Draxon Hunting

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  1. Roaring cheers and burly men crowded the fighting ring. One lithe female slipped past them, holding her crossbow close to her chest so she wouldn't lose it in the sea of people. She heard the growls and snaps of the draxons fighting one another, but she wasn't here to watch those two kill one another.

    After finally forcing her way through the people, Diana found herself at the small table where people could bet on the draxons. "'Ey, little lady. What draxon's catchin' yer pretty eye today?" the man at the booth said, though he sounded like he was drinking just a little too much. Diana squinted at the list smashed on the post, searching for the draxon she wanted to bet on. He was becoming quite the legend since being obtained by the fighting ring masters. She had plans for him, but first, she wanted to get him out. The fighting ring, just called The Pit, had a nasty habit of wheedling out of deals or purposely weakening draxons for the sake of winning. Even so, they played nice with the guards whenever they showed up, so they were never arrested.

    Diana found the name she was looking for, and with her hand not clutching her crossbow, she pointed to the scribble. "That one," she said, speaking loud enough to be heard over the din. The man's eyes widened at the name she motioned to, but the heavy smack of gold hitting the table startled him out of it. "I've a proposal for you. If he wins, I own him. I've given you more gold than all of your gamblers combined. See that he wins his match." With that, Diana spun around, slinging her crossbow over her back with the leather strap, working her way through the crowd again, her silver hair sticking out against the dirt brown of the people around her.

    Ibbin, the man controlling the gambling, sped away from the table with Diana's gold in hand. The building away from the tent covering The Pit was small, but it held every single bit of gold ever gained from The Pit. Ibbin flung the door open where a tall man languished in a chair, flipping a silver coin in his hand. "Sir, someone jus' bet on 'im," he said, panting slightly. "And she wants ta own 'im! She wants ta take tha' beast from us! She said if 'e wins, she done paid us 'nough for 'is freedom."

    The tall man quirked an eyebrow but nodded all the same. "Take care of him, Ibbin. We can't have him winning then." He made a flippant motion with his hand, watching as Ibbin timidly handed him the back. The man peered inside, and one he was satisfied, he dismissed Ibbin with another wave of his hand. The ratty man shot off again, but this time, it was to the basement.

    Underneath the building, soft growls and occasional snarls bounced off the muddy walls. There were lines of cages, each holding a different draxon. Ibbin dodged draxon talons as they swiped at him, eager to kill him and escape. They were intelligent, but they seemed to know better than to waste words on someone who would never open the cages for any reason other than to fight.

    Ibbin jumped all around until he reached a shelf of bottles. He pulled the torch from the wall and shined it over the dirty liquids until he found the one he was looking for. He dumped a quarter of the bottle onto a slowly-rotting piece of raw meat before he pushed it through the bars of the cage in the corner. "Eat up," he commanded, though his small voice was nothing compared to the draxon growls. "Yer goin' out t'day. Gonna get to fight." Ibbin neglected to mention Diana's proposal or the bloodroot potion he'd dumped on the draxon's food. His superior didn't want this draxon winning, and the bloodroot was formulated to nonlethal but weakening conditions like dizziness and vertigo. It often insured the opponent's victory, but with this new draxon, there was no telling.
  2. The Pit was what the humans called it, but his fellow kin knew it as 'Hell'. All came here to witness the beasts, said to have descended from dragons, fight one another to the death. Draxons were powerful bi-pedal creatures. Standing between seven to ten feet tall they looked like a chimera of sorts, a mix between dragon, saber cat, and wolf. They had horns atop their heads, scales on their chest, arms, legs, nose and back, and had wide leathery wings much like dragons. But were covered in fur with a thick mane on the back of their neck and a thick wolf like tail. Their heads looked closer to a cats, with a broad muzzle, rounded ears and cat like eyes. Six inch tusks protruded from their immensely powerful jaws. But for all their beastly looks, draxons stood upright like men. Though most of these draxons walked on all fours.

