Dreams you didn't want to end

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  1. So I'm sure we all had at least 1 dream that was super cool, but suddenly stopped weather it was randomly waking up, or an alarm clock.

    Mine just happened just now -.-
    It started with defended this ship from a turret and after a small while this purple stealth ship hovered Infront of my post. The front was very stealth plane like, but this thing was fairly big, like there's ramps on the top leading to another floor.

    So I take a look in the window and no ones flying it. So I go to the top middle, this this ramp thing, and suddenly I'm in this unique alien city/neighborhood.

    Now I had a few cool abilities. I'm just gonna call them force jump and force run considering what happens later.

    So I'm traveling this place, force running everywhere as I like going fast, I get this this garden like thing with a few floors. So I force jump on the second for a kinda birds eye view.

    This is where things get odd. Ep 3 obi wan kenobi and Anakin sky walker is after me. Apperently I'm pretending to be Count Dooku for some reason. So mainly I'm trying to get back to my ship, that purple one from earlier. I know the places lay out by now and due to my dreams being VERY consistent, the layout remains the same.

    So obi-Wan chases me to the North left side of this area with towers where Anakin is waiting, I force jump all over the place avoiding them and eventually use the force to pull things down to block/trap them. I eventually get Anakin though Obi-Wan, I ain't beating. So I jump down and force run away, I get to the north right part of the map and lost Obi-wan. I tried to force jump up to my hanger though I wasn't able to jump high enough, and Obi-Wan was probably right behind me so I just kept moving inside.

    This is where things get different. Apperently I got trapped in this room/jail cell thing so a few people open the door but come on, I have the force ^^ so I force push them away and go to the right where the elevator is, and a few people on my side. They comment how I missed my light saber they took but we have no time to get it back -.- so we go down some floors and this is where things get odd.

    I'm no longer pretending to be Dooku. In fact, I'm not even me now, but possessed by one of my own characters, Securestu. So I'm following these two people and am on all 4's as that's how Securestu normally goes and we go through hallways and elevators, the long way to the hanger.

    One elevator this one kid tried to hold my hand for some reason but got super scared as I (Securestu) started turning his head to look at the boy. Securestu is super evil, and probably woulda killed him if the door didn't open to move on.

    So we go left, make another left turn, go down a hall and we are now 2 longish hallways away from that ship I REALLY wanna know the layout for to re-create in a video game or something. So we 3/4th the way through the first hall way and!!!!!!!!! MY FREAM ENDED DX what time? 2:20AM -.- I thought for sure it was at least 6AM. Oddly well rested for only being 2 though.

    It's just crazy how detailed and consistent my dreams are. During the hallway which led to the south right, I still remember that garden thing at the corner of my eye looking out the window, and earlier at the garden, I still remember the pipe like tunnel looking thing that are the hall ways later on.

    So what are some awesome dreams that ended abruptly?
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  2. Most of my dreams I don't really remember, they're usually pretty generic. But when I'm having them they're incredibly vivid and lifelike, sometimes when I wake up I have trouble discerning whether or not it even was a dream. I also have this weird thing about dreams where I don't necessarily have to be fulling asleep to have one. I mean, I can wake up from a dream still half sleep, but if I close my eyes I can instantly jump right back. It makes it incredibly difficult to get up in the the morning because a lot of my dreams are infinitely better than what I have to face out there in the real world. But nothing lasts forever, so I usually snap out of it after an hour or two.
  3. I don't remember the majority of my dreams, and those I do are usually lost within 5 minutes. If not it's certainly lost after the first day.

    So all I can really say is a Dream I've had I've been sad to wake up from, is just because sleep me got immersed in the world.
    But the second wake me thinks about it I can only go "WTF was that?".
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  4. I couldn't tell you anything specific, but--

    I've had dreams where I've lived a whole, full life. Where I met a woman that became my wife, where we became happy. Where she sires me one, two, maybe even four kids. Where we moved across the country to accommodate one or both of our careers. Of having vacations in the UK, of having wonderfully sweet moments in a forest field, of having fights and the makeup sex afterwards. I've dreamed my whole future, up to the moment where my kids have kids.

    Then I woke up.

    Holy Mary Mother of God, is that shit a mindfuck. Waking up still with lingering feels. Going days of seeing the face of a woman in your brain that you were in love with for decades in a dream that lasted actual seconds. Of still being in love with that person, then suddenly... it all fades. Then you forget the name of your kids...

