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  1. This is an interest check for an upcoming series of Roleplays with the overarching title Dwindling Glory. It's just a hook and I will be posting an OOC with all the information in a few days' time.


    The seven circles of hell rang with the lamentation of the Fallen, stripped of their heavenly glory. They wept, however, not for they were spurned and condemned to the eternal fire by the heavenly father, but because the souls of men were being condemned alongside them and by heavenly decree, they were to torture these 'sinful' spirits. The Fallen knew that many of these men were consigned to the fire and brimstone for no reason other than not believing and to these people, they were lenient, for they saw them as symbols of their failure to protect and help mankind.

    Down below the fields of fire, far beneath the wails and shrieks of the damned, entombed and bound in the lake of ice was the greatest of the Fallen. He was once the brightest of the seraphim of the heavenly host, he was once the morning star, yet when he discovered YHWH's treachery, he rebelled. He discovered that the heavenly Father planned to create a race of creatures to be mindless servants to the will of the heavenly host and was appalled.

    When the Lord created the earth and the garden of Eden, this angel appeared as the serpent and gave mankind knowledge so that he might not be forever enslaved to the will of the heavenly host. For this act, he was cast out from the heavens and placed in his prison. Now the chains that bound him to the lake Coccyx rattled as he drew himself up from the frozen waters. Lucifer had had enough.

    The war for Mankind's freedom was about to begin.


    Say Bismillah! We will not let him go! if you are interested. xD.
  2. Scaramouche, I will do this fandango! I'm really interested to learn more about this and hope to join when it gets going. The free will versus blind faith thing interests me.
  3. I'm currently creating the OOC. And, honestly, it's quite huge. xD. Word of warning though, the RP will incorporate a lot of themes from Judeo-Christian Theology as well as the Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri.
  4. <.<

    I find this intriguing. *lurks and waits for the OOC*
  5. This has peaked my curiosity. I shall wait for the OOC thread.
  6. Ah, very cool! I thought you might also be pulling from Paradise Lost by Milton. I really enjoy Lucifer as a sympathetic figure. Stoked to see this ginormous OOC, too.
  7. I haven't delved into Paradise Lost yet, unfortunately. I would draw from it if I was as familiar to it as I am with Divina Commedia but alas, such is not the case.

    I think gigantic is an ample word to describe its extensiveness. xD.
  8. I'm interested. 8D Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Dante's stuff. Should I be? .__.
  9. Oh look! It's an Indy! xD.

    Anyway, no, you don't have to be familiar with Dante's stuff, I'll take care of that in the ginormous OOC. However, some knowledge would certainly be helpful.

    Also, for Lux... I'm going to send you a PM. xD.
  10. Hiii Malk! :D

    That's good. I suppose I can ask one of my friends for info 'cause he's read it... Or just bum it from him.

    And oh geez, am I in trouble? XD
  11. You're not in trouble. I'm just considering pushing for character interactions, although there're two possible ways to go at the moment for your character and I want your input.

    Don't worry about it too much. Like I said, I'll cover all bases in the OOC. xD.
  12. This is really fantastic, very interesting and OMG the detail.

    Seriously, I'm so stoked about this! *dances*
  13. I absolutely love the amount of detail you put into this. It is awesome and amazing and fantasic and - and -

    I'm with Dawn on this, I can't wait for this.
  14. Well, you might like this update.

    2.1 Heaven's Geography
    2.2 Angelic Hierarchy

    Also, would you guys like me to create a condensed OOC or should I just post links like this?
  15. Again, loving it. Not as detailed as the infernal set, but then again I've found that there is surprisingly little said about the workings of heaven to draw inspiration and information from. So, in my opinion, nicely done sir!

    I'm fine with the links in the OOC, but maybe others would like the cliff's notes version? I don't know and I hate to speak for a group without having any idea.

    I'm super excited to see more about the actual story to be played out. Malkuthe, I'm really enjoying all these little teasers so far! For serious: CANNOT WAIT.
  16. Yeah. I noticed that too. xD. One would think people would put more work in angelogy than demonology. xD. There's a wee bit more to go, but I'm almost finished. The reason it's so extensive is because I mean to use the world more than once. :D. I guess people would appreciate a shorter version too. xD.
  17. 3.1 Magic System

    The magic system for Dwindling Glory is pretty elaborate. xD. It's also extremely limited in regards to the people who can actually wield it because breeding between bloodlines dilutes an already extremely weak magical talent. Anyway, good news, I have finished typing up the "Other Creatures" part of the OOC, but I still have to code it. Anyway, after that, a little bit of lore and then I will create the condensed OOC for the first of the Dwindling Glory group RPs and we can start. ;).
  18. Woohoo! Yes, the magic system is pretty elaborate o_o Woah.

    Excited to see the creatures section and the lore. Ok, as I've said before I'm just plain excited. I don't mean to be too much of a keener or anything but... 9_9

    This looks so cool...