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  1. Alright, well now it's time for the rules. My rules that is. "Oh god. Now I gotta follow rules? I hate rules." is probably what you are thinking. Well trust me I hate rules too, but the are a necessity. There are only a few and I will keep them short and sweet.

    1) Let me and everyone you are RP'ing with know that you will be gone for an extended amount of time.
    2) Keep romance under an R rating, please. I want everyone to have the ability to join.
    3) Be kind to your fellow Rpers.
    4) If you have an idea that will twist the overall plot of the story (Which has four outcomes) please pitch it to me and the others. That way we can ALL agree on it.
    5) I would prefer that you only have 1 character, but if you can handle more then I will not object.

    Well that is all of them for right now. I have reserved the power to add more rules at a later date as I see fit. If there are no objections to this, then please follow the link below to the character applications. Oh and please follow the rules there too, thank you.


    Here Is The Link To The OOC
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  2. Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are. Not playing our characters and not much to do right? WRONG!! Converse with your fellow colleagues to come up with some great ideas and just come up with different ways for your characters to meet. And even give them a bit of a history if you want, wink wink. Also, this isn't just for all the people that are taking part in the main thread, it's also for all of those people who want to pitch in a few ideas or compliment a certain person on how well they are performing. If you are one of the people who are not partaking in the RP please, in large bold letters of every post have "Visitor" across the top. That way I can distinguish between who is who. Much obliged and see you next time ladies and gents.

    Main Thread

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    i like it i'll post my stuff later and would you let a fantasy creature in your "dream" world?
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