    Sometimes, it makes you wonder. Sometimes, you think... Am I still dreaming? Is this real life, or is this just fantasy?

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  5. Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

    Per the thread: I wish I had dreams that I wanted to stay locked into. All of my dreams are awful, horrifying or scary (not to say I don't enjoy those for the cool monsters I see), but I wish I could have really interesting dreams.
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  7. I had a really corny and kind of pathetic dream a couple nights ago.

    I died (I constantly die in almost every dream, always the same damn way) and ended up in this forest. Well, I discovered that I wasn't alone. I saw three shapes walking toward me and as I got closer, it was Trev, Eegie and Jesse. We talk, things are really peaceful for a while, until I trip. I get back up and they are gone, and I slip into darkness again.

    Then I wake up (in real life). Had that dream constantly for about a week now.
  8. If I wrote down the dreams I wish were real, I'd be banned without ceremony.
  9. This... is... the plot to an Adventure Time episode.

    ...I'm sorry, I'm not trying to say you made this up or anything -- I believe you -- but... that's all I can think about right now. XD

    I once dreamt that I died and got to meet William Hartnell. He's my favorite Doctor. There was much fangirl hysteria. I even got to hug him. >w<

    Anywhoodle, I often don't really remember my dreams. But the few that I do remember, well... a lot of times there are some interesting stories to go with them. o.o

    Lots of times, the moments when I'm most mad at myself for waking up are when I manage to figure out that it's a dream. Because, you know, with dreams, no matter what happens, lots of times you just sort of go along with it and don't really question anything. And, most of the time, I don't. But when I do start to question things for whatever reason, and I figure out that I'm dreaming... I almost always wake up right at that moment. Which gets me pretty angry when I have a dream about, say, meeting David Tennant, and then I wake up, and I'm just like, "...I could've just not questioned anything, I could've just gone along with it, but noooo I just had to get skeptical..."

    I think something similar to this happened with another dream I had where I woke up and I was mad at myself for it, but then I pretty much instantly forgot what the dream was -- and I only vaguely remembered not wanting to wake up and also probably being the reason why I woke up. And I had a really vague feeling that my dream involved Paul McCartney somehow. But that was it. I remembered nothing else.

    ...I'm starting to notice a pattern with my dreams. At least the ones I remember.

    OOH, BUT, NOT FOLLOWING ALONG WITH THAT SAME PATTERN, there was one dream I remember having where I figured out that it was a dream and I didn't wake up, and holy shit that was so much fun. Hell, just realizing that I knew it was a dream and I was still dreaming... I can't even explain how excited that made me. XD Especially since I came to the realization of it being a dream by noticing that my house didn't look quite the same as it actually did in real life, and then thinking something like "well yeah, dreams are weird like that and nothing looks quite right", and then, after leaving a room I was in, I thought "I bet if I walked back into that room now, all the furniture would be different" and it was.

    And then I realized that I was aware that I was dreaming, didn't wake up, and, because of all that, I could control what was happening in my dream which has never happened to me before (or since), and holy hell, it was fucking magical. I kept walking in and out of that same room to re-arrange the furniture, even thinking things like "and now it'll all be stacked against one wall", and "now it'll all disappear altogether" and it always did what I wanted every time. XD

    I don't even remember how exactly I woke up from that, but, I think that, when I did wake up, while I may have slightly wished it could've gone on longer, I think I was primarily just super satisfied that I even managed to make all of that happen in the first place. XD And then, as the day went on, I was also super happy about the fact that I could remember all of it!!

    So yeah, that was super fun. XD
  10. Any dream where I don't live in poverty or get to hold my girlfriend is a dream I never wish to end. @Seba

    One day though, I will make them come true.

    As for the impossible, that is what I have writing for.
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  11. Way, way back, when I was little, I had a week in which I dreamed I had access to a machine (looked like the entrance to an elevator) I could enter... and have any dream I wanted. Unfortunately, the last time I arrived, I approached the Machine, and the door didn't open as usual. So I asked the Janitor (there'd always been a janitor cleaning the room when I arrived... hey, it was nighttime, after all)... and he told me the Machine was broken. I went away disappointed, and never got to use the Machine again.
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