Driving Stories



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As many of you know, I'm only just beginning to get used to driving myself places and by this turn, I'm not very experienced with driving and I've been told a lot of stories about people who were learning to drive and I even have a few of my own. It made me wonder, what sort of stories do other people have?

When I was first learning, I was driving with my mother in the car, doing just barely the speed limit, and the light of an intersection turned red while I was beginning to go through. I panicked so much that I hit the breaks and stopped in the middle of the intersection for the red light xD; I will admit, this is partly due to the fact that driving scares me a little. I'm worried about doing something dumb and hurting someone else :|

things i learned outside of driver's ed:
minivans can make abrupt left/right turns at 50mph without rolling, although my mother wasn't very happy when it happened
minivans CAN do burnouts, very pathetically, but it can be done
a chrysler town and country has a 0-80mph distance of about 5 blocks, not that i did that of course >.> <.< >.> :D
your mother's minivan makes a perfectly legit drift vehicle
the afore-mentioned model minivan governs out at 125mph (computer shuts down the engine temporarily)
and finally, if you're into car audio, you can make the windows rattle if you blast the bass in the town and country
I've been driving for 14 years... still rather be the navigator!
First time I tried to drive, my niece yelled, "THERE'S A CAR COMING!" and I slammed on the brakes and almost sent everyone though the windshield. This was also the moment when it was discovered I had a lead foot.

Next time I drove, I nearly passed out at the wheel a few times. I remember I had to put gas in the car, so I staggered into store while trying to walk as normally as I could. I remember pulling out of the lot, then everything got dark, then when I came to I was out on the highway...Yeah, actually I don't remember much about that particular drive.

That was the first time I "REALLY" drove. Which is that I drove by myself.

Then the next time I "REALLY" drove was when I had to drive 6+ hours to a hospital in the middle of a vicious Montana winter on less than a few hours of sleep. I didn't really understand how Exits and things like that worked and had never driven through a city before. We got there alright though, more or less. I had to make the drive through the night & into the morning because I had no license and was trying to get through unnoticed.

Now I'm the main driver.
I haven't started driving yettt~~ but I'm afraid that I play video games so much that if I'm on the highway or the overpass, I'm going to be tempted to launch my car over the side and land safely 8D ROFL I won't do it of course, but I'd think of it and it'd make me nervous~ haha xD
I learned to drive between the age of 23 and 24. I'm 25 now. Cars scare the hell out of me. When I was 16 on the way to get my permit license my mother was driving us down to the DMV and we got broadsided by a car that ran a red light. So I put it off forever.

Than I went to Job Corp and they pretty much forced me into drivers ed. I did really well and got my license within a couple weeks of being it. It was pretty fun there. Than I come home and my first driving experience is with my mother in laws boyfriend in the car. I pull up to the edge of the drive way and look one way. Go to look the other way and he's getting impatient and is like, "Are you going to go or what?" So I go and pull right out in front of a minivan. Manage to throw it into reverse and pull back into the driveway in time. But yeah.

Since I've gotten my license i've driven a car maybe 12 times.