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    What has gotten into you? Get up! Please! We can't afford to rest right now!

    I don't want to die!

    I fucking know the ground is hot and the sun is unbearable, but please, it isn't much further! We need to get to Jerusalem. No! We don't have water we can spare. We'll find a well somehow. Can you not hear the gunshots? They're coming closer!

    You can't go back. We can't go back! The town is destroyed. Your house has probably been blown down. Your family is most likely dead. Don't you at least want to avenge them? What good would you do dead?!

    Please. Just please. Don't give up yet. There's food and shelter and water at the Holy City. We need only to believe that whoever is out there will help us.


    I don't know that.

    But it's all we have...

    <h2 style="color:#DA4300;">April 13th, 2028</h2>
    The throng was restless. The last time the vote had been cast, the smoke had still been black. Thousands upon thousands had gathered in the square, staring intently at the chimney despite the dark of night. It wasn't a new sight. The same was true the day before and the day before that. For seven days, the College of Cardinals had failed to elect a new pontiff. For seven days more, the whole world held its breath, praying intently to a god whom they did not know cared not a bit about their petty supplications. The many hundreds that gathered with rosaries, novenas, flickering candles and all sorts of religious paraphernalia all prayed that the Catholic Church would not remain without a head for another day longer.

    The square was lit as best as it could be, but the architecture did not really allow for much lighting. At its heart, the red granite obelisk crowned with the symbol of the church, of the passion of the Christ, was illuminated by flickering candlelight from the congregation that watched ever so vigilantly for the white smoke that signified that again there was an embodiment of Christ on the earth and the occasional flash from the multitude of cameras that snapped pictures of the historical event.

    "-- We are broadcasting live from St. Peter's Square which is filled to the brim with people waiting with held breath for the next counting of the ballot. We are standing near the colonnade so we do not have the best view of the smokestack but we will do our best to send you a real-time image of the chimney in the Sistine Chapel."

    "Once again, Peter, if we see black smoke again, this means that the College of Cardinals has yet again failed to choose a new pope. However, if we see white smoke, this means that the Catholic Church again has a pope and we will have a leader in matters of faith. For the past seven days, the conclave hasn't been able to--" The ecstasy in the air was palpable as a wave of applause, jubilation and cheering rippled through the crowd. "It has happened Peter, the Catholic Church now has a new pope and I could not be happier! It's amazing, the noise is just deafening."

    And, truth be told, the noise was indeed truly deafening. It began from a lone singer, singing the Gloria but it was quick to be picked up by the rest of the crowd. Everyone be it man or woman or child, young or old, high-pitched or low-pitched, English, French, Italian or whatever language one could think of, sang the hymn of praise. It was a spectacle to behold. Humanity coming together to herald the rise of a new pontiff.

    To herald the beginning of the war to come.

    <h2 style="color:#DA4300;">Easter Sunday, April 16th, 2030</h2>
    "The new Pontiff, Pope Ignatius has just been crowned with the triregnum, the papal crown and is about to deliver his first Papal Address" The cameras all swiveled away from the field reporter to the newly elected pope.

    "Urbi et Orbi, fratres in fide, liberi Dei Omnipotentis."

    "To the city of Rome and to the world, my brothers and sisters in the faith, children of God Almighty."

    "The time is ripe for a reckoning. For far too long, our faith has been under attack. For far too long we, the Children of the Lord God have quailed before those who want to see us gone but we have grown stronger. We now vastly outnumber them and we have the Lord on our side. My children, with the Father, we are powerful."

    "Our enemies will tremble when they hear our voices rise with the voice of the One! They will flee when we storm them with His hand guiding us!" The response was uproarious. "With their false gods they dared to declare holy wars upon us. Jihads, they called them. They killed thousands over the years with their fires, their bombs, their guns, but theirs is not true fire!"

    "Let us rain fire and brimstone on them and raze their cities to the ground! We are the instruments of God's justice. We are the instruments of his wrath! Let us bring down his sword of sacred, just fire on them and purge this world of their evil!"

