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  1. Dreams are pretty amazeballs. They can be funny, scary, profound, and silly, even at the same time. Because people rarely have the same kind of dreams as others, I thought it would be fun to hear from you guys some of the dreams you've had!

    In my last thread I mentioned an IRL friend of mine, whom I called Little Miss R. When we first started talking to each other, I had this really weird dream involving her. Oh, before I begin, it's important to know that Little Miss R is a very sweet, adorable, and shy person. Anyway, the dream basically starts off with me standing in the kitchen of what I imagined her kitchen to look like, making guacamole. As I am cutting the avocado up, Little Miss R walks into the room and starts staring at me. Because she is a really shy person, I thought it was cool that she came out into the kitchen to socialize with me, but as I attempt to put the avocado into the food processor, she smacks my hand and all the pieces fall to the floor! I stared at her, shocked, but she just stared back and said "Aren't you gonna use them? It would be a waste of food not to.". Since (I think?) I was at her house, I didn't want to seem rude, so I picked up the avocado from the floor, but before I could put all of it into the food processor, she took one of the pieces and shoved it into her mouth, slowly chewing on it while giving me a menacing glare. She then slightly opened her mouth, making globs of mushed up avocado and saliva drip from the corner of her mouth... And then I don't remember more of it.
  2. Recently I had a dream that I was mistakenly put into a mental hospital for one reason or another and I had to go through a long process of explaining exactly why I wasn't insane. All the while feeling this sense of dread that they might not believe me and I will be stuck there for the rest of my life. It was really weird, but also rather terriffying in a way, it actually made me question my own sanity; and I'm certain there's some kind of meaning to it all in there somewhere, I'm just not sure what it is.
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  3. That's, that's actually slightly disturbing. I'm never going to be able to eat avocado again without that mental image. Fuck.

    I've had some seriously disturbing dreams, though more often than not they're either really confusing or plain nightmares.

    There was that one with the Gollum/Legolas/Shelob creature (essentially some twisted cross of Gollum and Legolas but with the lower half of a spider) and something about a horse. Not sure about the horse, actually. All I know is that the Gollum spider creature was like my companion and we were on a quest or something. I vaguely recall a Snitch as well. You know, from Harry Potter.

    Yeeaah... I was about fourteen at the time, and I think you can figure out what trilogy my fourteen year old self watched the night before. xD
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  4. My recent dream (which are few and far between, mind you) was a very very odd one but ended up being fantastic. I had woken up in an unfamiliar bed and house, and upon getting up to explore where I was I came to notice I was wearing a lovely and shimmery wedding band, and I also seemed to have been sporting a fair sized baby bump. Scary as hell not knowing what was going on or how I'd gotten there, but I came to find my boyfriend (Husband? I dunno) in the kitchen with a toddler on his leg while he cooked something. By then it all was cute, since that is a big goal of mine to settle down and start a happy family. No doubt, I did wake up with a huge smile on my face.

    Seriously though, you all have some fucked up dreams...
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  5. My dreams are usually incredibly mundane. The last one I remember Involved me running about attempting to fix some tax problem or something whilst desperately looking for a way to light my cigar. I never did and woke up mildly disappointed.
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  6. I have reoccurring nightmares about dinosaurs chasing me.

    Sometimes, unstoppable alien invasions make a guest appearance.

    Either way, I have a lot more crappy dreams than good ones.
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  7. This morning, I dreamed that I teleported to this big-ass shopping mall in what I went to bed in, which was just undies and a t-shirt. With a blanket wrapped around me, though. So that's good. Most of the dream was about me getting to the nearest clothing store so I can get a pair of pants. All the while, I'm grateful that my money teleported with me. What really gets me is that I'm calm throughout the whole experience. So calm that once I get the clothes, I just go to this burger restaurant to treat myself.

