Dreams and Nightmares.

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  1. 16 year old Narina Fulch has had trouble sleeping. When she finds these new sleeping pills, "Endless dreams", she decides to try them. But, that night when she goes to sleep, her dreams seem much more vivid and realistic. As she ventures through her dream, it slowly becomes a nightmare. Can she manage to wake up before it's too late?

    So, I came up with this idea, and it seemed pretty cool. I hope I'm not inadvertently stealing someone elses idea. DX Anyways, if you'd like to sign up, here's the Character Sheet and when/if this gets enough people, I'll post the RP, kay? Kay! ^__^ Also, if you plan on being a mean character, I do recommend that you come into the RP later on because her dream doesn't start out as a nightmare. You can also be more than one character :)

    Race(If you're a Dream character, you can be whatever you want.):
    Abilities(If any.):
    Good or Bad?(The good characters help Narina, bad try to harm her.)
    History(Optional, but preferred.):

    My Character sheet.

    Name: Narina Fulch
    Age: 16
    Appearance: cute-blonde-girl-in-green.png
    Personality: She is very timid and passive. Extremely curious, which gets the best of her sometimes. Too trustful of people, even though she's been betrayed many times. Often doesn't know when to stop talking. Gets offended easily. Likes to care for other things.
    Race: Simply a human.
    Abilities: No superhuman ones, but, she has some skill with karate from the classes her mother made her take when she was younger. Though, when she gets into the dream, she has occasional abilities. Nothing major, and they vanish from time to time.
    Good or Bad? Main character, so, good.
    History: Not much of a history. She had a fairly normal childhood, except she didn't really have a father figure in her life, as her mother was single. She wan't popular in school, but she had an okay amount of friends. Has recently been suffering from insomnia.
    Other: Is bisexual. She always has a phone with her, though she doesn't have a single contact. Is a huge fangirl over yaoi.

    I feel like I'm missing something. T__T Oh well. Hope you guys decide to join! :)
  2. Following this. May join later. Not sure whether I'll play good or bad. Can there be a neutral? And ANY race? Even made up ones? Because I'm totally cool with that.

    Also: The attachment link doesn't lead to anything.
  3. *squints* Hnnnnngh......... Just want you to know that this an awesome idea and I hope you get some good players to join. I wish I could join but that's not possible for me right now, sorry. Good luck!
  4. Yeah, sure, there can be a neutral. :P And, it sucks that ya can't join, Dawn :/ Nonetheless, I'm glad ya like the idea. :)
  5. Any limits on abilities?
  6. Ya can't have too many. And they can't be too... Um... Well, essentially, they can't be too powerful. Tch, not the best way to put that, but, I hope ya know what I mean :/
  7. I was referring more to variety, I think? Like...what types are allowed? I have a couple ideas in mind, I THINK. But I make no promises that I'll join. Looking at a few different RPs now, and considering two, officially.
  8. Ah. Any types are allowed, really.
  9. That's a bad thing to tell me. ^~^
  10. XD If you decide to make a character, then go ahead and post whatever power you have in mind, and I'll tell ya if it's okay or nott.
  11. ...Now that you said that...I don't remember any of the ones I had in mind.
  12. Desi, your appearance link isn't working.
  13. I pointed that out a while ago. In my first post in here, to be precise.
  14. I saw that, but I didn't know if she did or not, so I said it again.

    Anyways, if this does turn into an RP, I think it's a neat idea soooo here's my character.

    Name: Charlie

    Age: upper teens. 17-18ish

    Appearance: Charlie is either a girl or a guy, never both at the same time though. In both appearances Charlie is six foot tall.

    Girl- http://luxehdwallpaper.com/wallpape...ckground-black-hair-1366x768-hd-wallpaper.jpg Her hair is up in a ponytail, when down it falls to her mid back.
    guy- http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-aBcyemweI...hQ/VFq1CCkzyOQ/s1600/Demon+King+Daimao+14.jpg His hair goes down to barely brush his shoulders.

    Personality: Charlie can be frustrating, but at the same time, even if Charlie is being a brat about it, she/he’ll eventually wind up helping.

    Race(If you're a Dream character, you can be whatever you want.): Vampire/ Succubus (or incubus) half breed.

    Abilities(If any.): Shadow magic and the basic vampire abilities. As long as Charlie has enough energy (can be obtained by a kiss as well as a taste of blood) she/he can tolerate sunlight, it hurts and makes her/him sick, but it’s tolerable. If Charlie is completely full, he/she can shift over to the succubus/incubus form, the shadow magic gets stronger, and wings, horns and a tail pop out as well as an elongation of fangs and claws.

    Good or Bad?(The good characters help Narina, bad try to harm her.) Goodish, Charlie doesn’t necessarily harm Narnia, but always wants to feed off of the girl.

    History(Optional, but preferred.):

    Other: Constantly bugs Narnia to feed her/him. “If you let me have just one taste, I’ll protect you…” The gender shift just happens randomly. Can summon a sword forged of shadows. (part of the shadow magic) Quite the swordsman. Charlie isn’t actually aware that she/he changes genders. But Charlie always uses the right pronouns to describe her/himself.
  15. Name: Tynebris
    Age: 25

    Appearance: http://tynebris.deviantart.com/art/Sleeping-Tynebris-336838899?q=gallery:tynebris&qo=3

    Personality: He doesn't talk much and usually doesn't care about the business of others, unless he can profit from it in some way. When angered he becomes very aggressive, but he can also be very friendly. At some point he can be childish too. However it is a rare event to see him being childish or playful. Even though he is aggressive he tries to avoid hurting people, given it wouldn't help him in anyway.

    Race(If you're a Dream character, you can be whatever you want.): Shadow Dragon

    Abilities(If any.): Flight (duh), Fire breath, night vision. Furthermore, he inherited his parents' abilities (if he even had any): a shadow aura can appear around his body or on seperate parts (claws, scales, fangs, wings, etc.) boosting his abilities. Claws & fangs: more letahl. Scales: stronger scales and scales recover faster over time than without the aura. Wings: faster speed. The more parts are covered with the aura the faster he exhausts.

    Good or Bad?(The good characters help Narina, bad try to harm her.): Neutral

    History(Optional, but preferred.): Tynebris isn't well known, not even in his own territory. Unlike another dragon, presumable a shadow dragon too, Tynebris wasn't a troublemaker. That however did cost the other dragon's life. There are rumors that the dragon does leave its cave for more than just hunting, some people even claimed to have talked to Tynebris. However, no one was able prove that Tynebris talks.

    Other: I hope my character is okay and not overpowered.
  16. Ah! It isn't working. Damn. I'll have that fixed in just a moment. Also, both your characters are accepted! :) Now, while I fix my attachment, I also plan on adding a little something else...
  17. What else will you be adding?
  18. While I still find the idea interesting, and will still follow the RP, I have decided against joining it (for now). I may join it later if you keep it open.