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  1. “Nonchalant.”
    “Somewhat cynical.”
    “Passive Aggressive.”

    Things people have described me in the past.

    I’m known to have an unorthodox approach to roleplaying. My journeys have brought me here

    I’m into Alot of things. If you have a question ask. I don't bite much
  2. Eyy! Welcome to Iwaku! We're into a lot of things as well, so I'm pretty sure you're gonna find your type of RP here!
  3. Hi there Dros! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. I usually stay in the Sci-fi/Fantasy realm but I'm interested in trying newer things as well
  5. After looking around this site for a few hours I can officially say i'm lost now.
  6. Don't worry, that's how practically everyone feels for the first while. Then, as you meet more people, it becomes easier to figure out what you want to do, or vice versa. I personally agree with your choices of genre, and can hopefully provide some assistance if you feel in over your head. And I'm not too worried about the biting, as it tends to make things...Interesting, to say the least :3
  7. Assistance would be appreciated