, Firearms Training, Culinary Arts, Reconnaissance, Runic Inscriptionist, Mana-Infuson, and Sexual Deviant

    Occupation: Arms and Drug Trafficking / Weapons Designer

    Felony Charges

    Class C: Extortion and Assault

    Class B: Rape, Arson, Armed Robbery, Drug Trafficking, and Reckless Homicide

    Class A: Murder and Voluntary Manslaughter


    Access Denied.... Security Clearance Required... Rerouting... Rerouting... Connecting.. Loading Data..

    Last Known Location

    2 Years Ago

    Dimensional Code: 1179

    Planet: Asteria

    Relations: Hostile

    Confirmation of Target Presence: Negative.

    To many large trans-dimensional shifts have taken place on this world to accurately pinpoint if target is still inhabiting this world.

    Known Ability's Of Danny Orthius Prior to Escaping the UBF


    Evolved & Heightened Count Of Leukocytes

    This allows Danny's body to combat against nearly any form of pathogen, foreign substance, or environment and adapt accordingly. Prolonged exposer to a poison, infection, virus, tranquilizer, or other such things could have the desired effect they are intended to but his body is developed to break these down quickly in a means of self preservation.

    Cellular Regeneration

    Given enough time and energy Danny's body can re-cooperate from many forms of cellular decomposing or dismemberment. Of course this is limited and takes quiet a bit of concentration to tap into and activate normally shutting down most body functions while he repairs the damage.

    Dense Skeletal Structure

    The strength and thickness of Danny's bones increase the weight for his build but also the durability of his frame. This allows better protection to his internal organs as well as a stronger resistance to impacts.

    Constrictive Muscle Fibers

    With heavier bones comes a need for stronger muscles yet not something to noticeable. To any that look at him, Danny's build looks rather thin and frail. In fact the muscle design was meant to hide his power from sight. Tightly compact muscle fibers encase all of his frame not only making him strong but since they are so tightly wound up they are easily ready to snap at a moments notice causing him to have remarkable reflexes. These muscles also increase his weight but keeps his size compact.

    Heighten Sensory

    Sight, Smell, Taste, touch, and Hearing have all been amplified to a degree of super human like standards so much so it has come with some problems. Sight for instance has been increased so well that he see's things not just on this spectrum of reality but can see things most creatures would rather keep hidden. Those possessed or in fact of other worldly design tend to have a different presences around them that Danny can get faint visual clues to. His sense of smell is probably extremely acute mainly when he comes around scents he enjoys, such as death, despair, and fear. His hearing is acute but he tends to have trouble singling out any one sound in a crowd, at best a general direction of where it originated from.

    Uninhibited Brain Constraints

    Danny's mind is one in a million on able to process information, adapt, and learn at a quick pace. His judgements are sound and quick making little to no irrational choices making it seem like he has planned out every move prior to the first five. Being able to break down information and store it quickly makes him a very dangerous person to allow to get too close since he will be able to start predicting your choices and paths before you realize it. His warped personality may use this to alter one's personality subtly at first but after time the person you once used to be could have changed to a complete 180 without even realizing it. "PRONE TO PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE"


    Runic Magic

    The oldest form of magic in existence second only to ritualistic. This magic is powered by inscribing designs and text with raw materials to call forth power. Normally one would require a focus, or object to inscribe on to get the desired results but Danny doesn't display anything that would resemble such a thing not even the tattoo's many do. Instead using one of the most powerful substances for runic magic, "blood" Danny has had many of these runes carved into his very bones thus giving him immediate access to his mana pool similar to that of an actual wizard. Why not become an actual caster by these means some might think but where as wizardry takes years of trial and error to master, inscribing runic powers that have already been discovered and practiced allow for the desired effect quickly.

    Ritualistic Magic

    The act of giving the life or essence of one thing up to achieve a pact with some outer force "God" or other "Superior Being" to achieve a desired result. To Danny ritualizing his magic is not to trade with any such false gods or being yet it adds a focus for himself to channel through and strengthen his own powers. The rituals normally performed by Danny will also incorporate runes in some way shape or form.

    Danny hasn't registered any of his ability's but allowed the confiscation of his tech at the gates for pick up when he feels it is time to leave.