Dream Job

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  1. What is Your Dream Job?


    (That's a time clock > <)

    What would be your ideal job? The one that you feel you could do each day and still love? maybe you are already doing it? I'm not sure what mine would be, probably something that had different hours throughout the week, I like constant change!

    What About you?
  2. Getting paid a salary to run Iwaku. THAT would be my dream job. XD

    I'd also enjoy being a novelist, if I could be my, erm... procrastination and time management issues. Used a little self discipline. D: I'd be an awesome romance novelist. >:D

    I'd also enjoy teaching kindergarten! But then my urge to "meddle" might get too strong and I'd butt in and tell parents how to raise their kids. >>;
  3. I think it would be one where I don't work. I like the idea of work, but not really the idea of money. I would like a job where my needs are met without money being something I think about, that would be awesome. Basically, I'd like to be a hermit.

    Oh, or a Loremaster. I'd love to be one for anything, really. I like the idea of having that nerd status and just knowing something so thoroughly. Awww yeah
  4. Working at Wizards of the Coast (the people who make Dungeons and Dragons) in either their concept art department, or a section that allows me to develop the religion and planes of the multi-verse.
    More realistically, Professor of Religious Studies and Medieval Histories focused on the third Crusade.
    Either that, or concept artist for games like Assassin's Creed or the Elder Scrolls series. C:
  5. Gaming journalist might be nice. I get free review copies and hardware and I get to make other people care about what I write AND I get to make things up about things on a slow day.
  6. I'd like to be a novelist, or a script writer for comics/tv

    Gave up my fartist dreams cuz I'm shit at art and I'm not to good at finishing what I do draw.
  7. Any job that paid me to learn as many languages I could get under my belt. Either that or being a fashion designer, being surrounded by fabulous fashion has given me the creative urge to try that.
  8. I decided some months ago that my dream job is to be a monster truck driver.

    *sighs and daydreams about all the possibilities*
  9. I'd love to be a highschool counseler or a teacher of music or writting. I want to help others so that no one is ever left unheard or feeling unwanted. And I'd love to instill the love of writting and music I have to other kids.
  10. I want to work at some old giant library or museum. Occasionally fighting mummies would be a plus.
  11. Since I started high school, I wanted to be an animal cruelty officer. The only difficulty is finding a place that will pay a salary rather than be a volunteer-based organization. That's the very top of my list. If not, I'd like to get my specialty in surgery and work at the state veterinary referral hospital. :3 Lots 'o blood an gutses.
  12. Department of Defense.
  13. I would love to work with developers on tabletop gaming, storyboards for video gaming, voice acting, actual acting, and novel writing. We'll see what comes of those pipe dreams eh?
  14. I would love to be an Electrical Engineer. <3 If not that, being a Heavy Auto Mechanic would be awesome. ;p
    (And an author maybe on the side.. >.> )
  15. I'm almost doing my dream job. I will be a preschool teacher's assistant starting in September, and I've always wanted to be a teacher so I'm well on my way there! Ideally I would love to be a grade 9 teacher, preferably math or english. :)