INTEREST CHECK Dragons Anyone?

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  1. Alright so I got this idea after playing around with the dargon maker that Loveless found and posted about here....

    What if we were to have a RP where we were dragons? We could play them as dagons in a high fantasy world were they live in mountains and forests! There might be tribe drama or a possible evil villian that forces all the dragons to join forces! It's not a solid idea because I wasn't certain about how people would feel about it. Post what you think and if you would be interested, also if you have any ideas feel free to throw those in as well!
  2. I might be interested. Can I transform into a smaller humanoid dragon form when I need to go to places my majestic body will not be able to go?
  3. Certainly, it would make things a bit more fun if there were two forms to play with, though a majority of the RP will be as full on dragons in their enviornment. It could also allow for a change for more than just dragons to be in this. 83
  4. Yes! dragons! i wanna be a dragon too! Honestly i think it'll expand my capabilities as a writer to write as a non-humanoid being. It'll force me to attempt to think a different way. Depending on the lifespan of these creatures, their perception of time, conflict, and priorities may be different.

    Will this be a multi-species realm? are we gonna play out an important turning period in their 'history'? i wanna know :)
  5. Well I haven't planned anything out yet, it was only a simple idea. However, I would like to play a major part in their history and I would think it would be a multi-species realm. In fact I was thinking that there would be two types of dragons, those with wings and those without.
  6. Sounds like a lot of fun! Will the dragons have different abilities, and if so, what factor makes them different?
  7. I'm interested.
  8. I'm not really sure, I don't have everything completely planned yet. they might have different abilities but I think they'd be basic, like the ability to breath fire or super strenght, nothing is set in stone for now though.
  9. Ah, okay. I was just wondering :)
  10. Fo' shizzles ! This sounds awesome, expect me to lurk around, lol. ;)