    Bellowing roars echoed the room, roars that rivaled a lions roar. The stench of blood, fear, rage and confusion poisoned the air. The seasoned warriors bore the scars of their victories, missing bits of their ears, deep scars and broken horns. Those were the ones bellowing the most, feeding into the rage within to bolster them for the fight they soon be in. Pacing anxiously in their cages like mad sickened animals. Others were terrified, but a draxons fear was always covered by aggression. These scared males lashed out at anything within range. Even the near by males.

    "You wreak of fear, boy." A grizzled male spoke in draxon tongue to anther. A language that most humans never bothered to learn. His words directed to a smokey grey striped new comer. Vibrant honey colored eyes narrowed and the draxon let out a deep rumbling snarl. "Bloody Bones was what they named you?" He chucked darkly. The honey eyed male snarled deeply and bared his teeth, letting out a short bark like roar. "That's not my name!" He declared. "My name is Mobu." He said, his voice trialing off a bit as he spoke his name.

    "It is now... Listen... Bloody Bones... They like to watch us fight to the death. Kill or be killed." Mobu looked in alarm at the other male. Was he serious? But that made no sense to him. Nothing made sense since he'd been captured. To fight not to protect family, territory, or mates was useless. Mobu quickly realized that he'd had to kill if he wanted to live. Mobu moved to sit against the back of his cage, arms draped over his knees. Wincing at the growling in his stomach. "Do they not feed us before a fight?" He growled glancing at the older male. "Only if you fight that night, do you get fed." He chuckled again.

    Mobu didn't find any of this amusing. And the old bat's laughing wasn't helping his situation. He snarled at the senile male and watched the door, waiting for something to happen. Painful howls, roars of agony, yowls of anguish all echoed in Mobu's ears from the battle out side. Above the pain was cheers and jeers of the humans, enjoying the blood sport no doubt. It seemed like ages before the door opened, the movement made the draxon sit up and watch the human with predatory focus. He gave a deep rumbling hiss at the human as he spoke. He understood a little of their language, enough to get him by.

    The old male said nothing as the potion was poured on the meat. Quite often they did this with something that nullified pain, boosted their rage or something similar. The meat smelled fowl, something most draxons would quickly turn from. Let alone eat raw. But Mobu hadn't been fed in days, he was starving. His honey eyes zeroed in on the meat and he watched with hungry desire. When the meat came close he reacted like a ravenous animal, snarling viciously as the tried to take a swipe at the ratty human. Tearing into the vile meat with ravenous intent. It was disgusting and made him gag terribly but it was food. The poison was neglected and hungrily devoured.

    The more he ate the more something seemed to be wrong. At first Mobu only assumed it was a rancid meat. His head slowly began to feel a bit foggy, his vision a bit fuzzy on the edges. He gagged one last time as he finished the disgusting meal.
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  3. Ibbin watched in disgust and slight fear as the draxon they called Bloody Bones tore into the meat and devoured it within seconds. He didn't know how his boss could handle these creatures. Then he remembered the special chain used for carting the draxons in and out of their cages. His boss dealt with too many shady mages, but the result was an intense and bright golden chain, humming with magic. It was designed to take down a draxon and keep him there using a series of powerful, and illegal, spells. Mages were rare, and many of their practices were outlawed for dangerous reasons. However, Ibbin knew his superior was crafty and downright diabolical when it came to running The Pit.

    Once the draxon was finished with his rotting meal, Ibbin unhooked the golden collar from the wall and pushed the key into Bloody Bones' cage. He hated this part. Putting the collar on them was difficult, and it was the sole reason why his boss went through so many men. Draxons were not to be trifled with, but Ibbin wanted his share of the gold.

    He wanted the bloodroot to take effect first, but the poison was too slow and his boss was impatient. The fight was supposed to start soon, and if Ibbin was late with the draxon, it would be him in the fighting ring.

