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  1. Hey! Dramma here and I am gonna start this off with just a tiny bit about me!
    • I'm currently 15
    • I'm Bisexual
    • I'm a Sophomore
    • I like to play submissives/bottoms
    • I'm interested in many 1x1's

    I'm looking for someone who will be able to upkeep to these standards.
    • Post at least once a day
    • Posts should be a reasonable length depending on what's happening
    • I don't want to be controlled to much, but in certain situations it's okay
    • PM if you're no longer interested in the roleplay so I may start with someone else


    Now that those are all out of the way here are some of the roleplays I have in mind, italicized is what I would like to play and reminder I only wish to play MxM

    Slave x Master

    Student x Teacher

    Geek x Bully

    School Roommates

    Teen x New Neighbor

    Vacation Winners (Two guys win a vacation house for a week)


    Usually going to play female here..

    AHS - Coven Inspired (Coven of witches who are fighting to survive and are slowly dying..)

    Medieval clan (People who are in a clan have just survived an attack now they must rebuild, I would play a witch here and yeah we have to rebuild a home and rebuild the strength of our previous clan maybe)

    Nikita Inspired (Government Agency gone rouge assassins who kill people, agents or maybe an agent and a rouge agent, so the rouge agent always ends up saving the assassination target and kick-ass stuff)

    Writing more currently

    So if anyone finds these interesting PM me so we can sort out all the details =) I'm also willing to discuss playing the other role but you gotta convince me? I am open to other plots if you have any ideas!

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  2. I could be into the student x teacher one.. If you are still wanting.
  3. What about a American Horror rp?
  4. Responded to your PM

    An American Horror Story Roleplay, I wanna do Coven for AHS but I'm open to other seasons of AHS although I haven't watched Freak Show..
  5. Freak Show Would Be Horrible =w= Im Thinking The First Season
  6. Okay, I like it I'll shoot you a PM! Ahh, your inbox is full I can make a thread for it and we can discuss about it there before we also start there?
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