Dreams: A New Reality

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  1. There is a dream that is a re-occurrence in children across the globe. It starts with one child in China and then it'll be all the way in American, then England, and then Africa. ‘How is all of this connected?’ Is the question that has permeated the air. Random children that have no connection with one another fell ill to the same dream, yet it only infects a few. Not realizing how much the dream is going to affect their children, parents keep moving on with their lives. Until one by one, the children start dying and scientists become baffled as to how a simple dream can take the life of a child. One child describes the dream in such great detail that it scares the world. This is that dream.


    Standing at the top of a valley and looking down at the strange city below, you feel it call out to you. As it calls out, you grow ever closer to the city in a mindless shuffle, as if you were a zombie. Suddenly something stops you and you snap back to reality. You reach your hand out to see what it was and you find that is some kind of force field that is purposefully keeping you from venturing any further. Hearing the faint sounds of gears turning your turn your gaze to the starlit sky, you notice large ghostly green gears in the sky. 'What are they for? Why are they there?' These are the questions that you keep churning in your mind as you stare at them, mesmerized.

    Feeling a slight shift in the dream, you notice the faint outline of a man off to your left. Turning to face him, you take notice of what he is wearing: a white tuxedo and a pair of headphones with the jack in his hand. Opening your mouth to say something, you are taken aback from the fact that you have no voice. "Chill cool cat. I'm not going to hurt you." The man said to you as he turned around and looked at you with his eyes, the same color of green as the gears. "You're probably wondering who I am. I am of no importance, just a guide for those who wish to enter our realm. I'll clue you in on what's going on." He said as he took a step forward and slid his hands into his pockets. Feeling a bit uneasy, you ran away from the man.

    You ran for what seemed like hours, but you only ended right back where you started. "Don't cop a breeze on me just yet; I want to bash ears for a minute." He said as he slowly swayed side to side to some unknown music that only he could hear. "This is the city of Isur. Everyone here is an odd ball you dig? But these people are earthbound." He continued on as the jack to his headphones slowly lifted into the air. "You seem like you're going to have a blast here. If you wish to enter the city, then please follow the path." He said waving a hand towards the large gears. A path appeared and you looked at it for a few seconds before slowly walking along it.

    You looked down and saw the city slowly come into view below you, and you turned to go back. By this time it was too late, the path was already disappearing with each step you took. All you could do is continue your journey to the table at the end of the path. Reaching the table, you take a seat behind it and you grab the pen that is lying next to a piece of paper. Looking down at the paper you notice that it looks oddly like an application. Filling it out, you answer it truthfully and stand up once you were finished.

    A light suddenly shoots from the sky and lands about you, your body being raised into the air and the feeling of pain as your body transformed. Soon after that was over, the felt the burning sensation of someone branding you, but as you looked around there was no one around. "That's your mark, leave it on this world. I'll see you later daddy-o." The man's voice said as you began falling backwards into the city.

    A contract was signed on these fate-changing days, a contract that was permanent. This was the day that the children had died and been reborn anew. One thing that they have not been informed of was the gangs, mafias, brotherhoods, whatever you wish to call them. The city has four of them, each one vying for power for a different reason. These groups do not have names, for they do not wish to draw unwanted attention to them, they only hold a banner above their head of a single color. A single, dull color that has lost its luster yet are still easily identifiable and have a back story as to who they are, and why they were created.

    These colors are Purple, Red, Blue, and Green, each one constantly recruiting for their cause in this skirmish. They only look for the best of the best and each of these groups do not have a single all-powerful leader. The each have a group, ranging anywhere from 5 to 13 people and each of these people are the toughest out of all. Some were born into their power and others earned their power. While their backgrounds are unknown to us, so are their identities, which make it harder for the Task Force to capture these people. What each group stands for is much more obvious in the eyes of the public.

    Red stands for something more than themselves, they are concerned about the people at large and wish to make their lives easier. They view that gaining power they will be able to change things for the better, just for the people of Isur and no one else, which means keeping this world a secret to the reality others have come from. They recruit all kinds of people, as long as they have the same view as them. Their funds come from some anonymous donor and this fuels their cause, giving them access to the latest technology, yet they are weak on people to properly train them how to use it. So only the highest held members have access to this technology, which means only the eight leaders have that ability.

    Purple stands for more than their world, they want to bring this world into another reality, hoping that both worlds will be able to benefit from each other. They want to bring their advanced technology to many more and help them advance their own. They do not wish to concern the people at large, so they mainly keep to themselves, only reaching out to a certain few that they will find beneficial for their cause. They have a large amount of funds, but only invest in weaponry, having only the best. Everyone has access to these things as everyone knows how to use it. Police believe that one of the five leaders is ex-military, but that is the most that they can speculate at the moment.

    Blue stands for themselves, they only care about themselves and nothing more. They are more out there wreaking havoc across the city and spreading fear through the heart of the people. Their funds are also provided by an anonymous donor and they only buy what they think will do the most damage, which means heavy machinery and weaponry. They have an extensive amount of knowing on how to use these things, there are some reports that the members have literally fused to their weapon of choice. They recruit anybody and everybody that is willing to choose, which practically everyone is, as it means their life will be spared. The thirteen members of this group are the most feared out of the other group leaders.

    The last group, Green, stands for the people, they are constantly out in the city, as a guardian of sorts and looks over the civilians. They are not part of the Task Force and the Task Force does not care about them, as they seem to be helping. The Task Force helps fund this group with the proper training and equipment, trying to keep them up to date. The ten leaders of this group are the only ones that have known identities, but only to the Task Force.
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