    "C'mon, ya beast," Ibbin said carefully, making his way to the draxon carefully. It was either be fast or lose his hand or worse. He didn't wait for the draxon to move before he pounced, snapping the collar around the draxon's scaly neck. Satisfied that the magic collar would do its temporary work before the fight, Ibbin locked the full chain to drag Bloody Bones from his cage.

    The Pit was oddly quiet while the patrons waited for the next fight. The only crowded place was the gambling table, where another man was taking bets from the onlookers. Diana stood near the railing, looking down into the fighting ring. Gouge marks lined the steel walls and there was blood spattered on the dirt. It was clear they never bothered to replace anything inside.

    Bloody Bones' opponent was scrabbling against his holder, but the gold collar around his neck was doing its work. The man holding the other draxon unhooked it and sped back inside before the creature could turn on him. "And, the beast you've all been waiting for... Bloody Bones!" someone called, and Diana was suddenly swarmed by men, but they were all here for the fight.

    She saw the draxon she wanted being pulled out from the opposite door, watching as Ibbin fearfully unlocked the collar and racing back, barricading himself in the basement. The second draxon, one they called Snapclaw, growled at Bloody Bones, his massive and sharp claws gleaming in the sunlight.
  4. Mobu spit on the floor in an attempt to get the horrid taste from his mouth, scrunching his face as he did so. His stomach started to churn and the more he sat there the more Mobu regretted the ravenous way the scarfed down the meat. A queasy stomach and the slow onset of a dizziness made him not pay closer attention to Ibbin. As he lifted his head to the man's words felt a ping of searing pain and the sound of a click. In an instant Mobu reacted violently, letting out a bellowing roar as he tried to thrash the collar and rod off of him.

    The mages made a clever device indeed. Even through any potion the masters could add to their slaves diet, pain was felt. But not any normal pain, no in order to cull a draxon it was an immense pain. Feeling as though a ring of searing oil sizzled through scales, fur and even skin. A pain as though their flesh was melting away down to meat and bone. But no wound would ever be made. The more the draxon would fight, the more intense the pain.

    With every thrash and jerk Mobu roared louder, pain reverberating in his voice. His hand clasped the device only to find it cause the same amount of pain. The only relief he got was to go the way Ibbin wanted him to go. Like a savage animal, Mobu's cat like eyes narrowed on the man as his jaw snapped viciously at him. But it was all in vain. His actions only served to wow he crowd. Like every other draxons wings, Mobu's were tied together so he could not fly with a thick material that he could only assume was created by mages as well. Since he'd not been able to chew through them.

    Just as the collar unsnapped Mobu jerked to freedom but quickly retaliated towards Ibbin. Barreling towards him on all fours, ramming his thick head against the metal door as the ratty human escaped. Mobu shook his head but the fuzzy feeling seemingly grew worse. He couldn;t have rammed his head that hard, he thought to himself. He gave a deep snarl as he turned and looked at the room. The sand in the pit was muddied with blood and torn bits of flesh. He glanced at the blood stained walls and the cage that covered The Pit, a prevention from climbing draxons.

    Mobu caught a blurred image. Movement. He shook his head again as he snarled and focused. There was another draxon in the ring with him. The thought crossed his mind to try and reason with this male, seeing as a coalition would most certainly get out of this situation. But no, this male's eyes burned with blind rage. There would be no talking him down.

    The lightheaded feeling as slowly getting worse and before Mobu could register much more about the situation the other male barreled for him. Snapclaw collided with Mobu in a flurry of teeth, claws and boisterous roars. The grey male defended himself just as viciously as the crowd paid for. His hands grabbed his attackers while his jaws snapped at the other's neck. Mobu realized this would only end with one dead. And he intended to be the only one alive.
  5. The cheering from the crowd almost drowned out the ferocious roaring of the two draxons locked in battle. Diana watched as Snapclaw rammed into Bloody Bones, but the gray draxon reacted quickly. On and on they fought, seemingly without end. Bloody Bones' initial movements had seemed sluggish to her, however. They had done something to him to give Snapclaw the upper hand. The fighting was slowly turning in his favor, but she gave Bloody Bones credit. The draxon knew how to defend himself.

