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Would you like an RP where your character could gain experience and goodies?

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  3. I need more info

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  1. I looked through the other interest checks and did not see this book series listed so if I missed it, feel free to point me in the right direction.


    I remember back in the good ol' days of Yahoo Chat RP, there was a large following for Dragonlance.

    Solamnic Knights, Knights of Takhisis, The Wizard's Conclave and everything in between ran around and it was awesome! At least, I thought it was awesome. It is definitely one of the longest lasting plots that I was involved in at the time.

    Does anyone else share my enthusiasm?

    -Note- If this was to take off, I was thinking about the possibility of making it an experience building RP. Each post has the potential to gain money, items and/or experience for your character.

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  2. I'm totally a D&D nerd, and have always wanted to do Dragonlance stuff. I'd be totally up for this.
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  3. Sure I'll try this out
  4. @xxDarkest_Assassinxx
    Awesome, homie. I know we tried the one military RP but both got busy.

    Also, you didn't vote!
  5. I'm in to appease your filthy soul!
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  6. I know, I was disappointed we couldn't start that one but life just gets in the way.
  7. I see that someone voted 'need more info', so as a brief explanation I offer the following:

    In most video games, a character builds xp and gains items by doing things. I have seen and been part of rps where the same is true. I.e. your charterer is an Archer so you write out a scene where he/she performs archery. As GM, I reward your character with xp according to the quality of your post. After your char gains enough xp, he/she can buy/learn a new technique like archery while riding a dragon.

    The actual system will be much more detailed and will force the player to make decisions about his or her character starting with the cs and moving forward. Certain posts may also reward money which can be used to buy better gear or take some other char on a date.

    More to come.
  8. I'm super up for this, I hope this gets more players.
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  9. To keep this thread active, I am going to start sharing some of my ideas with those of you already interested. For now, let's assume XP will apply to a category labeled skills.
    Here is my preliminary list:
    • One-handed weapons
    • Two-handed weapons
    • Shields
    • Archery
    • Hand to Hand
    • Woodlore [basic survival in nature]
    • Street smarts [basic survival in cities]
    • Magic
    • Deft Hands [pick locks/pick pockets]
    • Tradesmen [carpentry, blacksmithing, cooking, etc]
    • Music [instrument, singing]
    • Education [pick a subject]
    I added music because it could be a way to make money IC.

    Also, if our interest in limited...I was thinking of one-siding the enrollment. By that, I mean everyone has to all be on the same side though not necessarily to the same degree.
  10. Could we chose more than one or no? Like one skill is our main then we have subskills that don't get as much Exp.
  11. It has been suggested that I keep this rp small. So let's get 2 more people and we can started. I am talking with staff member Cerulean right now, so we may only need one more. Please be aware that I expect solid posts with several paragraphs.

    For skills, I am still determining amounts but it looks like 1 or two main and 1 or 2 secondaries. The cs will explain in more detail.
  12. -crosses arms- Well hurry up, I'm impatient with excitement! I'll go make a banner or two till then to pass time and an avatar. -dances away shaking her lump a rump-
  13. Sign me up I guess o.o
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  14. Sweet. I'll start putting together the OOC

    Watch this thread for a link.
  15. Information is up, I will begin accepting preliminary character builds.

    Race, Class, Sex, Profession...

    That is all I want to start because I am assigning starting gear in accordance with the above list.
  16. Ah I'm here finally! Sorry sorry!! I've been with friends for 4th of July and only go back today! I'm up for this! But...I don't know much about Dragonlance...
  17. Oh well if that's the case I don't have to participate. You dropped the link on my page so I clicked but I guess I'm too late. Don't want to make you feel like you have to 'handle' another person playing. I would rather play when I don't feel like I'm being a pest. Have fun Warrior. -waves- see you later maybe!
  18. Bah! It seems I have a knack for causing misunderstandings. We actually have one spot left. The first part of the story will be to bring everyone together so if you start a day or three after the others, it won't make any difference.

    At least visit the ooc then decide if you want to participate. *pokes* @_@
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