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  1. Name: T'ea Greyleaf
    Age: 100
    Sex: Female
    Race: Dark Elf
    Rank: Queen
    Hair: White
    Eyes: White
    Body: Slender, Athletic build but covered in scars.
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Personality: Can be very kind and caring to most people, she is very shy when it comes to Elrond or any other older Elves. She may be a Queen but in her eyes they out rank her and deserve respect. She is very angry and hateful towards her brother so her temper will show through and many times. However she will snap at you if you bother her about the same thing over and over again.

    Name: Sh'da Greyleaf
    Age: 80
    Sex: Female
    Race: Dark Elf
    Rank: Princess
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Brown
    Body: Slender, Athletic, a huge scar covering her left cheek.
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Personality: Very quiet and soft spoken, she will not bring up anything that bothers her unless its her sister. She is there to guard her sister with her life, she will do anything to keep her safe, even die for her. When around those who are higher ranked than her she will only speak when asked too and show great respect.
  2. It had been a weeks journey from near the mountains where the Queen and her Dark Elves lived, they had been betrayed by her oldest brother and most of then had been slaughtered. However T'ea and her younger sister Sh'da had some how managed to survive the slaughter with one solider who had taken a stab to his right shoulder which was festering now. He only hang on to protect and guard her Queen and her Sister. They had just made their way to the entrance of Rivendale T'ea was badly injured and lay on her horse her wounds wrapped tightly, her sister sat behind her holding her up. Once the solider had gotten off his horse he ran through the gates as Lord Elrond's men made their way to help the two females. The solider was followed and taken to Elrond.

    Than man fell to his knees panting as he tried to get his words out. "Lord...Elrond....Lady....T'ea...her parents....." he panted hard trying to calm down. "The whole palace is destroyed the king and queen dead. Ky'sen their heir slaughtered them with an army of orcs from the mountains. I don't know where he went but much evil in inside him, nothing I have ever felt before. Lady T'ea is badly injured and sick. Her sister await for you please....please help them.... " he said before he fell forward and lay dead on the floor. One of Elrond's guards touched the dead solider and shook his head. "He is dead my Lord, his wound has festered, I am surprised he lasted so long. Its a week journey to the Haven of the Dark Elves." spoke the guard as he bowed and stood up.

    Another elf stepped into the room a look of concern on his face. "Please come quick my Lord we got Lady T'ea laying down but she had been badly wounded. The wounds look tainted by evil, we are doing out best to save her. She keeps muttering something but I do not understand. I am not sure if you can tell what she is saying." the man said and lay Elrond to the other room where the girl lay her body shaking and trembling. Her blood clothes had been thrown to the floor her stomach had been cut up to her chest. Her wound was not bleeding anymore the Healers had been able to stop it luckily. Her breasts were covered with bindings, they were blood soaked as well. One healer looked over to Elrond and bowed his head, then nodded to a girl in a chair.

    Sh'da stood up on seeing Elrond and she fell to her knees bowing deeply to him. Then she sat back in her chair trying no to tremble and cry as she watched her sister. "Can you save her Lord Elrond? Please.....she took such a blow, our people can not lose her after my brother's betrayal. She is our only shining light in the darkness." croaked the Princess as she clutched the arms of her chair and bowed her head again. "Lord...Elrond...she is waking." A healer would whisper as T'ea's eyes slowly opened the white orbs staring around the room. "Lord....Elrond....." was all she whispered before her body trembled again.
  3. Hidden deep within a valley in the realm of Eriador, west of the Misty Mountains lies an elven refuge called Rivendell. Elrond Half-elven, Lord, and Ruler of the Last Homely House stood outside on a balcony watching the city below when the sound of hooves at the entrance caught his attention. "Halt! Who goes there?!" Cried out one of his guards. He couldn't quite make out what the voices were being said from where he stood, but he knew it wasn't good. He took off, his robe lightly bouncing against the back of his calves and ankles as he quickly descended down the spiraling staircase. "What has happened?" Meeting one of the guards. "My lord! A warrior from the kingdom near the mountains is in dire need to speak with you. He has brought the princesses with him."

