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  1. I have watched the series RWBY (pronounced Ruby) and thought that it would actually make a great roleplay.

    Since i don't wanna wait for the next episodes all the time though, i wanna bring in my own elements while working within the show's abilities. What that means?
    I'll be adding new enemies to fight, more time for social interaction within a mission or while they have free time, and give the group specific goals so that they have something to work on.

    Let me explain a bit about the rp. It plays in a post modern timeline, so there are airships, better data technology and even some powerful weapons, but lasers and space ships are not in this world because this would go a bit too far into the sci-fi area. Anyway. Magic is implemented in the world as well in two forms.

    The first form would be usable by humans themselves. A power called 'Aura'. You can compare it to 'chi' or 'ki' if you want. It allows your character to manifest raw energy and create forcefields, impulses and even boost his/her bodies physical abilities.

    The second form would be a source of energy called 'Dust'. Dust comes in two forms and many colors.
    The crystal form of Dust is stable and can be used with a lot control, similar to explosives. It can be also cut to make explosive bullets with the properties of the dust.
    It can also be a powder (as you may have guessed from the term 'Dust'). It is more destructive as it's other form, but since even a sneeze can make it blow up, it needs to be handled with care.

    However. You can of course use more than just Dust and Aura to defend yourself. I am speaking of weapons of course. You can of course go with the good old sword which has a fancy guard and fine blade, but how about you think outside of the box? Go for more.
    A Scythe with a build in rifle in it's rod, A hammer which turns into a grenade launcher, gauntlets that use ammunition with every punch to cause extra force and launch enemies flying through the air, and even more. You can use the good old weapons of course, but if you want something more special, let me know.

    Now for the goals of the rp.
    The group will be made of 3-5 people who will form a team of students. They will fight and learn to become hunters/huntresses who's main objective is to fight monsters to keep the world safe. To do this, they will be given a test, and after passing it and being accepted into the Academy that will train you from then on, there will of cause be several quests. There will be times where you have to fight enemies that seem to be out of your league, but there is always at least one way to win. All you gotta do is use your head instead of raw force when it comes to 'boss battles'.

    Now then. Any Questions?
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  2. one: Where do I sign up? Another great RP from Master Nova, as expected!
  3. Looks like i forgot the most important thing. The link to the sign up.
    Thanks for reminding me.
  4. Thanks, Master! :D