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  1. OOC IS UP! Dwindling Glory - The Holy City OOC

    So, hi there, and I am back with a new RP, at least to fill in the gap until I finish development on Lux Tenebris, but keep on reading, it only gets better.

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    What has gotten into you? Get up! Please! We can't afford to rest right now!

    I don't want to die!

    I fucking know the ground is hot and the sun is unbearable, but please, it isn't much further! We need to get to Jerusalem. No! We don't have water we can spare. We'll find a well somehow. Can you not hear the gunshots? They're coming closer!

    You can't go back. We can't go back! The town is destroyed. Your house has probably been blown down. Your family is most likely dead. Don't you at least want to avenge them? What good would you do dead?!

    Please. Just please. Don't give up yet. There's food and shelter and water at the Holy City. We need only to believe that whoever is out there will help us.


    I don't know that.

    But it's all we have...

    This story takes place in war-torn Israel in the year 2032. Four years ago at his coronation, Pope Ignatius, the new pontiff of the Catholic Church called for a crusade against all non-Christians and like all the crusades that came before this one, their primary objective was to recapture the holy city of Jerusalem. They still haven't taken it, but they are close and their forces are only getting stronger with each passing year. The soldiers are getting more ferocious, more monstrous too.

    Only a few months ago they had begun shooting anyone who even remotely looked Muslim on sight without discrimination. Entire streets have been littered with bodies peppered by gunshot wounds. Men, women and yes, even children, have been killed all for being born on the wrong side of the world. You have managed to escape. Whatever your background was, whatever you once were doesn't matter anymore. You're on the run.

    You, that is, and a small ragtag group of individuals struggling to find a safe place, to survive in the unforgiving, arid landscape. Rumor has it that Jerusalem is a safe haven, at least for now. Other bands of people that you've met at a cautious distance have said the same thing. Again and again you've heard it, "They say there's water, food and shelter at the Holy City."

    What other choice do you have but to brave the war-torn expanse that lies between you and supposed safety? Even the risk is worth taking.

    Either you get to the city and live, or you fall prey to the religious zealots waiting at every corner.

    But will you find rest at Jerusalem or will you find something else entirely?
  2. This sounds very interesting. Can we throw a preachy atheist or two in there?
  3. [MENTION=3677]Psychedelic[/MENTION]: Of course! I'm an atheist myself and I'd love to see it play out. They are hunting down any non-Christian after all... Once the OOC is up you'll have a better feel for the world, but if you want to do advanced reading, I'd suggest visiting my Iwaku Blog and looking at the Dwindling Glory category.

    P.S. I can only imagine the look on that atheist's face when he finds out that God does exist in the world of Dwindling Glory...
  4. I was intrigued by the concept of the last iteration of this one, so if I've got the time I might well get in on this.

    Kudos on an interesting idea for an RP.
  5. YAY Grumpy! And thanks!

    I'm looking for about three or so more people to show interest and then I'll put up the OOC for it.
  6. Interested! Ideas are forming, so I might poke you on Skype in a bit! <3
  7. Now, I'm usually leery of modern fantasy, but...this idea is lovely, and I apologize for not posting my interest sooner.

    ...and further apologize if I'm necro-ing a thread. >.>"
  8. Sounds good. I may join.
  9. [MENTION=4141]Romdeaux[/MENTION], [MENTION=3992]Funyaripa[/MENTION], [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION], [MENTION=253]Nino Cottontail[/MENTION], can you guys do me a favor and post in the OOC if you're still interested?
  10. I am still interested! I shall stop being a hermit and finally be online as well... <3