Dream Demons

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    In a world she cant enter she found a door. Rain Daughter of Hell and Heaven entered a dream. Her only way out is when the dreamer wakes up but what if the dreamer never wakes up? What is she going to do, live in the dreamers dream or fight her way out?

    ----Just The Begining----

    Rain was born out of wed-lock, a King of Hell could never marry a Princess of Heaven but they loved each other not for their title but for who they were, thus giving the world Rain. She was a tall girl with unnaturaly white hair that hung to her waist,but her color did not match her personality in the slightest. Rain was neither a part of Heven or Hell she was stuch inbetween the lines. One moment she could be the sweetest girl but the next she could be sendin you to her father. Her father offten nicknamed her Sin for her devilish behavior.
    But the day of her 18th birthday, she vanished. Her mother taken with grief passed into nothing apun hearing of her presious daughters vanishing, but Rain nver vanished her fate was to become the DreamWalker. Proficy fortold the DreamWalker could destroy or save the world. Rain new nothing as she stepted threw the door to someones presious dream.

    She Just stared at the long white door. 'Am i supost to enter?' she thought as she automaticly reached for the door knob. 'I think I am.'
    The light was blinging as she stepped threw the door.
    "Where Am I?" she asked aloud dazed by her new suroundings."This isn't Home."
  2. Isabelle always had troubles sleeping, so she began to take pills. Every night before bed, she'd take two pills with a glass of wine, which usually knocked her out for hours and hours. There were always dreams though. Dreams she couldn't understand. They were of a girl, a tall, pale, beautiful girl that always looked quite confused.
  3. Rain never spokebut yet she could tell alot from the girls dreams as they sped by waiting to be opened and drempt about. What could she say to a girl she didnt know. A girl she only knew threw her dreams, maybe she could help, she thought and tryed to get the girls attention by shouting but not a word came from her lips. se stood their for a moment shock at the loss of her voice sinking in.
  4. Isabelle began sleeping more and more, just so she could dream of the mysterious girl. The girl looked like she was trying to say something, but no words could ever be heard. Isabelle wished and though every moment about how she could interact with the dream girl.
  5. One day she had waited for the girl to fall asleep she had sat on a large rock with a pice of chalk she had snatched up in one of the dreams. She grinned to herself happy for her acomplishment and wrote in big letters on frount of the rock. "Hello My Name Is Rain."
  6. One night, Isabelle was astonished that the girl began writing. She smiled weakly in her sleep and suddenly she appeared in the dream. Isabelle had finally figured out that she could dream about herself, so she used that to interact with Rain.
  7. Rain touched her lip with the end of the chalk and stared waiting to see if the girl had understood. She wrote, "You Are?" in blod letters and pointed at the words.
  8. Isabelle smiled and spoke, her voice sounding as if it were inside Rain's head.

    "Isa. Hello, Rain. How did you come to be in my dreams every night?"
  9. For the first time she droped her head looking at her hands, it wasnt hard to miss they were slightly transparent. The only think she could write to explain was:

  10. Isabelle gave her a sympathetic look.

    "Tell me what you need. Anything at all and I'll try to help."
  11. Before she could reply she felt the dream suddenly end. She was once again in the dark space between dreams and reality.
    "Drat." Rain frowned, "Just a bit longer and..." she trailed off thinking.
  12. Isabelle awoke, her head throbbing. She groaned and winced as the sunlight poured in. Isabelle knew her name. Knew she needed help. Just didn't know how to help or why. She thought about going back to sleep, but she had work. She rolled out of bed, took some headache meds and got dressed.
  13. Rain reated that day as she thought to herself a small pup had joined her at aomepoint he was transparent as a ghoat but it didnt bother her she had seen worse. Night rolled around quickly in the space she was trapped in a little to quickly.
  14. All through the day, Isabelle thought about getting back to sleep to help her. She even attempted to take a namp, but decided against it, as she may get fired. When she finally got home, she downed a couple sleeping pills and relaxed on the couch, her eyes drooping shut.
  15. The first thing that happened was the tugging at her mind dragging her into the dreamthe second was where she was. It was still a dark room, no rock to write on no walls to lean on and what was truely odd was she couldnt see the girl nmed Isabella.
  16. Isabelle Yawned, but for some reason, couldn't sleep. Her head was hurting, then it was her chest. When she finally passed out, it was a deep dreamless sleep at first, then she fell into the dream where Rain was standing. She stood, looking around and brushing herself off. It was different this time. There was absolutely nothing. It honestly worried her a bit.

    "Rain? Where are we?"
  17. Silence it was all silence. Rain began to worry that something was wrong her mind jerked as the dream world shifted. The floor below her feet shook with the impact. "Isabella"
  18. Isabelle looked at her, worry all over her own face. Her dreams were never this empty and black. She tried to wake herself up like she usually did, but nothing happened.

  19. She snapped, glarring at the darkness till she thought of something. She Yelled at the top of her lungs "Isabella Where Are You! Think Of Something." she thought maybe her dreams were blank because she wasnt thinking but it was only a theroy nothing more.
  20. Suddenly a small room rushed into view, the front missing as if it were a stage prop. Isabella was laying on the couch, her eyes shut, her arm drooping from the couch. Where her fingers would touch the floor, however, they sank through the floor.