Dying Ashes

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  1. Morocco, just twelve hours prior, was a bustling beautiful city. Then, in Canada, a terroristic attack along the Niagra threw the world into anger. The kaiju, feeling their souls build up rage, surfaced again. For whatever reason, they were near morocco. Usually it's just one or two kaiju, but this time it was several. It was enough that the satellite scanners couldn't properly diagnose the number. The kaiju are far from allies amungst each other, so it's easier on what little resistance we can put up when they fight. But, when kaiju fight, they take the WHOLE city into the brawl's setting. Now, the city was on fire. Half of it was just rubble, the other half looked like tombstones. So many came here for a spring break vacation or for college or any opportunity, same as any normal person. But no one would be normal after something like this.

    The sky-ranger bustled and bumped as it went through the turbulent air, it's eighty passengers were all locking and loading. Guns seemed to only piss off the monsters but at least it did something. Tanks, Laser trucks, Plasma Bombardments and Electric Landmines seemed to really slow them down but never did much damages. But Axe and the mechs he helped build...well, their firepower was amazing. Blunt force harms the kaiju more than anything, that, or extremely powerful ranged attacks. Pondering, pondering, pondering. Nothing else to do while your inside this shi-
    "So, how long have you been in the UN?" Asked a very well toned, and scratched up, individual.
    Durazo sighed. She liked to think in a third person manor, to collect her thoughts and-
    "Did you hear me?"
    She sighed, realizing that she indeed did have to communicate with another human.
    "Twelve years."
    The man smiled, and she could tell he was preparing his next quip.
    "Well, you don't look like your thirtyish"
    "Thirty-two, is the number you are looking for. But thanks"
    He smiled a little, and nudged his friend, but she saw his rank when she did. He was only a squadie, and the guy he was nudging, whom she knew, was Staff Sergeant Jerome.
    "So, how about after this deployment I take you out to dinner? I like older women"
    Jerome scoffed a little.
    "I think you should back off now before you feel really stupid"
    The green horn stared at Jerome, confused.
    "What? It's just flirting"
    And then Corbin snapped.
    "I am a superior officer. Lieutenant Durazo, thirty two years old with four Purple Hearts and a hard on for fighting. While I admire your bravery, I'm not interested in breaking regulations for someone who can't control his mouth and for someone that ISN'T another woman"
    The poor squadie shrunk himself back into his uniform.
    "I ugh...yeah. Sorry, ma'am"
    She nodded, and slid a skull balaclava over her face before putting on a combat helmet. Everyone else finished getting ready, too.
    No less than five minutes later, the Sky-Ranger hit the pavement and the doors opened.
    It looked like hell.

    "Big boy up front. Staff sergeant, order the missile squads near the rear with the plasma artillery. I wanna keep Kurot out of the main districts since he's fighting that weird crocodile looking thing" She said, making hand gestures.
    "Alright, you six-", she said, pointing to the closest six soldiers "-on me. We are going door to door. We extract all civilians in easy to reach locations. If they are too tough to get to, we leave them and come back later"
    Upon finishing the order, she raised her combat rifle off at the distance and her squad gave her a thumbs up.
    Then they set off to rescue whoever they could.


    Kurot roared at the much smaller two legged crocodile monster. It attempted lash out towards him again, and Kurot smashed his skull into the back of it's neck, sending it sideways into a building. Kurot let out an ear piercing roar and then used his atomic breath to scorch the beasts' face. As he began to burn the other kaiju, he felt a sharp and deep pain in his chest. When he looked down, Kurot discovered a huge spear tip jutting through his chest. There was a painful tug, and then a powerful smack to the back of the head. Axe had arrived; but the cybernetic kaiju-killer was always stalemated by Kurot- so this fight would be interesting.
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