    "Have him see me immediately." The young guard bowed his head, "Yes, my lord." The kingdom near the mountains was where the Dark Elves resided. Just as he has feared, his premonition came true. The necromancer known as Sauron has taken over the body of the heir and made the prince destroy his kingdom and murder his parents. Lately, Elrond's dreams/premonitions have been dark and disturbing - always of a dark figure lurking in the shadows ready to strike.

    It didn't take long for the warrior to show up and explain what exactly happened. Chills went down Elrond's spine, listening to the dark elf. Now orcs were involved. His dream failed to mention that to him. Unfortunately, the brave warrior took his last breath before he collapsed on the cold, hard floor. Just then a male healer requested Elrond's aid. "Lead the way, young one." Leaving the guards to take care of the fallen elf.

    The sight of T'ea almost made Elrond collapsed to his knees when he entered the room. Her sister was sitting in a chair, scared and in shock. "Don't worry, your highness. Your sister is a strong one. I will not let her fade." Elrond soothed the silver-haired princess with his soft voice. One of the healers whispered to him that the queen was beginning to open her eyes. "I am here, T'ea. Listen to my voice, let it guide you back to the light..." Elrond said speaking to her in elvish. "Hold on..."
  4. T'ea could hear a voice so familiar to her while her sister was in the back ground. All the new Queen could see right now was blackness and a dark shadowy figure at the corner of her mind. She began to whimper then flinch in pain as more darkness swooped over her, this was the evil type of darkness not the regular kind. She let out a cry as the healer put a hand over her hear pressing herbs into her wound, she flinched and struggled before Sh'da couldn't take it anymore and went over to her sister worried as ever. She looked down at T'ea as her eyes opened showing pure white orbs inside her sockets. "He's back....why is he back? He should be dead...my father saw him fall...." she muttered in blindly reaching out as her sister grabbed her hand and stared at Elrond as the Healer kept her in her place as he tried to purge her wound.

    "She is in agony...I wonder if she is seeing things in her dreams again. She is the only female in our kin who can see the future though it doesn't always come true." Sh'da whispered softly. "My Lord, we may have to call for Lady Galadriel if I can not purge this darkness from her." the Healer said. Sh'da grit her teeth her brown eyes almost glaring at the Healer. "Do not think her weak, she is the strongest in our family after my Father." spoke the Princess as she leaned down kissing her sister's forehead. Right away T'ea slumped back on the bed breathing heavily as she shook her head a few times. She could see Elrond in her mind along with her sister and the Healers but the visions were fuzzy. "Lord...Elrond.....how....I am in Imladris, where...where is Sal'or....?" she said speaking of the guard.

    "Ro naa ba, lle naa kuila. Ro gurthe ten' lle." (He is dead for you, are alive. He died for you) Sh'da woulds peak in the tongue of the dark elves. Sh'da stared down at her sister as T'ea let a few tears flow down her cheeks. "Ro naa tulien." (Evil is coming) T'ea would say back in her tongue before her eyes landed on Elrond. "He comes...he is here. Sauron.....Necromancer....So many names. Brother is no more....he must be taken down for the sake of Middle Earth." she said reaching out to him as she spoke in regular Elvish a sad look in her eyes. Sh'da could hardly take it anymore as she felt tears coming to her eyes and she stepped from the room knowing that Elrond was save to watch over her sister. T'ea looked up at the Healer who smiled down at her as he began to wrap her wound up with fresh bandages.

    "She was tainted by a dark sword. She shouldn't even be alive but the evil from her is gone. She will hurt when he is near by and I fear she shall have more visions such as yours my Lord." the Healer said bowing his head. She flinched and tried to sit up as the Healer left ontly to have Sh'da push her back down and shake her head. "No you will stay where you are. I sent word to Lady Galadriel I believe she will be coming as soon as she can. His majesty Lord Thranduil is coming as well. Father was one of his very few friends." Sh'da said as she looked over at Elrond and crossed her arms. Sh'da was wounded as well a few arrow punctures here and there but they were healing alright.
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