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Where do you see yourself in five years?
This can be anything from location (do you plan to move?) or job plans (will you graduate from college in that time and perhaps hope to be an intern somewhere?).
I would like to see myself living in an apartment with my boyfriend, having a puppy and a kitten. I also would like to make a living off of writing and not just cooking. While I do love cooking, I just can't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. I don't really care where exactly we'd be living, so long as it's away from our families. >.<
In five years I will be studying in japan or I will have graduated from my studies in japan :9 Maybe I have gone home to sweden to visit my parents before returning to japan x)
My future = JAPAN :D

Maybe I decide after some years of studying that japan weren't anything for me and return to sweden to find a jobb :9
My future [ If 2012 doesn't prevent it XD ] involves Japan or Korea [ Honestly, I would prefer Seoul over Tokyo any day], lol.
In a way that I'm either marrying an Asian person and moving or visiting their home OR for studies. My dream is to either be a Wild life Veterinarian or a Pharmacist and the variety of life in the Oriental countries would be great for studies.

I also plan to finish high school with a 4.0 [ AP classes don't exist in PR -___-"] & travel to all the towns in my island to see the touristy places.
As for marriage life. I would love to be in a balance and steady relationship, there is no such thing as a perfect one but if there's love anything is possible (:
After marriage I want a son, and he's name WILL be: Roman Alfonso OR Alfonso Roman.

I'd love to live in the country, a cabin or farm house and raise chickens, cows, sheep & goats <3 [ Kinda like what I'm doing now, lmao. I haz like 40 chickens running around my lawn ]

And that's all folks.
in 5 years, i'm done with my nephrology fellowship and setting up shop as a nephrologist. my fiance will be happily married to me, we have 2-3 kids, and she's setting up shop as a pediatrician.

get ourselves a nice house, make some headway on paying our student loans, and i finished getting certified to fly planes. also, i become a master swordsman in kendo or sabre fencing. not particularly picky.
Struggling with my lack of money and addiction to drugs and hookers. I like to think this way so I live happy if things don't turn out as shitty as expected.
In five years, I hope to be living happily with the person I love. In an apartment or a house, it does not matter to me. Either one is a big step and a great accomplishment. I'd like to stay in my beloved state of Washington, of course. I want to stay as close to my family as I can be. My hope is to be living back farther up north, though. I loved Whatcom county so very much and want to move back. While that is a 3 hour drive from my family, it's not enough distance to keep me from them for too long.

I can't say for sure if I'll finish school or have an awesome job. We'll have to wait and see. Really, what I want most is to be a mother by that time. It's what I've always wanted, as I've helped raise my 4 siblings and still am. So being a parent just seems like the most suitable and fulfilling role for me while my other half does the money making. How traditional of me. :P I don't want a fancy degree or anything like that. Over the years, I've learned just how unfit I am for schooling... If I am to be working though, I hope it will be another office assistant or receptionist position. [But secretly, I want to be a phlebotomist.] Those are what I'm best at. I hate retail and food service. :|

That's really all I can think of.
In five years, well,
I would like to be in love, not married.
I'd like to be graduated with a nice little degree, bachelor's I assume (since I'd be 23) o.o yes?
-nodnod.- I'd like to get a job in Chicago, and then go for my Master's at Columbia college for film/video, if I can get scholarships of some sort. If not, then I might get it somewhere else, or stay where I am now. <3 I love it here tooooooo much.
If I'm at home though, I'd like to either find an apartment downtown, or live back with mama. Cause she misses me. And we're a fabulous team together.
mmhm. -nod.- That'd be it.