    "Perhaps it is time we bring the war to them. Leaders of the world. I implore you. For the love you bear the Lord and the Faith, take up arms and help us wipe the devil from the land that was given to us by the Almighty! Let the Church once again take up arm against those that would do evil. Faithful brothers I call on you to lay down your lives in the service of the Church. I call on you for a crusade against the blasphemers of the East!"

    "All who pay the ultimate price for this war will not do it in vain. There is a place at the table of the Lord for you --"

    <h3 style="color:#dfca40;">Available character races:</h3>

    Angels - Heaven's lowest choir. They are the ones that do the "dirty" work and actually go down into the mortal plane to carry out orders.

    Fallen - Hell's lowest legions. They are the weakest, so they are the only ones that can, for now, bypass the seal on the Gate. It takes a lot of energy to send one to Earth though, so there are few of them and only the weaker ones are playable.

    Vampires - You're either a True Feeder(a vampire that is not allergic to sunlight, can be killed conventionally and can only turn another person through true love) or a Spiteful(damned souls from hell who are the more well-known vampires who can only be killed by long exposure to the sun and a stake through the chest. Also, their bite cannot turn people).

    Were-Creatures - Shape-changing creatures that can take the form of a large predator or a sort of in-between state between human and creature. Morphing is triggered by a sigil that draws on an adrenaline rush caused by seeing good humans in danger. They have a very protective natural instinct.

    Lycans - Shape-changing creatures during the full moon, these humans are often unaware of their actions during full moons and are very susceptible to instruction from angels at this time. They are normally not allergic to silver, but on the full moon, the sigil responsible for their shape-changing reacts violently with silver and can kill them. If they ever fully lose contact with moonlight on the full moon, they will revert to human form in 13 minutes.

    Drakkan - Cousins of the were-creatures, they have no natural instinct to protect humans. However, being near angels faithful to YHWH angers them and triggers the ability to change into fire-breathing dragons. They were specifically engineered to be able to repel angelic beings.

    *NOTE: Humans are a playable race!

    <h3 style="color:#dfca40;">Setting:</h3>

    This story takes place in war-torn Israel in the year 2032. Four years ago at his coronation, Pope Ignatius, the new pontiff of the Catholic Church called for a crusade against all non-Christians and like all the crusades that came before this one, their primary objective was to recapture the holy city of Jerusalem. They still haven't taken it, but they are close and their forces are only getting stronger with each passing year. The soldiers are getting more ferocious, more monstrous too.

    Only a few months ago they had begun shooting anyone who even remotely looked Muslim on sight without discrimination. Entire streets have been littered with bodies peppered by gunshot wounds. Men, women and yes, even children, have been killed all for being born on the wrong side of the world. You have managed to escape. Whatever your background was, whatever you once were doesn't matter anymore. You're on the run.

    You, that is, and a small ragtag group of individuals struggling to find a safe place, to survive in the unforgiving, arid landscape. Rumor has it that Jerusalem is a safe haven, at least for now. Other bands of people that you've met at a cautious distance have said the same thing. Again and again you've heard it, "They say there's water, food and shelter at the Holy City."

    What other choice do you have but to brave the war-torn expanse that lies between you and supposed safety? Even the risk is worth taking.

    Either you get to the city and live, or you fall prey to the religious zealots waiting at every corner.

    But will you find rest at Jerusalem or will you find something else entirely?

    To read more information on the whole thing, you'll have to go and read up on the extensive OOC that I have on my blog. I cannot condense the magic system and if I put it here, it would take up the entire OOC post. So if you would be so kind as to visit Magic System

    Remember, not everyone can be a mage.

