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  1. Ok, guys. Here is what I was thinking. Lincoln Stone (language expert) and his team is on expedition in Egypt, a few miles west of the Valley of the kings and they discover an idol/monolith/statuette/tablet covered in inscriptions or hyroglyphs and such along with a few dull reliefs of this odd looking octopus-dragon-demon thing. Lincoln begins to decipher the text on objuct mentioned previous, revealing only unpronounceable jumbles of English phonetics. And then things start getting really wierd with strange dreams and hearing voices, etc. We could also arrange to find the doors of a Cthulhu-cult temple that leads people to think that they've found another Egyptian god, when in reality it was a worshiping ground for our favorite undersea monster-god. I will be putting up my character sheet in a seperate post, btw.


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  2. Character Sheet

    Name: Lincoln Stone
    Nicknames: Link
    Age: 26

    Physical Apearance: Link stands around a little under six feet. His hair comes down past his shoulder line which he often ties back into a ponytail. He wears a pair of half-rimmed glasses, mainly for reading but is rarely seen without them. His casual wear consists mainly of a pair of blue jeans and black tee-shirt. He tends not to dress to impress and when out in the field he tends to adorn a thick pair of cargo pants and a long sleeved shirt under a lab coat. He is also almost never seen without his trusty lighter and a box of cigarettes somewhere on his person.

    Personality: Lincoln is a go-getter when it comes to his passion of ancient languages and archaeology. With everything else it seems, he has little or trivial interest in comparison. When there is an issue he feels strongly on, he will often argue fervently until proved wrong by solid evidnece. He is sometimes a slave to speculation and the 'what if's when it comes to his work, thinking of nearly every possible possiblility that a tool could have been used for or what a piece of pottery could have contained and more often than not, he tends to be accurate.

    Special Skill: Deciphering and translating Ancient Languages. Lincoln has always had a steep interest for language and the meaning of words. And the study of languages are what drove him to archaeology and his passion of cracking the words of anient languages wide open and having a look inside. When it comes down to it, Link is one of the best there is.
  3. Hmmm, Cthulhu Mythos, I can honestly say I've never done anything for that, I'm interested
  4. The more the merrier i guess as long as no-one drops out. I wanna get this mother finished. :D
  5. Well if they do drop out we can always just say they died, as many will in a lovecraft style tale of unfathemable horror and cosmic power that which cannot be given an age
  6. Indeed, you are most correct. Well, lets see why you were chosen for the expedition then! ;D
  7. Hmmm, I was gonna see about either security detail or some other form of hard laborer
  8. Maybe an engineer like Isaac Clarke from dead space, not the future aspect of course depending on the time period you're going for, but someone who can has the tools and know how to get lincoln into the temple, I was also thinking he could be a close friend of Lincoln's who simply works for his team as an obstacle breacher and mechanic, engineer, anything lincoln needs built or destroyed
  9. I meant do up a char sheet lol. :P
    I'm going for a setting of about 2017, by the way, so not too far into the future, but far enough to have it listed as sci-fi.
  10. Alright so I could have a plasma saw and wave cutter then?

    And I will put one up in the next few days, I found out what I can about the timeline first before making my character sheet so that I can make an acceptable well thought out character, I'm meticulous with character creation
  11. Not quite that advanced, man. Think present day, but five years from now, so basically the same tech, but the methods are better and the equipment is of a much higher grade, not tech level.
  12. The plasma saw is simply a wide tipped portable plasma cutter like the kind welders use and the wave cutter is a lot like a funneled sonic field emitter like the military use for riot control now, I probably should've explained that first I wasn't going for dead space advanced just different variants of tools of today just more advanced
  13. The sheet doesn't really need to be pinpoint detail, although give enough of a description so that i know how the character looks and behaves and what thier skill is.

    Ah, yes indeed. In that case, go for it. But seeing as how this is an archeological dig, your tools will only be useful for clearing debris and chunks of rock and other useless crap that doesnt need to be delicately excavated and catalougued
  14. It'll be up tomorrow night I draw a good bit of my characters myself
  15. Awesome. Looking forward to it :)
  16. {Reserved for a character when...... I can get inspiration. aka, mebbe Monday.}

    then I must join. <3
  17. The Great Cthulhu had blessed thee, child. Praise his name!

    Cthulhu fthgan!
  18. Question:
    Is this modern? Or in the past? Like. >> What year Call of Cthulhu are we doin'?
  19. I said in an earlier post that this was set about the year 2017 (90 years of Cthulhu! O_o wowie!!) and the tech is around about that of this time period, however only slightly more advanced in the way of personal tools, gadgets and specialist equipment.
  20. Ah! Sorry. x wx' Must've missed it.
    Okay. Gotcha.
    I might work on my character soon then. :3