    Men crowded all around her, threatening to run her over in their effort to watch. She snapped her crossbow up near a man's throat, and he backed off enough to let her breathe. She could hear someone chanting Snapclaw's name, but then a group of others retaliated with "Bloody Bones!" over the din of the two draxons.

    Looking back down at the fight, Diana kept her voice out of the chanting, observing the flashing claws and bunched muscles underneath the tough scales of the creature she wanted to call her own.
  6. The crowds roars seemed to only add to the horrible feeling taking over Mobu's head. He was lightheaded, and dangerously so. Still every ounce of him needed to fight, or this would be his last moments of life. Snapclaw slammed his jaws around Mobu's head, his hard skull and horns protecting him from a killing blow. The grey male roared and tossed the scrappier male into the wall with a loud thud. Still he held his attackers hands, even as they tried to slash out his throat.

    The grey draxon pulled one of Snapclaws hands to his mouth, biting down hard and crushing the bone beneath. The attacker roared and tried to give another fatal bite, but Mobu moved his head quickly and retaliated with a bite of his own. His jaws clamping down onto the others lower jaw. From here the fight went on for a several minutes. The two spun around, taking turns as they slammed one another into the walls or on the ground. All the while it was clear that something was wrong with Mobu. His head pounded and his body felt unable to stand upright. Swaying and staggering as he tried to fight for his life.

    Snapclaw kicked Mobu with the claws on his foot, drawing blood but nothing fatal at the moment. One good slam against the wall caused Mobu to fall to his feet, his bite released. He tried to look up but the Pit was tossing and turning. No matter how he tried to gain his foot hold, he nearly couldn't. A slash to the face brought him to his senses and he gave a last roar. Charging with his horns down at his attacker. With the last bit of will power he had, Mobu thrust his head upwards. Causing him to nearly pass out from the lightheaded feeling it caused. His vision blurred and he blacked out for only a moment.

    He staggered and fell to the floor, he was done and no longer had the power to fight back. He yowled in pain, panting deeply as he lay on the ground. His head became wet as if someone poured warm thick water on his head. Bleakly he opened his eyes to see Snapclaws struggling form heaped over his own. The smell of the other draxon's blood was thick in the air but Mobu could hear his slowing heart. He tried to lift his head but realized he had impaled Snapclaw's head on his horn. Mobu slammed his honey colored eyes shut to stop the spinning feeling in his head. The crowd seemed to be in uproar as they no doubt were trying to deduce the winner from where they stood. But for now Mobu only panted and grimaced as he lay waiting for his head to clear and Snapclaw to take his last breath.
  7. The crowd grew only louder as Bloody Bones and Snapclaw pounded on one another, swiping and biting to gain the upper hand. Bloody Bones lost it once or twice, and it looked like he was going to throw the match in Snapclaw's favor. However, the grey draxon suddenly changed direction and charged, knocking Snapclaw into the air and running him through with his twisted horns. A choking roar escaped Snapclaw as he thrashed around, trying to escape in vain as his blood poured from his fatal wound. They collapsed on the ground, and Diana watched as Snapclaw jerked back and forth before he took a shuddering and final breath.

    The men in the crowd hushed as a few handlers came out and tore Snapclaw's limp body from Bloody Bones' horns. Ibbin came out and snapped the collar over his neck again, dragging the exhausted looking draxon away. However, Diana was quick to respond. She shoved her way through the crowd, spotting Ibbin a few yards away, struggling with the chain. With a few long steps, she closed the distance and stood in front of him. "Outta mah way, girlie," he said, his voice gruff. He halted as Diana shoved her crossbow in his face. "We had a deal. I paid you for Bloody Bones, didn't I?"

