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  1. Wanting yet another exhillarating dragonball roleplay! >w<

    New fighters, new heros, new villians! ~ strongest to the weakest there's still lots to learn from both sides. Even one of the most demandive of villians has a bright, childish side. There's no doubt about it.
    Step into a whole new world and bring out your inner awesomeness!

    ~We can start from a childhood and time lapse a few years. You make the story along with me. A hero may be able to befriend a villan from that start. Every choice counts! From the very beginning to the bitter end.
    ~ This may take place within a ship, a town, or straight into battle. (Ah, when children fight and barey have the strength to make the hits >w< adorable) It can be just like every other childhood but with many different twists and turns. Remember, decisions form this story!

    ~Secondly, we can start it off within teen years [16-18] From dangerous encounter to a suttle hello, it could go either way. Growing love story I suppose? If not, than this shall be an action packed adventure with cute little laughs here and there. There is a variety of choices here.
    ~This may take place within a ship, town, or straight onto a battlefield.

    Objective here is to open up a new story from two characters. To form a bond that can never be broken. Although the best of friends or couples get into one of the worst kinds of fights/arguments, they always know how to forgive eachother for their wrongs. It will be as if the two characters were meant to meet eachother from the start. Whether or not they start off as enemies, things are always thought to get better. Or will it? Can one decision shatter all that was meant to be? Everything that was thought to have happened? Enter a whole new world that would change the lives of two simple beings. Persuasion, defyance, forgiveness, and hatred all in one story. Come and create your own beginning and your own end. ~

    -- feel free to pm me if you're interested! >w< Character sheets, info, or roleplay discussion, it is up to you.

    --any questions? Feel free to ask!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.