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Dream Houses

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. I want to hear about your ideal habitat!

    Maybe you want a quiet log cabin in the woods where you can hunt and fish in peace and quiet! Maybe you dream of a castle with ivory towers and a whole library to yourself, or perhaps you're drawn to small, simple houses with glass-sided parlours and lots of sunshine

    Whatever your dream house is like, I want to hear about it!
  2. [​IMG]

    I will settle for no less.
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  3. My dream house would be fairly simple, somewhere out in the country but not too far from civilization. I would want, basically, a huge library with an ELECTRIC fireplace. By huge I mean like two stories with one wall of windows from floor to ceiling, with a daybed so I could sleep looking at the stars (I love astronomy). Other than that I'd just want a small kitchen and bedroom. Maybe a living area :P I would like a huge chunk of land though, so I could have my own pond and small Buddhist Temple. Now this is all if I end up being a loner the rest of my life.

    A very, very rich loner.

  4. My dream home would be a charming underground cottage (think hobbit-holes), and there would be garden, filled with fruits and vegetables; flowers would be around the outside in bright colorful arrays. There would be a beautiful gazebo with twinkling lights and a small catfish pond before the small woods surrounding the area. I'd have a barn and a clothes-line, an office, an open pantry, a huge kitchen, and plenty of rooms for guests. The walls would be sound-proof, and the basement (yes, a basement in an underground home) would be fashioned like a war bunker fit for twenty.
  5. My dream place:
    A nice apartment with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, computer/tv room/video game room and one extra room for all my music instrument (a piano, which I don't own yet, a keyboard, a violin, a guitar, a flute and all the other instruments I might or might not buy in the future), and it must be sound proof. Both for the neighbors sake and mine.

    Alternatively, a very small house with the rooms listed above, somewhere with not too many houses (but not in a completely deserted place, cause I watch too many horror movies).

    I just want a not too big place where I can play music all the time and not disturb people (and not be completely alone in case a psychotic killer comes to get me)
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  6. A two-story penthouse in a metropolis. I don't care which, though preferably Hong Kong, Shanghai or Taipei. US metropolises (metropoli? lol) are so boring.

    With a "garage" operated by elevator to get me to ground floor if I ever need to drive. So I get in my car in the penthouse, put it on the elevator and it brings us to the ground floor.

    Modern / contemporary furniture with clean lines and colors. Dark wood floors contrasted by light colored rugs and furniture. Appliances in brushed stainless steel. Floor-to-ceiling windows. A smart lighting system that automatically adjusts the amount of indoor light based on how much natural light there is.

    With a big balcony that overlooks the cityscape. So that I can put on a cape and stand on the balcony, overlooking the city at night with cape blowing in the wind, and I'll feel like a superhero.

    EDIT: Oh! And rooftop access so I can cultivate a garden and lawn on the roof to give the dog (and someday kids) a place to play.

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    No really. I can't ever decide on just one. Once I get something I like my brain switches and says 'And this too!'. That's why all my characters have houses. So I can live vicariously.

    At this moment though? I want a multi-story tree house somewhere not too warm, not too cold, with a big covered porch that I can dangle my legs off. A big library and office. A good sized kitchen with a giant fridge and a walk in pantry. The laundry room needs to be a ROOM and not just a closet. Bedroom needs a walk-in closet too. Nice big bedroom and several guest rooms all gussied up for my guests. Bathrooms. BIG bathrooms with all the storage and walking space needed with biiiiiig tubs!

    A rock garden with mossy rocks would be awesome too. Especially if I had a little creek running through it with some fishies.

    But the most important things? The people I love should be in the house I love too. :D 'Cause I'm a sap.

    I would like a lot of land. Enough that I am far enough away from the sounds of traffic, but close enough to the city where it only takes me a few minutes to run to the store or get a cheeseburger.

    On this land I want a large pond with fish in it. >:3 lots of space for farming yummy things, and space for animals. I would love a self-sustainable farm.

    The house will look like a CASTLE with the stone work and shape of the building, but prolly won't be a real castle. XD I don't want it too big, cause I'd never use all those rooms.

    I want there to be a balcony off the master bedroom. t___t And my master bathroom needs a garden sized tub. O_O with a separate shower.

    My ground floor will be an open floor plan. 8D Kitchen, dining, family room... I wanna be able to see everyone while I am cooking. The kitchen will be HUGE cause I need a lot of storage for my dishes, cooking stuff, and pantry. >> I want a damned walk in pantry.

    I want a glass green house and a sunroom porch off the house. O_O

    And a small guesthouse to put parental units in when they're old. >:[

    This is no where near the list of things I have dreamed up for my dream house, but I am too sleepy to go on.

  9. I want a loft in an old warehouse about ten minutes, walking, from downtown ____. The loft will all be one room (except for bathroom/laundry, with a washing machine-toilet hookup that saves water) and it will have enormous picture windows at the end furthest from the entrance. My bed will be against the picture windows, with an open-back shelf separating the bed from the main room. The shelf will be full of books and curiosities.
    There will be a wall-mounted TV with game system, a fancy-ass sectional, a sweet desk, and a wardrobe (or two). There won't be a formal dining area, but there will be a breakfast bar with seating for three or four. I want an awesome stove, too, with a really sick hood. I want the entire thing to have a classy, industrial look. Red brick walls. Subway tiles. Exposed pipes/HVAC spray-painted crimson or bright yellow.
    Oh, and the shower will be awesome- big enough for at least three people. I want a rainfall showerhead with at least two side jets. The entire bathroom, shower included, will have heated floors. Lots and lots of storage. I want huge towels, preferably five by three. And a lot of counterspace for all my hair shit. Then the mirror has to be well-lit, so I can see every detail.
    There will also be a cat. Maybe two.
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