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Most of us have had our share of boring jobs. So my question is this: What is your dream job? What is that one thing you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life and never getting tired of ? Maybe you are already doing it and want to share.

ANSWER ME!! Cause I am curious.

I love the job I have now, and getting paid to do something you love is a great thing.
My dream job was always to be a piercer and a tattoo artist, but that ain't happening.

Looking more realistically, I've wanted to be a veterinarian. Someday, maybe I'll pursue that dream. I hate school with a passion and I'm expected to attend a university after community college, so I'm doubting it all. Helping animals and getting paid for it would be absolutely wonderful.

I have a lovehate relationship with my current job. I'm an office assistant for a land trust; we buy land or accept donations of it so it can be preserved for the plant and animal life. Depending on the type of land, it might be off limit to humans. Otherwise, it's turned into a beautiful place to go on nature walks! It's a wonderful nonprofit organization totally worth the $11 an hour. But, sometimes, it's so boring. I've spend entire shifts filing papers or copying papers and THEN filing them. x_x

Such is the life of an intern... You do the work that no one wants to do has time for.
@ Fluffy - I think Tattooing would be a pretty awesome thing to get into as well.
My dream job would be to be a photographer for a big Japanese Idol group like Morning Musume! It'd be fun to get to work with some of my favorite singers and get great photos of them~ The only downside I can see of that would the fact that I'd be too starstruck to get good shots or it'd end up desensitizing me and I wouldn't have the same reverence for them e__e
I'd like to be an actor or movie stuntman. I get injured all the time anyway, I might as well get paid for it and get some fame... Particularly, I'd like to play awesome, epic villains who get off'd in interesting ways. I love playing villains!
I want to be a travel show host! Visit exotic locations. Get to meet new people, and investigate old civilizations. Taste new food and experience a different way of living. Then get to share all that with you, the viewers at home!

Since those type of jobs don't happen every day, in the meantime I'm going to try to become a wellness expert.
I'd love being a novelist. Writing books for a living. Anything from children's stories to romance novels, to teen drama, to murder mystery. D: Sadly, my own lack of self discipline gets in the way!

Aside from that, I would really enjoy being a teacher or daycare worker. >> I can't decide between elementary or high school, though. I much prefer younger kids, but High School aged people really need cool adult role models and that extra support. x__x

THAT career I am going to pursue when I'm older. :D Right now I am enjoying being a house wife. house cleaning, cooking, running errands, and all that stuff my boys don't know how to do. >> (or they better not or I'm useless. t___t;)
Anything to do with animals, I'd love to work in a wildlife preserve. LOVE to.
I like building houses, like I said, but I was thinking about it and if I could get a job that allowed me to travel out of country a lot, I think that would be cool too.
When I was younger, I wanted to be a CIA Information Analyst.

What's that, you ask?

I'd be responsible for taking in all of the daily spy data and sifting it through programs and personnel with varying expertise to find out what our enemies, and even allies, are up to.

I was in Army ROTC at college. I planned to finish that out and have a small career before retiring at Captain, then joining the CIA utilizing a History Degree. Perhaps even furthering the education to get a Ph.D in some area of history.


I've now set my eyes on becoming a cop, a police detective to be specific. I think I want to get into homicide; it'd be the most analytically challenging.

Yes, I like information analyzing.
I graduate and become a full-fledged doctor in May of this year. Right now, I'm interviewing for residency positions in pediatrics and internal medicine. If I get pediatrics, I'm going for neonatal or hematology/oncology. If I get internal medicine, its nephrology all the way. Either way, I fully intend to use vacation time to travel abroad on medical relief missions to destitute areas of the world. I already have connections with one nonprofit organization from a past medical mission; the next time I go, I have the skill as well as the passion to do the job properly.
My current job lies in sales/retail. I sell floors out of a big box construction and hardware retail chain. This, after installing floors for about three years prior. Installing was a fun job. New people/places all the time. But after the economy sank, I needed something a little more consistent.

At current, I am pursuing a degree in the Information Technology field. Computer networking to be exact, with a inevitable concentration in network security. It's a very interesting field with many possibilities and room for growth. My dream job in this situation would be DoD or Consultant. However, I'm not positive that IT is my DREAM job. Tech has always been more of a hobby than anything.

I'd have to mimic OK here and say that my dream job would have to be in construction. Building, remodeling, and updating homes and such. I love working with my hands. I'm blue collar to the core. Also taken from OK's book, Being able to travel with this trade would be ideal.