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  1. Hello everyone. I've recently had an original (hopefully) idea for a plot that I'm dying to do. I'll need to flesh out the details with whoever's interested but for now, here goes.

    The World Of Dreams

    Two people in the world have a special ability that with it comes with unique destiny. The ability to walk through the dream world. One girl and one boy in the entire earthly plane enter their dreams as any person does each night, but one day, the same day, this changes. They wake up literally in their dreams. And not the kind that you can control or guide. The dreams they enter are real. Or as real as a dream can get. However, there's a disturbance in the dream plane. Something's disrupting the balance and it's threatening to collapse, taking down the earth plane with it. The two have to team up to save this odd place and fulfill their purpose. Will they succeed, saving the earth and the dreams or will they fail, and bring the end of boths existence? ​
    Also, I have one other idea that I did a while back but never got to finish due to some complications.​
    Alice in Wonderland?
    In a large kingdom, poverty and war is slipping into existence. The cause is the kingdoms princess, an arrogant stubborn girl, young and selfish. Her choices are bringing this upon the kingdom, and as the threat of war increases, one event threatens to change it all. Upon meeting a mysterious boy at a party in her palace, something odd begins to happen every time she falls into her slumber. She enters a world commonly known by it's people as Wonderland. An evil queen rules the world with an iron fist, keeping the good queen in submission, hidden away in the hills. The cheshire cat, white rabbit, mad hatter, and others call upon the princess, Alice, to save them, as their world is falling into darkness, much like the kingdom in her own world. Will these events help Alice find love and the truth to her ways? Or will she ignore the signs and let both disappear into the shadows?​
    Hehe I await to hear from you.​
  2. The world of dreams sound amazing and id love to join in it
  3. Hello, I would be interesting in doing either plots :) They both sound like a lot of fun.