    Ibbin backed up, nearly hitting the draxon in the process. He jumped away before shaking his head. "Well, my boss and I didn't agree to no deal." Diana's hand tightened on the trigger, but she didn't pull. "We had a deal," she repeated, her voice more forceful this time around.

    "Give him to her," someone said, and Diana whirled to find the tall man standing behind her. Ibbin shoved the end of the chain toward Diana, and she had to release her crossbow to get it. "Though I can assure you that should you release the beast, he will turn on you." His voice was cool and almost amused, as if he were enjoying the entire thing.

    "I'm well aware of that. Thank you for your concern...," she trailed off.

    "Jaksin will suffice."

    "...Jaksin. I'm glad we could come to an arrangement."

    "Mm, quite. Now, you have your beast. Be gone. I have other matches to run."

    Diana nodded and made only a slight tug on the chain before she slung her crossbow along her shoulders and made her way toward the road. She didn't try to speak to the draxon, as she didn't speak their language, and there was no way to tell if he spoke Common.
  8. Men came rushing into the ring and once again Mobu cursed the poisoned meat. He had not the strength to tear them apart. But he sure as hell gave them a good scare, letting out a sharp bark like roar as he jerked his head towards the ones pulling Snapclaw off him. An action which made him wince from the dizzy feeling that took over. Scuffled foot steps moved behind him and once again the searing pain shot around his neck. Enough of a shock that he rolled on his four feet. Giving the crowd another classic draxon display as he snarl viciously and bared his teeth at Ibbin.

    The fight and the poison left Mobu more complacent that when he entered. His head hung low and limbs wavering to support his weight, he followed the lead just to avoid more pain. Though he snarled and snapped his jaws as he was dragged. Suddenly someone new came closer, a female. She didn't smell as foul as the rest of the humans whom tainted the air. She and the ratty human Ibbin had words. Bit of which he understood. What deal was she talking about?

    Ibbin came close and Mobu didn't miss the opportunity to slash his claws at the man, letting out a deep snarl as he did so. Unfortunate that he missed his target. Suddenly the vile golden chain was handed over to this woman. And in that moment Mobu paused and watched the situation more closely. He... Belonged to the woman now? What was she to do with him? He prayed to the Elder Spirits that she'd take him anywhere but here. Away from this Pit.

    Her tug was much more gentle than the man who's blood Mobu wanted stained into his fur. Almost as if she were asking him rather than telling. He gave one last boisterous roar at Ibbin before he directed his snarls at this new female. But he did follow her. His lumbering form walked on all fours still wavered as a result of the poison he'd been fed. His body stumbling and staggering down the halls. "Give me... time... Meat... Bad..." He poke in what little Common he knew, almost pleading for her to give his head time to clear.
  9. Diana turned as he spoke. So he could talk... just not well. "You can rest in a moment. I want to get away from that place." Rescuing the draxon hadn't really been her main concern, as she didn't really sympathize with them, but it seemed like she'd done him a favor.

    "You'll get time soon. I don't trust that man not to follow us." She veered off from the road and into the dense forest. The Pit had been placed rather strategically and smartly in her opinion. There were draxons all over, no matter where anyone looked. Nobles liked to keep them as pets or hang them on their wall. She just preferred the bounties on their heads.

    Once she reached a trickling stream, she allowed them to stop. Her hands were careful and tentative as she leaned around his neck and snapped the bright golden collar away from his scales. She'd helped him, so maybe he wouldn't try to kill her. Still, she looped the short chair and slung it around her shoulders for safekeeping. If he lashed out, she would need it again. "Drink. Wash the poison from your body," she said, sitting down on a tree root a few yards from him.
  10. She wanted to take him away from 'that place'? So the Elder Spirits did hear his cries for help. Mobu wasn't normally so religious but he was absolutely so right now. She would not let him rest but her reasoning was sound. It seemed as though she didn't trust him either. He grimaced as he struggled to keep up with her. Dragging his feet as they walked into the forest. Mobu inhaled deeply as the smells of nature awakened his senses. The clean air smelled better the further he got from the retched hive of humans.

