DragonFist1988(Zane Skulls) and amybri18(Coral Regre)

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Zane got out of a build and shook his head. "Are you kidding me. There is no job right now. I may as well go back to Hell." He said as he started to walk around the town of Kidlin. 'So, what now. Well I can always try to find Coral again. See if she knows anything about a job or something.' He thought as he started to looked around as he walked.
Coral sighed as she once again walked out of her house and into the market place. Last time, she had forgotten to get what she needed because this guy called Zane Skull had asked to give him a tour. The mage looked around the village to find the bakers.
As Zane walked though town, he wondered if he would be able to find her again. As he was walking, he started to wonder were he was. "Did I get lost?" He asked himself as he looked up and kept walking.
It took Coral around 5 seconds to locate the bakers, despite knowing the town extremely well. You could say she was tired, so she wasn't concentrated correctly. Still, all that mattered is that she had found it, and now she could go get some bread.
Zane kept walking thought the town until he saw Coral. He walked to her. "Hello. You remember me?" He asked as he looked at her.
Coral was stopped on her way to Zane, which was annoying because he was the exact same person who stopped her before. "Hey Zane," she said happily, even though she wasn't particularly happy.
"So, Ummm.... Well there was no job there. Know another place?" Zane asked as he did not know that he was bugging her. She was the only one that help him through this town. And she the only one that he as talk to.
Coral thought hard about his question. Was there another place? Well, apart from the actual shops (which had no jobs opening at that moment in time), there wasn't really anywhere else. Then it hit her. "Yes, but it's dangerous," she answered.
Zane looked at Coral with a smile. "I do not mind dangerous." He said wondering what it was. "Where do we go?" He asked as he was ready to follow her.
"Go? I'm not going... But I can lead you in the right direction..." Coral started to walk down the street, towards the gold mine.
Zane looked at Coral. "OK. But, it will be fun if you go too." He said as he wonder if she does not like him or something. He shook his head and followed her.
Coral was slightly nervous as to where they were going. She didn't like the man they were going to - neither did anyone else in the village. Then again, he was sure to have a job for Zane. "Ok, I believe he lives a few minutes into the gold mine, but I'm not to sure..." she explained. "I mean, I've never been to see him, but I've heard rumors, and he has a notice up in town."
Zane looked at Core. "OK. Are you sure you do not what to come with me?" He asked as he started to walk to the mine. He wondered if she would go with him. If not that is fine too. He shook his head and looked at the mine. "looks like home to me."
Coral stopped and loojed at Zane, looking pretty serious. "I can't come," she stated, "The guy who live there... lets just say he doesn't like me..." As Zane looked into the mine and said it looked just like 'home', Coral was slightly confused. "What do you mean?" she asked.
Zane looked at Core. "What do you mean? Why does he not like you?" He asked wondering what happen. "Well where I live, there is a lot of caves and stuff like that. So, I am use to it."
Coral sighed. "I'd prefer to not talk about it," she replied, before moving on to where he lived. "Caves? Where do you live? Underground?" she asked.
Zane smiled. "Something like that. Just say it has a lot of like and a lot of things to kill you."
Coral frowned. "Where do you live?" she asked, even though it didn't sound incredibly polite.
Zane looked at her for a bit. "Well, I live in hell." He said as he shrugged and headed to the cave.
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