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  1. Have you ever put some thought into any weird dreams you had? Do you think dreams can predict the future or send a message?

    I've had a few weird dreams that scared the shit outta me O.o
  2. I had an 'existential crisis' dream where, when I woke up, I felt like I'd lost something absolutely paramount to me and it was now utterly unretrievable. In the dream, what I lost was in the form of words, a few paragraphs that I accidentally deleted - vague af, I know. Anyway, my grandma died the same night, which was eerily coincidental but nothing more really.
  3. Well, someone can help me decipher :P
    • Secret agent stuck inside a supermarket with a lot of criminals and I had nothing to subdue them so naturally I would run around slapping them with giant fish or breaking their heads open with watermelon. Also anime physics.
    • Me and my OC looking at weird concentration camp kind of thing from our hiding spot in the shadows where children were forced out into a large clearing where they roll giant balls like dung beetles while another child was forced to balance on top of the sphere (maybe it made it bigger???) and I'm pretty sure some kid fell off and got dragged away crying, it was kinda terrifying. Then something that sounded like a school bell rang out and all the people ran into the buildings. So we followed them but there were too many guards so we opened up a manhole which was where all the dirty water would run down to wherever and it was so claustrophobic it was the tiniest space. I can remembering it even right now, I could barely fit and half the time my face was getting bombarded with a strong stream of muddy water. We had nothing to dig the mud out except a spoon so my OC - who was leading - used that. We managed to get into one of the rooms where they kept the 'Asians', most of which were people I recognized in real life. And we talked about the backstory of the concentration camp and how they were forcing them to build something. Then we heard footsteps coming towards the room and one of the boys gave us a shovel and we had to crawl back into the vent/manhole.
    Then I woke up.

    I don't even.
  4. I am very very very self aware, so my dreams are "straight forward" (in the sense that I know what they are/mean) and controllable to an extent!

    Like most of my dreams are usually just processing stuff. I get a lot of "emotion" dreams, like situations where I finally get to tell someone in my family off. Or a stress dream where I am trying to handle something but can't. most often it's just a hodgepodge of everyday stuff mixed up in weird dream randomness. o__o

    The FUN dreams are my feature length story dreams. O__O I spend most of my day daydreaming and this carries over to bed time. So I dream stories. About characters, situations, plots, all kind of stuff. The good ones I write down to use later!

    And then there's the freaky ones. c______c I say I am psychic a lot, most of the time I'm joking, but sometimes freaky stuff happens. I have had lots of premonition style dreams and it's not cool at all. It's happened often enough I dun call it coincidence, I call it weird and spent a week being freaked out. D:< These weird ones are usually unimportant, but there's been bigger ones, like an earthquake before it happened, and talking to my dead uncle. @____@
  5. This morning I dreamt about drinking a Glass of Orange Juice.
    And when I woke up I drank a glass of Orange Juice.

    I am now a Psychic. :3

    Edit: This was made before seeing other's Psychic posts.
  6. I've interpreted my dreams for fun, but I don't put any stock in it.

    My favourite dream from lately would be the one where I befriended a puppy from the street. He was black and brown and fluffy and needed me, he was wet and dirty so I took him to a vet, and they asked if I was gonna keep him and I said I couldn't because my residence doesn't allow pets, but he followed me home anyway <3
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  7. I have a lot of weird dreams.

    A lot a lot. Ones that are coherent, some that are self aware and build upon that self-awareness.

    Folk tell me my dreams sound like novels or movies. :\
  8. My dreams have all been extremely violent, or extremely dirty. Apparently there are a lot of people I want to set on fire. o.O
  10. I'm not a pyro. I just have a fascination with burning people alive in my dreams...

    Fortunately for the guy I was trying to burn alive, he wasn't very flammable.
  11. Lucid dreaming or bust.

    Get that uncontrolled subconscious silliness outta here. I'm gonna go fly through space or something!
  12. I dreamed about waking up, and guess what happened after? I woke up.
  13. I try not to sleep as much as I can in order to evade my dreams. It's not that they are all bad, though most are, it's that they are all nery intense, causing me to wake up feeling emotionally and mentally tired. It may be a cause of my depression, but I usually cant sleep without dreaming, and most dreams are far too real for my liking, involving lots of death, pain, and ugly reminders of reality.

    Imagine re-living your most traumatic memory over every-night, in every way possible with the same or worse outcome. That's my dreams in a nut-shell. Medication amplifies it three-fold, and the pain meds i'm currently taking (cut my thumb off in a workplace accident) are causing some real fuckery with my head at night.
  14. I recently had a dream where I went to the bank to transfer some money from my savings to my checking account, so I could buy the Fallout 4 season pass before it's price hike on March 1st.

    I have yet to do that.
  15. The weirdest dream I had recently...

    I was at work and was part of a teleconference with my supervisor and some of the higher management. They looked at me with serious faces and told me this was a very serious matter. Then the person on the other line spoke in what I think was like Adam Sandler in Waterboy, that accent and voice. They couldn't stop laughing, but kept pointing at me telling me to not laugh, to take notes and this was a very serious matter.

    Very weird!
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