    Then it crossed his mind, was she to take him out into the woods and kill him? Gut him and sell his body parts for whom ever would pay for them? It was a terrible thought and one he aimed to stop from happening, if he could help it. Is that what humans did? Certainly it was the fate his father met. A fate his mother strived to keep him from. He shook his head from such dark thoughts.

    The smell of water touched his nose. He wanted terribly to rush to it. But he didn't want to feel the searing pain of the golden collar anymore then he had. But to his surprise she led him to it. And even more to his surprise she knelt close, close enough for him to land a bite to her skull. The power in his jaws would easily crush her head but he stayed his bite. Curious as to what she was doing, he froze and watched her from the corner of his eye. Much to his shock she took off the collar.

    He watched her, confusion riddled his face as she simply moved away. In fact Mobu watched her for a long moment before moving towards the water. She wasn't setting him free, no not with the way she watched him. He crawled in the stream, letting the water wash over his whole body and clean his wounds. He drank deeply of the water before lowering his head to wash off the blood. The cool water helped greatly to clear his head and once he was fully clean and hydrated he looked at her from his position sitting in the stream.

    Any rational draxon would have mauled her on the spot, but there lies a dilemma. A draxon was actually a rather noble creature, as long as you didn't cross them. If she had just saved his life then his life was hers until he repaid the favor. It was this rule that bound a draxon as a guard 'dog' after being bought from slavery. He sat up on his knees, his arms rested in his lap as he narrowed his honey eyes at her. "What now? You kill me?" He questioned. More curious to know what she'd just taken him from that hell hole.
  11. He looked almost comical while he splashed around in the water to drink and wash the blood from his body. She was fixated on his motions, her silver hair swinging in her face with the breeze flitting through the trees. His gruff voice broke her out of her reverie and she clasped her hands in her lap. "No, I'm not going to kill you." At least, not yet. Her plans didn't dictate his death, but if drastic measures had to be taken, she wouldn't hesitate to try and put a bolt through his chest.

    "I'm going to take you to your home. Wherever you came from. You get to go back." There was much more to her plan than that, but why not attempt to gain his trust first? There was no harm in that. Not yet, at least.

    She was quiet for another moment, looking down at the fingerless leather gloves covering her hands, her dirt-slathered fingernails and raw, calloused fingers. Finally, she looked back up at the grey draxon. "Do you have a name?" she asked. Bloody Bones wasn't a suitable moniker for him. Though the draxon looked like a bloodthirsty creature, he hadn't tried to kill her since taking the collar off, but she credited that to the poison and the aftershocks of the mage's collar.
  12. He nodded slightly as she said she'd not kill him. Well that was a plus right? At least that's the way he tried to look at it. He was no longer in that hell hole called the 'Pit' and was now able to wash himself and get a much needed drink. He moved his hand to run through his dark gray mane and push it away from his face. Her next words made him freeze. Take him home? He stared a moment not even sure he hear her clearly. Even though this female did seem to save him from purgatory, she was a human. And so far he'd not been given much of a reason to trust them.

    He watched her a moment, trying to deduce her true meaning before he stood up. Shaking off the excess water from his body like a wet dog. Possibly flinging the water at the woman. The he moved his hands over the loose fitting shorts to squeeze the extra water from them. He didn't answer her right away when she asked his name. He only narrowed his eyes a moment before coming to sit on the river bank about ten feet away from the human. "Mobu." He said finally. "Why you want me go home?" He said as he watched her.

