Dreams of a Forgotten Kingdom

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  1. "How many times have I had the same dream...that other world that echoes in my thoughts every time I shut my eyes. It seems so real I'm surprised to wake up in my room at times."
    The world stretched out before Saru once again, he always saw it from up above, the sun shining high in the sky, grassy plains stretching out as far as the eye could see and right in what seemed like the middle a large castle that even from up above he could tell towered over the landscape. His eyes were always drawn to the small things in that place, the small courtyard within it surrounded by an assortments of flowers, with a vibrancy that seemed to match the sun's brightness and showed the care put into them.
    The multiple spires on top of the castle covered in red tiles, windows in each particular one, his gaze always seemed to move to the lower right spire as there was always a lantern in the window with a small flame flickering in it.
    The large wooden doors surrounded by a steel outline that seemed both welcoming and threatening in some strange way in front of it was hard to ignore as well. These were the few things he noticed in his dreams and even though he was far sighted he could always see the castle clearly from so high.
    Except for today.
    For some reason the wind was pounding against him and the castle was a tad blurry at first, though after a bit of time he noticed it was starting to clear up...and get closer. He realized he was falling towards the castle very quickly, Saru looked down at his outfit to see he was in his red pajama bottoms and black socks, he still had his grey t-shirt on and for some reason this dream felt extremely real...too real.
    He wasn't sure how to respond to this stimulation, this was a dream so he'd wake up before he hit the ground that was normally the case but the ground was getting steadily closer now. Unsure of what action to take Saru did the only thing that made sense in this given circumstance.
    He screamed.

    Saro was pulling the laundry off the line he had created putting them into a large basket he brought with him, since it was nice out he decided drying outside would be for the best. Though he normally wore his black coat he put it aside wearing his long sleeved vest, black dress pants and mid-calf boots instead. When he reached a pair of panties he picked them up before holding them out tilting his head. These were still a bit wet so he couldn't take them down quite yet, he started to put them back on the line but his ears twitched picking up screams.
    Saro had a tendency to look half-asleep throughout the day, his eyelids half lowered at all times of the day and looking up at the sky to see a human falling offered no change to his blank expression, though his tail did move back and forth.
    "...what is that?" he mumbled his voice monotone and lacking any manner of emotion. "...whatever it is it can't fly...which means it's going to die if it hits the ground falling at that speed."
    Saro looked down at the panties in his hands before looking up at the man, if it was Felicity's panties he could just hang them back up since he was sure no one wanted them, but if it was the princesses some bandits might take them as a prize and as her butler he couldn't permit the possibility of such an act, and since he wasn't about to sniff them he knew the only course of action to keep from leaving them alone.

    The ground inched closer and Saru shut his eyes waiting for the hard ground to meet him, he didn't pick up the sound of footsteps approaching him and in one moment Saro leaped and caught Saru sliding along the ground a bit as he held the young man in his arms.
    "Aaaahhh...huh," Saru said opening one of his eyes.
    When it landed on the emotionless Saro the cat's ears twitched causing Saru to flinch at the strange cat-man creature he was staring at.
    "Eh...what are you?" Saru said before looking at his tail...which had a pair of panties hanging off them.
    "...why do you have a pair of underwear on your tail?"
    "They're not dry," Saro said before dropping him on the ground. "Hold still."
    "Hey wait what, stop that! Hey-"
    Saru's words were ignored as Saro tied the young man's hands up with rope before throwing him over his shoulder, turning he started back towards the castle.
    "Where are you taking me? What are you? Where am I?"
    Panicked questions came from Saru but Saro ignored him and grabbing his basket headed back towards the castle.
    "Mistress will answer your questions," Saro said continuing forward. "Stop squirming and just in case they belong to the princess don't look at the royal panties it's rude."
    "...I'm so confused right now," Saru said sighing hanging his head in defeat.
    "I'm confused too so the princess will decide what happens to you."
  2. Angelique looked around the throne room, her parents had disappeared for the next six months or so - if what they had told her was true - and she was in charge. It was a little strange sitting in the large throne that belonged to her father and the ministers around her made her feel even more out of place and she wanted to make her way out of the room. Although... It is fun interacting with the dreams... They all are so funny~ Giggling softly, Angelique looked at the new dream that came through the door. Another one....? They had the appearance of their owner but was ghostly and see through - transparent - and represented the owners most heightened emotion during the dream.
    "Your highness...."

