Dreams made into RPs

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  1. I really love this concept! Was there ever a visual dream you've had where it was just so magnificent that you had to write down all the details of what you saw in your dream and create a roleplay out of it? I've had this happen a few times to me- I must say that I love it when this happens and I'm currently working on creating a roleplay out of one I JUST woke up from! :D
  2. This could take a cool horror turn in the way that people would be trapped in a conjoined nightmare and have to escape to reality sort of thing. :D
  3. If you've ever had nightmares, yes. That could happen! (:
  4. Well, just as a general plot it'd be fascinating to try. :)
  5. I understand. However, I don't want to derail the purpose of this thread but if you've ever had a nightmare, you could use that for an idea if you wanted. I'd never use a nightmare I've had because- well, nightmares aren't really something I'd think about making into a roleplay because the initial thought of doing so would freak me out.
  6. I once had a dream about a haunted mansion (kind of generic but bear with me) with monsters etcetera.
    Then I found out, in the dream, that it was a link to a parallel universe that was a mirror of ours. While I haven't used it directly, the concept gave me several other ideas, such as Divided (Two worlds that need to be identical to keep terrible things from happening and a rogue dimensional traveler is separating them), and The Pale (a fantasy world and a modern world are on either side of the other's sky, but there's a dimension "between the worlds" called The Pale that most of the RP takes place in). I've never done much with these two ideas, but I might toss them around here sometime, if anyone turned out to be interested.
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  7. My role plays are based on my dreams with a fair bit of consistency. Usually characters or settings which I then translate into stories via tropes and literary devices before converting into a role play.

    ex: Dream of a princess -> Create, use tropes to make it comprehensible -> Edit it -> Place into a setting which I dreamed of and made comprehensible -> Edit it -> Tie together via plot -> Edit it -> Convert to make it player-friendly as a narrative -> Edit it -> Release.

    If at any stage of the editing processes it turns out the idea doesn't meet my set of standards, it gets gutted and tossed aside. This happens to... 80% or so of my ideas I'd say? So many ideas with so many hours spent, shot dead by post-review... :(
  8. Awww, you poor thing! *huggles* Don't worry about that Brovo! You can always come back to it later or make it into a story or something, right?
  9. Right. If you really love an idea, keep working on it until it works. Legend of Renalta took like, 6-7 iterations before it finally stuck... Then it stuck for four years and spawned a sequel.

    So, if you love an idea, roll with it.

    Just don't be afraid to change it or even toss it out for a little while until you think of a new spin with it.
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