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  1. Please Read These Points Carefully Before Requesting To Role Play:

    :oreo: I have a hectic schedule so it may take a few days, to a couple of weeks, or even a month to get back to a role play.
    When I come to my dorm I just want to be a lazy derp, so please be patient with me, I am not ignoring you.

    :oreo: I am a literate/Advanced role player, but I do not expect you to be on my level of experience. If you are descriptive and give
    me enough detail to work with then we are fine. I post from 2+ paragraphs and I am not a Nazi for grammar.

    :oreo: I do not do canon. I prefer original plots and characters.

    :oreo: Real people pictures/character profiles make me feel awkward, it doesn't have to be "anime" but nothing too realistic. You do not need
    pictures as long you provide a descriptive (not long) of who it is you will be playing as.

    :oreo: I can play both Dominate & Submissive. For Yaoi plots, I adore the pairing Seme x Seme, but I can do the traditional way as well.

    :oreo: Smut is lovely, but I do like a good story, not porn. 50% plot and 50% smut seems fair enough.

    :oreo: Please share with me your kinks, will do/do not, and any other preferences. I like for my partners to feel comfortable
    when role playing and I am the same way; I will not force you to do anything you do not fancy.

    :oreo: No God-modding.

    :oreo: I love to talk, so shoot me a PM anytime if you have concerns or questions, or maybe you just want to talk to me about
    how shitty your day was. Communication is key for a good role play.

    Flores :rose:

    {Send me a PM or post here if a plot catches your attention - PM is highly recommended for a quicker response}
  2. Yaoi Plots


    Of Monsters To Men -taken
    Modern/Horror | Psychological | Torture/Pseudo Rape | Possible Romance

    Lately, a man has been having these unspeakably disturbing nightmares of torturing a man. These are becoming frequent nightmares
    and this man has no idea why this is happening. Refusing to seek help, in fear of being labeled as crazy he attempts to
    try and solve this himself. Making himself stay awake or trying to dream of something to distract the disturbing do not seem to be working.
    The man gets to that point of giving up and accepting the nightmares, but by doing so he begins to enjoy and become obsessed with the
    reoccurring nightmares. He begins to find pleasure in tormenting this man and he figures this nothing but a nightmare, it's not real.
    That is until he sees the innocent man from his nightmares in reality. That seems to be even better.

    Say, 'I Love You' -taken
    Modern | Romance/Drama | Drug Abuse | Abandonment | Angst

    A teen boy ran away from his prestigious, but neglecting parents to start his own life in the city. Two years after running away,
    he has not made good decisions. Staying in the bad part of the city, he is introduced to drugs as he finds them his escape
    from his internal pain. He sleeps around to get drugs and money as this is the life he chose for himself. Although, when he crosses paths
    with a college student, whom just moved from the suburbans, the two can't help but be smitten by one another. Despite the boy trying not
    to fall for the other, said man won't accept him to leave his side. Thus, he is determined to help put the damaged boy's life
    back together. This is about their relationship and the boy's road to recovery and love.

    Modern | Comedy | Slight Angst | Romance | Affair | Explicit Sex

    A workaholic is overwhelmed with hectic hours at work and fiance who constantly nags on what needs to be done
    for their wedding in a few months. A few co-workers suggest he relax and accompany them to a strip club. He willingly accepts, but
    to his surprise, all he sees all men. One stripper in particular takes a fancy to the bewildered workaholic, but to much refusal
    he ends up getting drunk off his ass and in bed with the stripper. He is quick to decide to consider it a mistake and never meet that
    stripper again, but it was the best damn sex he's had in awhile. The stripper is persistent though, and concludes that this will be a secret between the two
    of them. Although the other knows of the man's fiance, he can't help but feel attracted to him and wants him all to himself, but will the guilt eat him alive?
    Or will the man get his priorities straight and end the affair before things get too serious?

    Curiosity Killed The Incubus
    Modern/Fantasy | Comedy | Romance | Explicit/Dirty Sex

    An incubus afraid of sex is just uncalled for, and when the strange incubus is somewhat forced to go into the human world to find
    a capable mate , he can't help but feel lost. Even though he is eager to get this over with and be able to go back home without being mock, he can't
    get comfortable with the idea of sleeping with someone else. When he notices someone he believes is suitable, he immediately approaches said victim. However, when getting in bed with other man, he gets the surprise that this man isn't interested in being pinned down. The poor creature is too afraid to give up his virginity
    to a man with a terrible attitude, but he does stick around him in hopes of getting comfortable with having sex with him. Evidently, there isn't a rule for not touching and being curious.
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  3. Hmm I like the "Say I Love You" one =)
  4. Yuri Plots


    Summertime Sadness -taken
    Modern | Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Possible Romance | Slight Drug Abuse

    They have been friends for whom knows how long, and they share a bond that is stronger
    than steel. Evidently, one friend watches her friend's life start to spiral out of control.
    Her words do not reach her friend and maybe it is best to just let her be, but good friend watches
    their best friend slowly kill herself? When her best friend comes to her house with her mascara
    running down her cheeks and a heavy smell of cigarettes on her, she concludes that she has
    to be the one to save her friend. That night however, became a mistake and sleeping
    with her friend was not on her list of trying to help her friend out, but strangely she doesn't feel
    strange for sleeping with her. Neither does her friend as her new drug is sleeping with her friend to
    numb the pain down. Is this the only way to save her best friend's outrageous behavior? Or could this severe a good friendship?

    There's Only Room For One Top Model
    Modern | Sexual Harassment | Potential Romance | Humor

    The modeling world has never been too easy and one new model learns that
    the hard way. She has the perfect look and figure to becoming a petite
    model: small waist, tall, and small breast. One model grows upset
    upon hearing that the new girl was able to get the spot that she wanted. Even
    though the problem lies on the size her breast and her hips she takes it
    upon herself to make that girl her enemy. One way to get her off the set is to break her.
    Touching and sexually attacking this woman seems effective, but one detail
    she missed was that problem of her feelings of jealousy and hatred could
    turn into lust and love.

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  5. I'd be willing to do "Of Monsters To Men" or "Curiosity Killed The Incubus"
  6. { :oreo: Can take two more plots before I close for the new year~}

    Flores :rose:
  7. Wanne do the RWBY one with me?
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