    This dream had the appearance of a young teenager and it's body seemed frail and weak, her face was sunken and a smile or sparkle could not be seen in the dreams eyes. Sitting up straighter, Angelique frowned slightly and looked at the dream concerned for the owner.
    "How long has her dreams been like this?"
    "........... 2 months your highness."
    Bitting her bottom lip Angelique looked at her royal guard beside her - Felicity - and nodded at her. With a bow Felicity disappeared without a sound and the dream looked at Angelique with worry.
    "You aren't going to -"
    "- no no, do not worry. We know the cause, one of the doctors has, managed to find a cure."
    the old method of getting rid of such dreams who looked so weak and frail was sending them onto the next world and to allow the owner to find a new dream, but thankfully they didn't have to do that anymore.

    The dream sighed softly and stood up slowly but steadily, strength was returning into its body with the new found hope. A soft smile appeared on Angelique's face and she stood up from her father's throne, she wore a black cloak with silver stars sprinkled on the top with a long silver gown befitting for a princess.
    "Come closer."
    Following her words the dream came to her and Felicity appeared again with a small vial and Angelique thanked Felicity who quickly returned to her spot without a word.
    "Take this. You must place a single drop onto your tongue, continue to do this and eventually the dreams will soothe."
    "Thank you, your highness."

    Stroking the dream's messy tangled hair Angelique smiled softly and the dream bowed their head to her and then eventually left the throne room. as the dream left Angelique immediately began to snap orders.
    "Follow the dream! Make sure no dust gets near it! Protect the dream! The dream will not survive if the dust attacks again!"
    Immediately the throne had people running around and soon it was just Angelique and Felicity.

    "Did I do the right thing Felicity?"
    "..... yes you did."
    A small sigh of relief came from Angelique's mouth and she placed her hand on her chest and clenched her fist.
    "This is his doing.... This isn't the first time someone has come looking so weak."
    "Your highness...."
    Turning to look at Felicity, Angelique looked over at Felicity who was looking out the window and pointing downwards.
    "Saro is coming with a parcel."
    "A parcel?"

    Making her way over to the window, Angelique blinked at the sight. Her smoky tail swished from side to side with amusement and Felicity looked stoic as ever. You always come at the right times Saro.... Standing in the throne she waited for Saro to arrive with the "parcel".
  3. Saru hung almost limply on Saro's shoulder as he made his way toward the throne room, he was still incredibly confused to what he was doing here but he couldn't deny that this place looked just as beautiful as he imagined. The long billowing curtains blowing slightly in the wind, the long red rug leading to goodness know where, the vases running along the side of the rug each one varying in shape and size and that wasn't even mentioning the beautiful architecture, under different circumstances he'd be ecstatic to be here. However being held over this man's shoulder with no idea what was going to happen to him was frightening and though he wanted to struggle at this point he knew it would be fruitless, this guy had caught him out of the sky he was pretty sure he could do the same on the ground.

    However when he heard the large doors to the throne room opening his eyes widened and he looked over his shoulder to notice a large somewhat empty room with a throne, he noticed there were two people inside...and both of them didn't look human. Seeing he was getting closer to these two he started struggling again but Saro's tail smacked him in the face to make him stop subsequently smacking him with the panties at the same time.
    "Do not smell the royal panties," Saro said setting his basket down to the side. "That's a privilege."
    Saro grabbed Saru and taking a few steps closer stopped a fair distance from the princess and Felicity, his gaze moved to Felicity glad to see her nearby in case this guy was a threat before he looked back at the princess and tossed Saru off his shoulder letting him hit the ground hard.
    "Ow...gentle gentle..." Saru said trying to climb to his feet.
    Saro however grabbed the top of his head and forced him to his knees, kneeling down himself he lowered his head forceful lowering Saru's at the same time.
    "Your highness I apologize for disturbing you, but I have encountered two dilemma's I must address with you."
    Saro stood up and moving his tail towards his side reached over and pulled the panties off before holding them up towards her, spreading them out as he held them with both hands.
    "Are these your panties? Also this thing fell from the sky," Saro said pointing over at Saru with his tail.
    "I'm second to panties!" Saru said looking over at him. "Wait did you just call me thing?"
    "Only if they belong to the princess, if they're Felicity's then you're third on the list," Saro said casually ignoring his second question.
    "Why would I be third?"
    "I would have to bring up having Felicity placing her name on her panties or wear some that are more adventurous so I can properly distinguish hers and the princess' childish ones."
    "...a...are you being serious?"
    "Why wouldn't I be serious about this?"