    Extensive OOC Table of Contents (open)

    I. Setting
    II. Hell
    III. Heaven
    IV. Additional Information

    Character Sheets (open)

    Nationality(do not fill in if either Angel or Fallen):
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  3. I'll be doing this, I'll get my character sheet up hopefully within the next 2-3 days (maximum) :)
  4. Name: Markus De'Seblanc
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Nationality: French in citizenship, though his mother was russian before she became a french citizen.
    Personality: While quite distant at times, Markus has a genuine care for his allies; he doesn't talk very much, usually only when he needs to give out instructions or when someone else talks to him. Having past military experience, he tends to take the lead in survival or combat situations.
    Appearance: Markus stands tall a 6'1", and medium-length hair which is a dark grey in appearance. Having served a tour in the military as a peacekeeper from france he has the body type of a well conditioned soldier.
    History: Growing up in a time when religion and faith was weak, Markus held no value on it. His parents were both military brats who met after his mothers enrollment into logistics, so he took after them as soon as he graduated from High-school, signing up in the french army and beginning his basic. After his training, he was sent off on tour for the UN as a peacekeeper in Egypt to help stabilize the region after another rebellion.

    It was only a few months after his return that Ignatius made his papal address, and the world went to shit. First thing was Italy, who joined into the movement and began working along with the Vatican, then was Mexico in the west, followed by certain areas in the mid-western US and southern Canada. All around rebellions and riots were starting up, some violent, some political, but in the end it all came down to war. Everything from there on out was complex, some governments supporting the movement because the 'majority' wanted them too, others following under threat of war. When it all came to France, Markus was already on the move to Israel, though the airliners were almost all closed down, he was still able to catch a plane to Egypt. He used his previous knowledge of the country to arm himself and secure supplies that he hoped would get him to Israel.

    Additional: Markus' picture ; The Galil ACE that he is so proud of ;His Maadi 920 Beretta sidearm.
  5. Name:
    Kahi Nmettae



    Were-Creature [Lioness]

    Nationality(do not fill in if either Angel or Fallen):

    Kahi is calm and collected, she is as fierce and as proud as the lioness in which she transforms into. She cares for others and tries to help them when needed, she is kind and gentle, but ready to strike at a moments notice.


    Kahi was a simple girl. She practiced the old ways of magic that her mother and grandmother had taught her when she was a young girl. She had recently turned 15 , Ignatius had proclaimed a crusade on anyone not of Christian and Catholic faith. She was of Wicca faith, and so with a small collection of things, Kahi fled her home city of Cairo, Egypt and met up with a group of travelers to the holy city of Jerusalem.

    Kahi worships the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet.
  6. this still open?
  7. Name: Eric Burns
    Age: 25

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Nationality: British
    Personality: Stubborn, outgoing and an all-around hot head he acts first before thinking and deals with the consequences later.
    Appearance: Roughly 5' 10 well-muscled and dark skinned for years of training has a scar that runs across his right temple from a brawl he gotten into one night while at a local pub. Keeps his hair short trimmed and has slight stubble.
    History: Eric grew up idolizing the British military and longed to be a member of the SAS, he spent his entire life training and conditioning himself to become a member but when the time came for him to enroll he failed due to his over bearing personality. Angry that he'd been rejected Eric started work as a mercenary for various PMC companies; he did two tours in the Middle East before finally retiring in the United States. When the pope declared his crusade on Jerusalem he immediately fled to the Middle East due to his religious preferences.
    Additional: When he retired Eric was able to sneak out a few toys from his mercenary work, he has one .45 M1911, and a Full Auto MK5. He only has a few mags left though and has to conserve his ammo.
  8. This is still open indeed! Everyone's accepted so far.
  9. Name: Cassidy de Enwood
    Age: 24
    Gender: male
    Race: human
    Nationality: Dutch
    Personality: Outwardly he shows compassion and empathy for the now persecuted secular. Though physically off turning his "love of people" helped to bring about his wide range of contacts within the city. Inwardly he is insecure of himself except in few respects where he acts stalwart.

    Appearance: A very tall slender man with facial scars from a past not readily recounted.

    History: Cassidy grew up in a loving home for orphans having lost his parents in a hit and run accident. After leaving the orphanage he went to university to become a doctor but fell from favor and left university before finishing. He had begun to volunteer at a church near his loft. The elderly woman that rented the loft to him died and left the house to Cassidy.