    I have no idea why I dreamed this. Shopping malls actually scare me but I didn't seem to mind it this time. Normally I have really stressful nightmares, or dreams about killing the people I hate. Therefore, I'm actually happy to have experienced this humorous event. xD Also, this might have been a lucid dream, which I don't have very often. I do recall having some level of control. Maybe that's why I was able to keep so cool.
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  8. Oh, yeah.

    Pool party/BBQ with the members of Steam Powered Giraffe. There was a Mario themed water slide and a bouncy castle. And I nearly drowned in the nearby river, while two of the band members laughed their asses off.

    At the end of it I was crying hysterically for some reason, and David (one of the band members) gave me a t-shirt as consolation. After that I woke up feeling really weirded out.

    Only dream I've ever had of real people I don't know on a personal level.
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  9. @Lady Bernkastel
    In the kitchen eh?

    So, last night I had that falling dream... and something else... again, but take it up to eleven. I was on fire, a sort of color changing fire. Just spinning over... something. And then I stop, and I'm at the mall with my best friend. I don't really remember what we were talking about but I do remember saying "Do! Not! Talk! About that! HeeeeeeeeWRRRRYYY!" And then we got loud and started yelling corny quotes while arguing, like:

    "I'm getting tired of this! I'm a wild man!"
    "Who the hell do you think I am! The code is over 9000 man!"
    "Shut up, you! Prepare Yourself!"
    "Oh. No! NO! Look at all THESE Eggman robots!"

    I'm not proud of that last one.

    So, it was then the mall was raided by a bunch of SWAT or police or something. The mall was now empty for some reason too. And SWAT was wearing all pink, I'm not really sure why. I then punched Mike Tyson in the face. Don't ask me why Mike Tyson was there. My fist went through his head... I punched him in the face again. For some reason I fell down, and where one would usually hit the ground. I fell through it.

    Then I woke up to realize that not even an hour passed since I fell asleep.

    My dreams aren't really as logical as I'd like for them to be.
  10. Wuzzat supposed to mean, eh?
  11. I used to dream about death all the time. It was creepy but also kind of cool. Except 3 or 4 of those dreams I would have died in for some reason or another. In one dream my friends boyfriend got killed by those little pygmy guys from The Mummy Returns. That made my day since his reaction was priceless when I told him.
    Most dreams are more of nightmares though. I hate zombies now because of one I had and it was not for the usual reason that people hate zombies. In it there was a young lady that was turning into a zombie. The thing is she kept all her thoughts and was aware of what was going on. The urge to eat flesh was unbearable and she was crying but she could not stop herself from wanting to. It would not have been so bad but I could feel her emotions and it felt like being choked. It took awhile after waking up for the feeling to go away.
  12. My most recent dreams has all been about iwaku or the roast group on skype o.O When I wake up I always wonder if I did the same mistake as I did in the dream or if that report was real, and I'm sooo confused D: (Until I log onto iwaku ten minutes later and see I didn't do anything wrong)

    I think I'm online here way too much -_-'

    Recently I started writing a dream diary (cause I thought I might be able to make something at some point into a roleplay) These are the three that has been written up so far. (Number 1 and 2 happened during the same night, but they kind of didn't fit together so I made them into two different entries.)

    True blood - jealous vampire (open)

    It started with me wanting to collect all the true blood books which now was up in 25 books, but as I were downloading the audiobooks they were being erased from youtube. I panicked and tried to get as many as I could, which ended up in me getting non.

    Later on I found myself at a cliff,. I and another guy were climbing the cliff, and Eric, a vampire, climbed down to us. He was jealous because he thought the guy liked me and that I might be interested in them. He pushed one of them off the cliff before giving me a dangerous look and then he climbed up.

    A little bit later, I was taken to a forest by Eric, who then proceeded to drug me to be able to more easily make me into a vampire. I wasn’t too happy about that turn of event. o.O

    Seven days please (open)

    I lived in a restaurant and suddenly they decided to give my room to an older man. I had one day to move out. Needles to say it made me stressed as I had no clue where to go. I did not want to tell my boss as I didn’t want to trouble him. I went up to the cafe floor of the live in restaurant and tried to speak to a girl who might be able to help me. She tried to help.