    "And what is you name?" He said with almost a growl. Still confused as to why he should trust her.
  13. Diana watched him as he stared at her. He seemed surprised that she wanted to take him home. After all, he probably hadn't been home in some time. But he didn't know her real intentions. She shielded her face from the aquatic assault, but only a few drops smacked her. She lowered her arm as he spoke his name. Mobu seemed almost a childish name, coming from such a large and dangerous creature, though she wasn't going to say that. She didn't want to get mauled, even if she did have the crossbow and magic collar.

    Then came the hard part. He wanted to know why she was willing to take him home. That was cause for thought. "Well, you were mistreated," she said carefully. "You were hurt. Home isn't where you get hurt like that." He wouldn't be harmed again, but his fellow draxons might. She couldn't take them all on, but that didn't mean her and any other group of hunters couldn't.

    She was quiet, unsure if her answer was good enough for him. "Hm. My name? I am Diana. Diana Vanscar."
  14. Mistreated yes but not get hurt? The thought made Mobu frown. The young male draxon was good at fighting because he had to be. His teen years spent protecting his younger siblings and mother from males seeking to take over. Being a young male trying to now find his own territory and mate could get him plenty hurt. However thinking of the territory he took for his own sounded like a distant dream now. He seemed to perk up at the thought of going home.

    Diana was... well a typical human name. Strange but at least it was simple. He started to wonder if this human was different than the others. Did she really mean to take him home. "Home is far away. Take time." He said simply as he watched her a moment. He picked up a stick in his hands, toying with it as he thought this all over. His gut said not to trust her but home was like a fattened lame elk stumbling right under his tree home. Too tantalizing to resist. "Why did other human let me go?" He said finally looking over at her.
  15. "Of course. The masters of the fighting rings spent many years catching you all. I would not expect your home to be near here." She'd heard many stories of draxon homes being put farther and farther out of most people's reach because of their dwindling numbers. Still, hunters were resourceful and found ways to capture the draxons.

    Diana stood up, fixing the crossbow and chain around her shoulders. She was going to speak but he beat her to it. "That man's name was Jaksin. He would have kept fighting with you until you were killed, but I paid him a lot of money to own you. Though I do not think he will let you go so easily." She paused before looking up at him. She had to crane her neck up just to look into his face. "Do draxons have money?" Their ways were so odd compared to humans, but no one knew anything about them. Hunters only knew they were worth money, and nobles knew they could fight or make good pets.

    "Let's go. You will be leading the way to your home."
  16. Mobu turned his head was she mentioned that the other would not let him go easily. Diana's lies were working and Mobu thought her more noble for taking that risk to 'save' him. He stood up as she did so. He didn't know what she meant by 'paid a lot of money to own him' but it must have been a something grande. Perhaps she traded something for him? Her question made him look at her a moment before he walked on along the river bank.

    "I no know what... money is. If draxon need something we trade for it. Or take it." Unlike before Mobu now walked upright like a person. Not on all fours like an animal. He was mindful of his strides so as not to get too far away from Diana, looking back every so often to make sure she was still close by. "We get there faster if I could fly." He grumbled looking back at her as he motioned to the magical straps on his wings. The straps that kept them bound and made it impossible for him to fly.
  17. The culture of the draxons was so different from her own. It was almost interesting to hear what they thought of certain things. And then she remembered her quest and her plans for Mobu, and it became much less interesting. She followed behind him, though she stopped when he mentioned flight. "You could carry me?" She wasn't exactly light, and both the chain and her crossbow would only add additional weight. Still, she took the time to inspect the magical binds holding his wings to his back. They looked like they were made similar to belts, but when she went to unstrap one, a spark of magic shot out and shocked the tips of her fingers. She could only assume that Mobu felt it as well.

    "Hold still. I might be able to get this off." The quiver of crossbow bolts strapped to her thigh held only twenty arrows, but she was willing to spare one to attempt to get them off. If she could do that for him, that would further strengthen the bond of trust he was forming with her. With careful hands, she slid the silver-tipped bolt underneath the first strap, doing her best to saw upward and fray the material. She couldn't grab it unless she wanted to run the risk of another shock, so she was forced to jerk it. After a few minutes of working the serrated tip on the belt, she managed to free one wing. She stepped back to let him stretch his appendage before she went to work on the other one. This one seemed tougher, and she was sure she scratched him a few times with the arrow tip, but she was able to free his other wing.

