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  1. Hello, I'm looking for someone willing to create a map of a the world I'm trying to create. This is along with a banner for the roleplay itself, you can do one or both, I don't really mind!
  2. I'd be willing to make the RP banner for you, but I've never created a world map so I can't do that one. >.>
  3. All right! I'm okay with that. So here's what I'm going for.

    1. This is a fantasy roleplay, so any font for the words that looks "Fantastic" is good.
    2. The premise is that an Ancient evil is rising [or rather, has already risen] So I would like something like a split screen between a nice looking city and a Volcanic wasteland.
    3. The words I'd like are "The Second Coming" and maybe something relating to the rp, we can discuss this more.
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  4. Do you have any images or pngs or whatever resource you want me to use on the banner, or should I look on my own? Specific color scheme you want used? Dark? Light? Pastel colors? A bit in the middle? Do you also want me to add a subtitle or quote underneath the title?
  5. I think the best option is a mix, with darker the "Evil" side and Lighter colors on the "Good" side.
    I don't really have any specific photos required.
    As for a subtitle, I can't personally think of anything, but if you come up with something you feel is good, feel free to throw it in there.

    [Also, I won't be back on for a while, probably not till tomorrow, so I may not respond.]
  6. I can take a shot at the map for you, if you're still looking.
  7. I am
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