    Additional: Cassidy owns a rather large apartment home in Acre, a town some distance from Jerusalem on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. He knows people on all sides of the fight.
  10. Name: Duke Armand ‘El De Saecul’ ‘the ageless one’

    Age: 596

    Gender: Male

    Race: Vampire (Spiteful)

    Nationality: Spaniard

    Personality: cold and collective. He Gives off an aura of terrible Conviction

    Appearance: Long dark brown hair and A deep beetle green Coat with a high overturned collar guard A strong seven feet of impressive spanish nobleman. Armand Towers above most mortals and his large carpenter thick hands are gloved with tough Leather and Steel gauntlets with ethereal etchings. He carries himself tall and nobly. Black leather slacks and leather buckled biker boots adorn his strong legs, a thick ring of belts sits at his toned waist over a long-vest. He wear a simple button up shirt beneath it. (picture soon)

    History: Born in 1454, Armand Bore witness to the aftermath of Crusades and Mankinds elegant prowess for battle. Raised as a greater Noble until the day he Lost a duel to a Demon infested streetrat, Armand lay dying beneath the creature he once called friend, their blood mixing within him as he became a vampire. once hell belched him back into our world, and Outcast by his church and family, he sought retribution, and has never truly found it. Instead he became a crusader of his own right, fighting in the shadows for what he believed. He is still a true nobleman on the inside, but his fight against his internal darkness is ever-present. He has found himself with many enemies over the decades, many business ventures and a massive bank acount…. None of wich can help him now. On a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, without guards, allies, or funds. He has but himself to rely on inbetween a rock and a hard place. He will try to keep his vampirism a secret for as long as possible. He knows he s a hunted being, ABut so far, he's slain every enemy in his way... can he continue living in the shadows like this?

    Additional: Fallen magick “Twas made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The dead do not suffer the living to pass.” . During his time in the Levels of Hell, Armand stole a powerful sigil From an archdemons lair. That demon still hunts for him and the sigils, which Armand has been utilizing

    "Malleus Anjell" A five layered Sigil etched deeply into his right gauntlet Is activated by uttering the 'angels hammer' A spell that imbues his hand with the strength to pierce flesh and crush bone. He has yet to decipher the rest of the glyph to create the earthshattering ninth layer of the sigil, the true Hammer meant to crush angels, and thus why they want it back. He may never decipher the rest, or his body be able to handle more than the fifth layer creation he has mocked up.

    "Carpe Noctem" A simple redundant four layer sigil dawns his left gauntlet and is activated by uttering 'sieze the night' The gauntlet shifts into a pitch black eratic aura and allows Armand passage through the shadows.
  11. [MENTION=2569]jad1942[/MENTION]: Does he have a house in Jerusalem? If so, then this will prove problematic because I do not want to reveal anything about the state of the city before the majority of the party gets there.
    [MENTION=525]Desaecula[/MENTION]: Spiteful cannot turn humans into Spiteful. Spiteful are basically vengeful spirits from Hell reanimated by Fallen magic. A Spiteful will ALWAYS have spent some time in Hell. Second, Pact magic is only between a human and a Celestial being. Third, unless Armand has a codex somewhere that translates the symbol that he draws in the fallen human's blood into an actual, proper sigil of either the Sigillum Lapsis or Sigillum Angelicus systems, then that magic won't work. Fourth, there is no way to "absorb" someone's "existence." In this world, he would probably just be sealing their soul within himself.

    Finally, is Armand going to be in Jerusalem itself? I am asking for the very same reason I asked Jad1942.
  12. I'm totally willing to move the house, perhaps a small villa. I trust that you have great potentiel for where the story is going to go. Where would the house best fit in your idea?
  13. In a small town some ways away from Jerusalem, towards the Mediterranean.
  14. how many people are we still waiting to male a character
  15. Well... there's me. xD.
  16. I'm still working on my character too. Sorry it's taking so long!
  17. I will rework the neccesary changes emmediately, And he is IN jerusalem on business, my idea was to have him trapped there when the rest of the emmediate plot forms.
  18. Well, in any case, I have no intentions of revealing anything about the state of things in Jerusalem until the majority of the group reaches the city.

    I'll try and get a sheet up within the weekend, but I've been really busy so I can't make any promises.
  19. is this rp still active?