    "There. That should work a little bit better for you. She left the mangled straps on the ground. If Jaksin sent any men after her, they'd find the straps, but she and Mobu would be long gone.
  18. To his surprise she actually entertained the idea of taking off the binds. But if she did that he could just fly off, and never look back. "You no look heavier than elk doe. Yes. I could carry you. Easily." Mobu said with confidence. Diana may have a few more pounds to her thanks to her gear but draxons, especially the males, were incredibly strong. He knew he'd be able to easily pick her up and fly off the ground. He watched her in disbelief as she moved towards him to inspect the magical binds. Mobu knelt down so that she'd have better access to the wretched belt. He sat still until she grabbed the belt. The shock startled him and was like a red hot whip stinging his skin.

    He let out a shark bark like roar as he jerked away from her. Honey eyes looking at her with furrowed brows. But her glare left as soon as it came and he moved back to sit in front of her. He'd have to endure the pain if he wanted to fly, though he wasn't ready for that. This time he watched her from the corner of his eye, taking note of the bolt she now aimed to use. The bolt cut him a few times but this pain was tolerable. He gritted his teeth and lowered his head wincing as a low rumbling growl left him.

    The belt popped off and Mobu opened his eyes and looked at his wing, giving it a much needed stretch. His hands rubbing the aching wing as Diana started to free the other one. As the other belt dropped and freed his other wing the smile on the draxons face grew even more. "Thank you." He said as he moved away from her, rubbing the other wing. Words could not be place with the feeling Mobu felt. The smile his face was genuine and real, his heart pounded with joy and a new found respect filled for the cold woman who 'bought' him. He sank all his claws into the ground and flapped his wings. They were not as strong as they should be, being bound for so long, but it still kicked up a gust of wind, leaves and dust.

    After the much needed stretch he moved to Diana, now fully trusting her blindly. He lowered his head and thanked her again, before tentatively leaning his head against her shoulder. It was a compassion action for a draxon, an action they'd do to each other when they were truly grateful to. But the action lasted only a fleeting moment before he stepped away from her.
  19. Diana's silver hair whipped around her face and the hood of her maroon cloak flew from her head as the gusts blew around her. It had been obvious how strong the draxon was in the ring, but now that he wasn't bogged down by the poison and the straps, she could see why people wanted them dead. They were powerful and deadly, but they never threatened to remove the humans.

    Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to try and overpower Mobu's fellow draxon.

    No... she couldn't be dissuaded by just one. If she did, her plan would fall apart.

    Diana was distracted as she felt a weight on her shoulder. Mobu had dipped his head and touched her for a brief moment. It must have been some kind of thanking action, considering what she'd done for him. Well, he wasn't biting her out of compassion, so that was a plus.

    "You're welcome," she answered as he pulled away. "So... how will this work?" Diana could safely say she'd never flown before, and she wasn't very keen on the idea. However, Mobu's home was farther than she could imagine, so if it could speed things up by a little bit, she was grateful for it.
  20. Mobu paused as he thought about this. Normally the only thing that he had to carry was an elf or deer that he'd killed. The animals he killed here carried in his arms or had their feet tied and slung over his back. He was pretty sure Diana would not like her hands and feet tied and slung over his back while they flew back to his home territory. But the wind shifted to blow in their direction and trying to figure this out became less important.

    The stench of booze, cheaply made leather and vile cologne stung his nose. The smell of humans. He stood tall and took deep sniffs of the air as his expression became concerned. His savior was right, the other human had followed them. "No time. Got on my back." He demanded as he turned his back to her and knelt down. "The wind carries bad smells. We be followed." He said swaying his head for her to hurry.
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