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  1. After a year of none-drawing, I decided to do something again.
    It's rusty and everything, it's been a while so be easy on meh~

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  2. Now, do not get offended, but you're making some mistakes here and there.
    Just some advice for me to give, but I see no lay-out/ design/ framework, and before drawing such like these, you need to review the basic techniques and understand the anatomy of what you will draw. That way you don't get stuck in the endless circle of copying works of someone else, like many others. Let's tale your drawing, and look at the eyes, as you can see the height is of, which by making a simply lay-out could be prevented.

    Please, do not get upset like so many people do or point and yell "what do you know?!"
    It's safe to say I know my shit.
  3. Mhm, I agree with you.
    After looking at it again, I've seen that it sucked.
    But it has been worse (trust me, it has).
    Also, I didn't have much time to draw much when I had freetime because of studies and everything... -cries-
    But thanks for the tip(s).
  4. For future reference, a small tip which many seem to either not know or ignore.
    If you draw two eyes, don't draw one all detailed and then move on to the other, because that's where the common 'I can't draw the other eyes' drama comes from. Instead slowly add details to both simultaneously.
    Also, that counts for the entire thing, don't completely detail the face and then move on to another part of the drawing.
    Oh, and throw away your eraser. Constantly erasing and re-trying doesn't work, because that way you can't see your past mistake and will probably just make the same mistake. You can pick the good lines out of the drawing later by using a different colour, a fine liner or a pen.
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  5. After this I'll stop
    The most important thing:
    • Practise
    • Practise
    • Practise
    Just like playing in instrument or sewing, drawing takes allot of practise and patience to learn and won't be something you learn in a day. If you want to master drawing something, you have to continuously practise and study. That way you can eventually find your own drawing style and draw things faster and better.
  6. The problem is... I don't have the time to practice a lot.
    So I'll just going to keep it with doodling. Hehehe~
    Thank you though for responding on here.
  7. It's a pretty good try tho! Compared to what I see on DA also, wrong forum! D:! It should be in the art forum :o
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  8. It looks fine to me. Agreeing with @Cosmos it's better than a lot of other things I've seen.
    I don't really see you asking for critique anywhere though(no offense Freyja D:), and you did say you're rusty, so it's looks good to me^^
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  9. Why else would you post something online, if not wanting feedback? Compliments aren't really something that helps a person's drawing skills.
  10. To show it off.
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  11. It looks pretty decent, with a few changes it will be better. Though I am not a master myself. And your art just reminds me how my older; when I was highschool, drawings looked like. Though I am not certain if anything did change now.
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