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  1. Looking for some kind of James Bond/ Kingsmen/ Man from U.N.C.L.E. mixed with the animated Archer comedy type roleplay. Here's the plot I have in mind! It can be MXF or FXF but either way I will be playing a female.

    A spy agency takes someone into custody after monitoring their suspicious online browser history (the male or other female) that seems to coincide with a mission that recently sunk, and contact with all agents was lost.

    An agent is sent to capture the suspicious party only to discover they were a false flag and used as bait for a set up. The two are capture and taken to a prison to be used as leverage for the agency. No anime, or anime-esque elements.

    This is what my character will look like, and the others should be similar.

  2. This has peeked my interest. if you are still looking for a partner for this i would be glad to join you in this rp.
  3. That'd be great! Shoot me a PM, or I'll shoot you one later today :)
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Thread Status:
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