Dreamwakers (Coming Soon)

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    Hey folks, this is a preview of what I've got cooking up in the old brain box at the moment, its very not finished yet. Just seeing who might be interested, and if anyone has any question or ideas then, shoot. This should be going live at the end of next week.


    Waking life is blurred. A global cataclysm has damaged the fabric of our reality forever, and now the dream world is slowly bleeding into ours. Humanity is in chaos, threatened by its own black nightmares, nightmares now made whole in the physical realm. Mankind's only shield against the darkness is the Dreamwaker Order; An order of elite men and women who have taken an oath to devote their lives to hunting down of run-away dreams.

    Guardians. They do not sleep and do not dream, their lives are short and painful but not without purpose, each has taken an oath that will never be broken. After the graduation of their physical and mental training each new Guardian must undergo The Bond & Ascension.

    Ascension. To become a true Guardian one must first bond with a Seer, a bond which once made can only be broken by death and can only be made after surviving Ascension. Ascension is performed by the Oracle, the overseer of the Dreamwaker order. Raw power from the dream world is forced into the body of a new Guardian, bestowing them with enhanced speed, strength and intelligence but in turn stripping them of their need to sleep. Those that survive Ascension are then ready for The Bond.

    Dreamseers, The Bond. Seers are recruited from those with the rare ability to dream lucidly. Of all the members of the Dreamwaker Order, seers sacrifice the most. Each must forever leave behind their body in the physical and let their minds be cast into the dream world. Seers can predict the manifestation of dangerous dreams and read the dreams of others. During The Bond, a Guardian will sleep for the final time, and a Seer will choose their life bond by finding them in the dreamworld. The Seer and Guardian will be able to hear each others thoughts, feel each others emotions and share each others pain. When a guardian dies, so too will the Seer.
  2. Nifty...sounds awesome.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.