    Saru stared at the strange man as he stared back at him, no shift in his expression. Clearing his throat Saru looked back at the princess deciding speaking to this man wasn't going to do anything.
    "I'm going to try speaking to you instead of...umm..."
    "L'canilith Saramasin Mikarlin," Saro said continuing to stare at the princess still holding the pair up. "You may ask the princess what you can call me."
    "....okay I'm just going to ignore the neko over here and speak to you...uh princess. Look I don't know what's going on, I was sleeping in my bed and next thing I know I'm free falling towards your kingdom...I mean I've seen this place before in my dreams but never while falling towards the earth you understand or maybe not."
    "He fell from the sky screaming like a little girl your highness, it was a hard decision to catch him and protect your unmentionables. I was able to choose both thankfully."
    "Seriously why am I below panties I'm a human being damn it and my screams are manly."
  4. Her ears twitched with interest as Saro brought the being in, at first she thought it was a dream but then noticed that the creature did not have a see through body and tilting her head to the side Angelique wondered what it was about this creature that intruiged her. Was it the fact that there was no tail and no ears? As the "dream" squirmed in Saro's arms, Angelique looked over at Felicity who had stiffened up a little.
    Avoiding everyone's gaze Felicity turned away and she looked at the floor, looking at the panty that Saro held in his hands and as he spoke of the creature on the floor and then pointed at the panties.

    "Huh? No those aren't -"
    A drop of realisation came to her and looking over at Felicity she giggled at the slightly blushing Felicity who was making sure not to make eye contact with anyone in the room.
    "We can talk about the panties later~"
    Looking over at the creature on the floor, Angelique knelt down in front of him and looked at him in the eye.
    "He isn't a dream, but he has the appearance of them...."

    "He is a human....."
    Looking over at Felicity and then back at the creature she listened to the two of them bickering and she sighed snatching the panties from Saro's hands and looked at him.
    "Stop embarrassing Felicity."
    "Your highness!"
    Blushing now it was rare to see Felicity in such a state and she went over grabbed the panties and left the room without a word.

    Chuckling as the even occurred Angelique allowed Felicity to have her space to calm down and then turned to look at the creature.
    "So.... Human..... What are you doing here?"
    Bending down so that she could look into his eyes and see if he told any lies to her face.
    "What do you mean you were falling?"
  5. Saro slowly lowered his hand seeing as the princess decided to discuss the panties at another matter, his gaze did move over to Felicity his eyes blinking a few times seeing the strange expression on her face. When the princess approached he lowered his hand folding them in front of him shifting his body a bit to stand a bit more formally, his ear twitching slightly he moved his eyes over to Saru as the princess knelt down towards him.
    Saru leaned back a little as Angelique stared into his eyes, he still wasn't wholly sure if he was going to be eaten by these people, he needed to know the food chain to this place immediately and what these 'dreams' were that she was comparing him to since they might be other humans.

    The moment Felicity mentioned he was a human Saro's tail immediately stopped moving back and forth and he looked over at the young man who let out a relieved sigh at finally being acknowledged for what he was, though Saro's attention moved back to Angelique when she took the panties, and the two men watched as Felicity left the room, one feeling sorry for the girl and the other questioning her undergarment choice.
    "You don't have any tact do you...uh..."
    "L'canilith Saramasin Mikarlin," Saro said again. "I have plenty of tact, I didn't mention how they didn't fit her out loud besides you smelled them."
    "You made me! I mean I didn't! Anyway how can she have a name like Felicity and yours sounds like the title of a bad fantasy novel."
    "I like fantasy novels, there aren't any bad ones."

    Saru started to speak to the man again but stopped as the princess lowered herself to his height again, when she spoke to him his mouth twitched, he looked over at Saro who held his gloved hand up and in one motion flexed it causing his fingers to crack. Saru supposed that was a non-verbal threat to be honest though he was more worried of sounding like he lied.
    "I don't know what I'm doing here I'm still trying to figure that out," Saru said. "By falling I mean exactly that I fell. Look this is going to sound crazy but I've seen this castle in my dreams, for a while now actually. I always saw it from the sky and it always seemed so real to me. I could replay it in my head over and over again and remember every little outer detail. Every time I sleep I see this place...it's just this time I kind of...fell from the sky."
    "...you've seen the castle before?" Saro questioned.
    "Yeah I've seen the little courtyard full of flowers in the castle, it's quite beautiful by the way and that small window on the lower right spire with the lantern that's always in the window no matter what time of day it is."
    "My room," Saro said.
    "I guess I don't know anything about it, I just see it. Look I don't know what's going on I just ended up here, I mean if you guys can send me home that'd be cool."
    "I can confirm the human fell from the sky princess...screaming like a little girl," Saro said looking down at Saru.
    "Well sorry I was falling to my death! Also my name is Saru Misaki not 'human' and please untie me I'm not going to do anything...still in my pajama's and everything."
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