    We went to the old man and we tried to tell him that we needed at least a week for me to find a job and a new place to live. He said no. We started to bribe him with different things, and for every bribery we got one extra day. Star Wars full boxed set was the last thing that pushed us up to a week.

    The pink haired rebellious princess (open)

    I was a pink haired princess who hated to be stuck in the castle. My father wasn’t very strict towards me, and didn’t even try to stop me when I ran off. Of course I never left alone. I had my precious companion with me, a guard of the castle who had been beside me all my life.

    One day when we came back from one of our adventures, I was told my father had passed away. They thought I should get married and take over the throne. I thought this was my chance to become completely free. The prime minister wished to take over our kingdom, and had proposed that he was to marry me as he was the one who knew that country the best. He had planned to lock me up in the castle and never let me decide on anything.

    I left before any marriage could happen, once again with my normal guard as companion. He wished for me to be happy and free rather than seeing me captured in a castle. On our way we met a prince I had known as a child. He had always hated me for not doing my duty, but somehow he ended up coming with us. Slowly he even developed romantic feelings for me, even though I never noticed it.

    My dreams are basically based on either my fandoms or my roleplays, which also is part of my fandoms xD WHY HAVEN'T I HAD A NATSUME YUUJINCHOU DREAM YET? I'VE WATCHED THAT SHOW MORE THAN TRUE BLOOD! ):
  13. Oh man, I just remembered something that's sort of in the vain of lucid dreaming, maybe, possibly. I had this weird thing at one point where I was able to wake up mid-dream to go do something, then go back to bed and immediately jump back into the dream. It was actually kinda cool, shame it was a rather rare occurrence. Plus, given what I know about dreams and the sleep cycle, something like that should have been impossible, so I'm not entirely sure how I managed it.
  14. Found this on another site, dated 10-28-2011:

    I had a number of dreams last night, two of which had some connection, given I was a "superhero" in both, with the same powers (I appeared to be Kryptonian). Can't remember the first one real well, though it did have quite a bit of flying in it... might remember it better, might not in future. But the second was rather fun.........

    In the second dream, I found myself waking up. Apparently, I'd fallen asleep on the wall, because, when I woke up, I saw this toddler walking/crawling on what appeared to be the wall, but on second glance looked like the ceiling. A woman also showed up who appeared to be this child's mother, also walking on what appeared to me to be the ceiling. Well, I got up off the wall, everybody got properly oriented on the floor, but not before the mother announced her daughter's diaper needed changing. Heh... somehow I ended up with baby whizz on my right arm, so I went into the kitchen to wash up, saw how nice a day it was out, and decided to use that nice day to dry my arm, rather than a dish-towel.

    Flew out the door into a nice, clear and warm day, only to see a most bizarre sight: All these trees floating about, and the distant sound of a chant/song. Surprised, I went back and called the woman out to see, and we both ended up following the sound, up a steep hill, all the while watching out for the trees, which seemed interested in us, some sweeping down out of the sky towards us, as if intent on impact, though they always turned away at the last moment. Well, at the top of the hill, we found a building, and could hear the song/chant coming from it... even saw some figures inside. We approached, this one tree "threatening" us. Funny enough, the woman and I tried to take cover behind this "normal" tree, only for me to see its roots start to glow just moments before it pulled itself up out of the ground and floated off. Heh... suffice it to say, we headed straight for the building.

    Well, once inside, we passed down a short, doorless passageway, and came upon a group of men chanting this strange song, and rhythmically moving in a circle. For some reason, we decided to join in the chant/song/dance, but of course, we didn't know the words, so our "interference" ended the chant, with the leader of this group at first thinking we were "members" who had simply messed up our chant, then realizing we were strangers. Next thing I know, the guy's holding a gun to my forehead, muzzle-contact distance. I smile, and tell him his actions are useless. With my right hand, I reach up and move the gun away from my forehead, my left hand reaching up, taking hold of the gun, and bending it into uselessness. Shortly after that, some big, muscular guy tries to attack me. A hand to his chest stops him cold, then I simply grab a handful of shirt, lift him up like an overstuffed pillow, and toss him over onto a table set up with what appears to be unlit candles...

