Duchess crawling from the depths of Dream Land~

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  1. Yeah so basically I'm the duchess of Dream Land and I'm here to give you all good night's dreams. Or then not. Basically I'm here to get to know new people and like probably all the others as well, I'm here to search for rp partners.

    I've been roleplaying and writing stories for the past 8 years (if I remember it correctly) now and I like descriptive roleplays. I'm often available and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to rps. Read my roleplay-resume if you dare~ You'll get much more detailed information about me as a player from there :)

    Please take care of me and it's nice to get to know you all who I'm going to get to know here. Just had to say that in advance. Does that even make sence because I'm obviously going to say that to you again when I get to know you. Ahahaha, pretty messed up now, isn't it....

    Alrighty then~ See you on the forum people! :)
  2. Well hello there, Duchess! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. Hello Diana, and thanks for welcoming me! Feeling happy now :D
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Duchess!

    I hope you find what you are looking for here.

    I'm very friendly and love to RP. I've been on a bit of a hiatus here, but I'm back and wouldn't mind roleplaying with you if you are interested at some point. I'm equally flexible in just about anything!

    Welcome welcome welcome!
  5. Hey Chugs, and thank you for the welcome!

    Hmmh, I'd like to take that "invitation" of yours and intertwine myself into making a plot with you at some point. Oh and I've been on hiatus from the whole forum-rp for a while now so I might be a bit rusty but I'll try my very best.

    Thank you times three! ^^
  6. Hmmm after reading your mature profile, I can only assume that we would get along quite well. If you happen to read mine, take it with a grain of salt as it hasn't been updated in awhile. Besides I suppose I prefer to show you what I am interested in and what I'm like as opposed to telling you. Or that could just be my lazy side talking =}
  7. Yeah read it and seems like we'll get along pretty well on that section. Looks like we've got to intertwine ourselves into the plot making soon already, haha. And don't worry, I would have been just as lazy if I hadn't been bored as **** when I started to write it. Had to make it wide so that it would kill my time (;
  8. From the looks of it, there are only two members active at this moment. I dare ask, is this how it is all of the time? I've come across many blank and empty roleplay threads as I searched throughout them.

    Other than that, welcome to the site, Duchess.
  9. Huh, two members? If you mean the number of members online it is 111 currently. And how would I know on the other hand. I just joined today, haha.

    Thank you very much Sebastian ^^
  10. Duchess: I agree completely. And yes, I'm sure when I'm bored I'll get to updating it...hopefully =}

    Sebastian: Although I've been on a hiatus, when I was active before, there were times where members were more active. Although members may be online, they may not be "active", but I assure you they are there. It could just be a bad time for them.
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  11. That is what I assumed. Although members are often online, being active is another story entirely. I thank you for your moderately quick response.