Dröm: Land of Dreams

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  1. Welcome to Dröm, the ever-changing world of the dreams. Such a wonderful place it seems to be, a world constantly buzzing with life as its citizens toil away to create the dreams which appear in your head at night.

    However, every place has its horrors. The grime of this seemingly fantastical world may be clear to most of its residents, but still nothing has changed, as the leaders of Dröm willfully ignore the suffering of their citizens in favour of their own luxurious lives. The possibility of disappearing is a constant worry in the minds of most who reside here, not that their lives are often any good in the first place.

    Lately, things have been changing. The nightmares, the most dangerous members of this society, have been growing stronger, threatening to destroy the careful balance of this society. The rulers know one thing for certain: there is a traitor on their midsts.

    But which side is the right one?

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  2. Hm, this seems interesting! Can I join?
  3. @MadRabbit Yes, of course! You can just follow the link to the sign-up thread.
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