    Which reminds me... when the woman an I broke the chant, I remember seeing over head this honeycombed structure with lights/lit candles break apart and go dark...

    And back to the "present" again, after tossing the "beefy one" on his ass, I turned back to the leader, exchanged some words, and gave him a further demonstration by puting my fist through a dividing-wall as if it was made of tissue paper, then showing him my unmarked hand, not so much as a scratch.

    Heh... after that, this guy apparently went bonkers, walking about and spouting gibberish I couldn't understand. Oh, well.........


    Edit: Heh, remembered the first dream. In that one, I was a member of a superhero team charged with protecting President Obama... quite an irony, wouldn't you say? [​IMG]
  15. How could you not be happy with Eric turning you into a vampire?!?! That would be the greatest dream ever. <3

    I don't remember many of my dreams. I remember one where I was being chased by a huge pizza, and another one where everyone in my family was living in the same house. That last one was more of a nightmare than anything else....
  16. CAUSE I'M AN IDIOT IN MY DREAMS D: (Or maybe I have more common sense than my fangirl self in the real world)
  17. I had a dream last night but I don't remember most of it. I remember finding an oven turned up super high and that it had been that way a long time and being panicked over it, but not much else.
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  18. I actually dreamt about smoking last night. I quit just under a week ago and, by some unfortunate quirk of fate, have spent the last five days caught up in health-related stress and drama. Never have I wanted a cigarette this badly, and I just quit. Hence, dream. Ugh.
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  20. Can't say I've had a nightmare for years. Though I suppose I consider a nightmare something I lose total control of. However one thing which I have noticed when reading or discussing dreams with others is they describe it as a movie. Something they don't really have control over but in most cases they are themselves viewed from a third person perspective. Most people I talk to though can barely remember their dreams in a few claim not to dream at all. Though I can say I've never felt I didn't have control of a dream, as I am always me and I know I'm me, though I'm rarely aware it's a dream save for a few times which got just short of creepy.

    But I love my dreams, they're always reflections of things I've done muddled together in a weird order. This includes thoughts and experiences such as games or movies. On occasion a dream has some moments which stick out more than others, usually absurd happenings, things I'm acutely aware don't happen ever. Like showing up to work and suddenly realizing I'm not wearing shoes and the floor is disgusting and covered in grease, blood and god knows what else. Most of the time though they don't make much sense. Fictional characters and people I've met wandering around doing whatever it is my mind see's them doing.

    Though a specific dream which I've had repeat for many years has always been quite lucid. I know for a fact it's a dream because it's such a familiar place, I get the sense of the uncanny. The truly bizarre. I suppose I'd label it something like an episode of the Twilight Zone. As I always find myself coming to a specific house in the middle of some unnamed metropolis. Two stories and all the same rooms, sometimes in different arrangement. I know once I entered the building through what appeared to be a large restroom acting as the buildings foyer. The halls are always the same, like the kind of oak office walls you'd see in an old mob film, white blinds and finished oak walls with big heavy doors and brass knobs. Deja-vu takes over but I can't remember what I did last time. Always the same characters, all unnamed. As if I knew them so well I needn't speak their name but simply acknowledge their existence. Problem is, I never remember quite how it ends as their is always something which wakes me up just a few moments before my alarm rings. Whether it be my internal clock or otherwise is speculation, but I'll chalk it up to the latter.

    But yes, dreams are amazing little things which we carry around, jumble up while awake and piece back together like a puzzle each night. And each night a new result unfolds in that weird puzzle, bringing new reflections of our souls to view only through the viewfinder of a dream.
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