Durarara!! Group Roleplay

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  1. Okay so I finished DRR the other day and I now want a roleplay of it. I'll only be including stuff from the anime, the manga and light novel are foreign to me. I don't have many ideas but, I know I want to try my hand at writing as Izaya. It could include both OCs and Cannons. If anyone is interested in planning with me post ~
  2. I may possibly join if more people sign up for it. Would this be yaoi-oriented or a free-for-all kind of deal? I think I'd like to be either Mikodo or Anri (if it's not yaoi).
  3. No it's not Yaoi orientated . So if you want Anri you can have her.
  4. I wouldn't mind playing an OC who closely relates to Shizuo :Y...

    Not sure if I should make it a kid or what but I had some sort of idea. I'll PM you it I dunno 8D
  5. My PMs are always open c:
    Though I would like someone to help me plot a bit.
    If anyone is up for that.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.