Drowning Sorrow Angel x Fallen Angel Rp

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    Looks like this but has black wings^
    Name: Daemon
  2. [Pretty :3 now how should we go about with this? Like how they meet? You wanna start? Lol]
  3. " Are you sure this is the place your looking for?" The older gentleman asked the young girl, looking closely at the paper with a hand written address on it.

    " Yes Sir," Ava answered and smiled politely, shifting her weight from the heel of her foot to her toes and then back again.. Everyone she had asked so far had the same response to the address. That was weird.
    The older man cleared his throat," I'm afraid I can't help you," He sad, shaking his head and handing the paper back to her.

    " Thank you anyways," Ava called after the man, as he seemed to rush away from her now. That seemed rather normal for this human city though. Everyone seemed to be in a rush, like they had no time for anything. No one was stopping to looking at the evening sunset, even though it was kinda hard to see from all the smoke that came from the vehicles. Nonetheless, taking a moment to look at it wouldn't hurt anything. No one stopped to ask one another how there day was. Heck, no one even made eye contact with another human being. They were in a rush, what time did they have for there fellow humans?

    " I guess I'll ask someone else," Ava muttered to herself with a sigh, starting down the sidewalk again. Her eyes glanced over every building, but none of them seemed to be what she was looking for. She looked back down at the paper, jumping slightly when the lights to the building started to turn on. It was starting to get dark now after all. She smiled as she watched the different lights blink and spin. Amazed by all the colors.

    " Excuse me, Miss. Do you think you could help me find this Inn?" Ava asked a women, waiting for the light to change so she could walk. The lady looked at the paper and then looked at Ava. She looked like such a sweet girl, what business would she have at that place?

    " Yeah, It's two streets over and to the right. You'll see the sign," The lady answered.

    " Thank you so much!" Ava said, running across the street, causing a few people to honk there horns at her. She was sent to earth to help the humans that were on it. Even an angel couldn't make on this planet with out someplace to rest though. She was told that she would be expected to help out around this inn as well. Which she was very excited about. What better way to understand the humans then by helping them in a location that they could sleep and eat in?

    She slowed her pace once she was two streets over and started to look for the sign. The woman was right, it was a sign that no one could miss. There was a line waiting outside the building, even though it looked like the lower level of the building wasn't open yet. Ava made her way to the front of the line, only to be stopped by a big man standing by the door.

    " What do you think you're doing?" He growled, glaring down at her.

    " Going inside, I'm suppose to be the new help," Ava answered, not understanding why he seemed so angry.

    The man gave a deep little chuckle," Sure you are. Get lost you little runt."

    Ava crossed her arms and pouting for a moment." Whats that?" She asked, pointing to a name tag on his shirt. The guard looked down, and once he did, Ava wasted no time to jump up and hit him. With just one punch, she manged to bring the big guy down.

    " I'm sorry about that, but I need to get in ," She said, as she set his body down to the side. The rest of the line just staring in disbelief. Ava smiled sweetly at them and then entered the building, not sure on what to expect.

    " Is there anyone by the name Daemon here?"
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  5. Deamon looked up from the counter and smiled "yes ? Daemon at your service." He said and walked over having another employee go over to the counter to fill in for him.

    [its fine :) sry for the short reply, they'll get a lot better once the rp gets going]
  6. Ava smiled back at him," I'm your new help," she said in a matter of fact tone. " I'm Ava," she added. " oh! Also, you might want to make sure the big guy out there is alright." She said with a chuckle.
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  7. "K cool, and seriously? What did he do this time??" He asked walking out. That man was always getting hurt
  8. Ava followed the man out the door, the line stopping and staring at her when they did. Terror upon all of there faces. " I may or may not have had something to do with this," She stated with a shrug and a nervous chuckle.
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