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  1. Would anyone be interested in drawing my OC?
    She's the main character from the very first story I've ever written.
    I've drawn her a couple times, but I wanna see what other people can do too. I'll show a couple of what I've done, last I've done of her though was a year or two ago and not as good as I could do now.

    Name: Shadow
    Age: 15
    Appearance: ((just gonna copy paste from story)) Shadow went straight to the bathroom, she turned on the lights and looked at herself in the mirror. What looked back was a scrawny girl who had a scar over her right eye as if someone tried cutting right through it. She had long dark hair and what you could see of red eyes. She wore black skinny jeans, a black hood, studded gloves, and combat boots.

    20151003_123004.jpg 20151003_123519.jpg
  2. Added info:
    I couldn't add much more earlier because my laptop was on the verge of dying.

    Shadow is a young demon who was always abused by her father. He was jealous knowing she would grow up to be the most powerful demon in Hell.
    Shadow learns to stand up to her father and leave, she has quite a temper and is sarcastic.
    One she ran away from Hell and her father, her father got angry and started going after her friends to find her.
    Shadow went back, and he now seems to be doing anything to give her pain, to the point where you'd think he was trying to kill her.
    Due to a horrible accident at a really young age, Shadow's left eye was cut. Now whenever she is put under too much stress or pain, that eye would start to bleed.

    It was my very first story ever written, and I'm trying to rewrite it, but change some stuff up and make it more neat.

    To add to Shadow's appearance, she has sharp teeth, and what is stated above.

    I'm letting multiple people draw her, because I really want to see her in multiple styles. She's my favorite OC. I don't care how you draw her or anything, as long as it looks like her.
    Have fun :3
  3. Not much, but I took a crack at it.

  4. I love it!!
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