Dwarf Fortress!

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  1. So Vay and I are starting a Dwarf Fortress Succession Game.

    Turns will be one in-game year, capped at one week - meaning if you go a week, and haven't finished your year, send what you have.

    We'll be using Dwarf Fortress version 0.34.07, with the Phoebus Graphics Pack. (Both, plus some useful utilities, are available as part of the Lazy Newb's Pack.) Inexperienced players, or players not used to the 0.34.XX series builds, are advised to play with the wiki open.

    The current lineup of rulers (in order) is:


    If you're interested, regardless of experience level, speak up and we'll add you to the lineup.
    If you DO NOT want to play, but want to be dorfed (have a dwarf named for you), speak up as well.

    Named Dwarves:
    None Yet (We haven't even set out!)

    Strike the earth!